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8 January 2005

The iHome?

Yum yum — and it’s all the more credible as it’s called iHome, contrary to the usual rumor, but in accordance with John Gruber’s observation that Apple would be unlikely to release a low-end iMac G4 when iMacs are now at the G5 level.

But I’d be surprised if a “iHome Media Centre” were sold under $500 — and this, too, is consistent with Gruber’s interpretation that Apple’s peeve isn’t that Think Secret announces products before they’re released, but that it predicts prices well below reality.

And it’s all the better for me anyway, as it spares me the hesitation between a mini-Mac and a top-of-the-line iMac.

P.S. Seeing the pictures in full size, the thing looks more like a cardboard box than anything. Damn.