3 April 2007

Mr. Clean’s Really Magic Erasers


Ever heard about the MacBook’s palm rests’ propensity to absorb grit and fat and whatnot? For some reason, my MacBook stains pink — it might be that my wrists pick up my cheap desk’s varnish, or maybe the laptop just absorbs my blood through my skin, but in any case the keyboard was beginning to get ugly on both sides of the trackpad and on the Cmd keys.

Ever heard, also, that Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers were an amazingly effective, almost magical remedy for MacBook stains? Well, they actually are.

It’s hard to make a good picture of a pale stain on white plastic (especially in semi-artificial light) but what you’re looking at is a big roundish pink stain whose left half has been erased (because I’m a leftie).

Here’s how it works: buy a box of Magic Erasers (not the variety that includes detergent), turn off your MacBook (you might even want to unplug it and remove the battery, but it’s not like you’re going to use huge amounts of water), dampen the “eraser” very slightly (I simply used a mineral water spray), rub. There you go, clean MacBook!

I have no idea what the magic actually is, but the scary part is on the box: “If you use the Magic Eraser on dishes, make sure to abundantly rinse with water.” Wonder what this thing is made of.


Thanks to Procellus for having a Monoprix that sells them.