30 June 2006




MacBook Pro Disasters: A Case of Yellow Journalism. Well, of course it can’t be as bad as the blogosphere would have you think — that’s the flip coin of idol status.



Exploit code released for a vulnerability that OS X 10.4.7 just fixed. So it’s time to backup and update if you haven’t already.

And it just pains me to read that in 2006 there can still be flaws in the decoding of “inert” formats that allow for things like D.O.S. attacks. Well, it particularly pains me when it’s coming from Apple instead of Microsoft. And when it’s cross-platform (in iTunes / Quicktime) so it just looks bad to Windows users. How do you expect to entice people to switch (and advertise your system’s security) if you’re adding vulnerabilities to Windows?!



Blinged cords. I love the DC adapter with beads. There’s a market right there — that’s much more interesting than cellphone charms.



Freedbacking. I’m not quite sure how tagging your post with the name of the application you’ve reviewed isn’t enough, but, hey, I’m not a web 2.0 guy anyway.