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8 January 2003

Safari Redux

I was right being suspicious of Safari: here’s what garoo.net looks like. A misinterpreted CSS rule, and now I have big, fat borders on all my pictures. Oh, and don’t bother telling me I shouldn’t use transparent gifs for layout: I use what I want where I want, that’s old-school HTML and it doesn’t excuse rendering bugs. And it’s not like there aren’t bugs also in the interpretation of good, nice CSS. For those interested, Mark Pilgrim has devoted a section of his site to Safari’s bugs.

But the screenshot is still frustrating: I want a Mac, too, to get antialiased text! I had forgotten ClearType was one of the reasons I did fancy upgrading to XP. But the best would still be offering myself a nice little Powerbook: I’ve been thinking, for a while, that a laptop would be quite convenient, so what better opportunity would there be to go Mac?

Come on, look at this. Do you really think this looks like a browser? I don’t. I wouldn’t like to surf with this. Chimera rules. That is, if I had a Mac.

Credits to A. L. for the screenshot.

P.S. : If you’re trying Safari now, you won’t experience this bug anymore, and garoo.net will be displayed as it should. Before I posted this article, I found the CSS rule that caused it and, since it wasn’t actually useful for anything, I removed it. But the bug’s still in Safari, though.