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6 May 2004

The RSS aggregator in Opera 7.50 (beta) is rather nice and pretty simple to use (too bad there are a few bugs and, more importantly, it doesn’t have categories); the browser around it is sweet. Besides, Opera now uses Google’s Adwords, which occupy less state real estate than previously. I’m not going to switch, but it’s good.


Oh, and I’m testing again Thunderbird, too. Last time was 0.4, now it’s 0.6 and seems less bloated. We’ll see. I’d love to give up Eudora. Maybe I should also look into Opera’s mail client, I never really tried it out.


P.S. Ok, forget about Thunderbird. (Again.) Not even considering the fact that it doesn’t seem to check my mail every 10 minutes as I asked it to, I just don’t understand how people can handle a pane-based mail client, à la Outlook. When I get mail, Eudora opens the windows of all folders where there’s new mail; Thunderbird (or Outlook, or Opera, etc.) only displays folder names in bold — and it looks like it doesn’t emphasize the relevant accounts, which is particularly annoying as I have a dozen accounts and I can’t leave them all open or it’s unreadable.

In short, these things are just plain unusable. I only regularly check three accounts, and I only have half a dozen filters, but I still need a multi-window client. Too bad.

As for Opera, it doesn’t seem to update RSS feeds at all. I guess it’ll be solved by the time a stable 7.5 is released, but in the meantime…