17 June 2006


Switched both my blogs to Cambria instead of Georgia — shift-reload to update the stylesheets, and google “vista fonts download” to get them. I read that the fonts are optimized for ClearType to the point of looking like crap when it isn’t enabled, so if you’re not using an LCD screen you may be better off not installing them, ever.

Working at Microsoft must be fantastic for a font designer — your works are installed on the whole world’s computers and used by everyone, and yet you don’t have to bother caring about OS security and whatnot because, really, you’re the one person who needn’t be concerned with it — and the result is, they manage to hire quite talented ones.

I think I liked Georgia’s italics better, though.



Moved most of the webserver’s static file serving to lighttpd on port 81, and the results are amazing. Last night when Apache was getting a bit hammered the discrepancy between image load times on ports 80 and 81 was unbelievable.

That’s good and all (and was pretty simple), but I’ve got a feeling my server is still very poorly configured: even when sites start getting unresponsive, top still shows CPU loads under 30%. Or maybe it’s just top I don’t know how to use right? Damn, I hate system administration — and I also kinda hate my host for delivering dual-core Opteron servers with the same system configuration as Celerons.



Netscape’s Digg clone offers a twist: popular stories will get follow-ups, interviews and analyses from hired journalists. I’m quite curious to see how that turns out — they’re basically mixing the most democratic web 2.0 concepts will old-school media (although the hired journalists are actually bloggers), and the result can either fail miserably or be the best thing since sliced bread. The whole operation is apparently supervised by Weblogs, Inc., and while I don’t particularly take that as evidence of excellence you can count on them to know how to build momentum.



Synchronize your Macs by copying the FileVault disk images. A bit too hackery, but pretty smart — an automated log-on script/app would be cool. And it would also be cool if Apple had its users’ best interest in mind rather than try and sell .Mac to them, and implemented it in OS X.



DIY Tilt-Shift Lens [via]. Yum.



And more lust. Which makes me think — did anyone try installing a hacked OS X on a Tablet PC?