17 December 2006


NewsLife public beta [via]: prettiest feed aggregator ever.

Known issues: Performance sluggish when selecting a folder containing a large number of feeds.

Meh. It’s more for the casual user anyway. Plus I finally registered NetNewsWire a month ago.



ZFS File System Makes it to Mac OS X Leopard. There’s a screenshot so it’s got to be true!

Everything on ZFS is “copy-on-write” meaning that the file system never overwrites live data and it leaves no windows of vulnerability. […] And everything on ZFS is checksummed meaning zero data corruption.

I doubt that Steve Jobs is going to announce that as one of those big Leopard secrets that they didn’t want Microsoft to copy (I can hardly imagine him being ecstatic about a new filesystem that’s, wow, more reliable), but, if confirmed, it’s big, really.



LG gets a clue and models a phone after the iPodPhoneThing mockups — from the touch-screen and black finish down to the blue gradient.

Too bad the interface looks so… sad.