13 November 2007

The RSS feed has moved

I should have to warn you — decent software is supposed to update links automatically — but I just realized that some aggregators were still trying to access the feed at its old URL from a couple months ago, despite the 301 redirect.

So, this time, I’m officially notifying you, because cedric-bozzi.com will soon no longer have any web hosting attached, so the old feeds’ address won’t work at all: my blog RSS is now available at www.garoo.net/rss/en/index.xml.

That feed syndicates everything I post, but there are also more targeted versions: tech.xml for technical stuff (what was originally posted on #FF00AA), games.xml for video games, garoo.xml for personal matters (that includes Twitter noise), and crea.xml for everything creative — from my photos to design links and my TV show reviews (yeah, that’s a little bit messy).

There you go.