3 June 2006


Dell transportable 20-inch PC [via]. Yeah. I always kind of wondered why the iMac hadn’t remained transportable — it would only take a retactable handle and an integrated screen cover with some kind of latches to hold the keyboard and mouse.

I have doubts regarding Dell’s design, though, despite its cool looks (in a PC kind of way): considering the way the keyboard detaches from the base, I wouldn’t really trust it to protect the screen.



OmniDazzle. What the hell? They intend to sell that crap? People are going to pay to have pixie dust follow their pointer?

Yes, some of the plugins can be useful for screencasts and presentations, but I don’t see anything worth paying for. And I don’t know what I dislike most: that you can’t seem to activate two plugins at the same time (which kinda defeats the point of calling them ‘plugins’) or that the configuration window plagiarizes CoverFlow for no good reason (i.e., it looks kinda ‘cool’ but it makes no sense as window tabs).



Why First Generation Apple Products Suck [via]. I guess Steve Jobs invented the basics of web 2.0 before anyone else: Apple 2.0 is in permanent beta and has been employing its early adopters as testers, for better and for worse (the better being that Q&Aed products would be released six months later, and you know you don’t want to wait any more that Steve does). Just get used to it, like applemaniacs did, knowing full well what they’re signing up for — and nevermind that entering Apple betas costs an awful lot more than on the web.