31 mar. 2008

Apple hit with new, colorful lawsuit over iMac displays

This new suit was filed today in San Jose, accusing Apple of pulling the same color dithering trick on the latest 20-inch iMac that it did with the MacBook and MacBook Pros cited in the previous lawsuit. […] the 20-inch iMac is stuck with a 6-bit display and only 262,144 colors, before dithering.

I can understand compromises on a laptop, but I can’t believe Apple would ship 6-bit screens again on brand-new iMacs. But it would be a pretty uninteresting April Fools joke, so I’ll just have to accept that they’ve decided to bring cheapness to the next level.


Mac Shot First: 10 Reasons Why CanSecWest Targets Apple

Nice explanation/theory of why the Windows laptop was only hacked a day later than the Mac, and the Ubuntu computer remained unhacked: among other points, Vista SP1 is so fresh most hackers didn’t even expect it to be installed there, and there’s no motivation on several levels for anyone to demonstrate a Linux vulnerability in such a conference. Whereas, considering the Mac’s market share, the best thing you ought to do with an OS X vulnerability might just be to use it in a contest.

via the.taoofmac.com


29 mar.

28 mar.

It's sad that I wish I had a MacBook simply as an occasional Remote Desktop client, just because Apple's VNC server is fucked up.


27 mar.

I can get used to Buzz Out Loud not researching its topics, but if they're gonna ridicule people about news they only read the title of...


26 mar.

Preview a TinyURL

Add a cookie to your browser to switch to preview mode, and all subsequent clicks on tinyurl.com links will land you on an intermediary page that displays the original URL and let you decide whether you want to go forward. You probably don’t want to use that in your daily life (unless you’re paranoid — or use MSIE6), but it’s nice that it exists.


(Jesus Christ can you believe such a horrendous website is so widely used by the web 2.0 crowd?)

via bol.cnet.com


Asaph Microblog

The video demonstrating its bookmarklet is damn impressive indeed. I’m gonna look into that (although I have much more use for my current Applescripts than bookmarklets, since I do most of my websurfing in NetNewsWire).

via daringfireball.net


The next version of Windows should really refuse to run on anything but a narrow selection of compatible hardware. Stop the madness.


25 mar.

Apple actively working on system font rendering in Safari for Windows

In case you were still wondering, after last week’s controversial “update” push, how serious Apple is about gaining browser market share in Windows.

via daringfireball.net


Illusion PC

Good old fun with mirrors, freak-show style.


22 mar.

I'd like to set Twitter up so I'd be notified of new followers only if they follow less than a hundred people or something.


21 mar.

iTunes keeps crashing while moving downloaded podcasts from temporary storage to the new, crappy USB drive that stores my library. Damnit.


Safari 3.1 brings true one-window mode

defaults write com.apple.Safari TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

I’m not in a hurry to try it, though: it took Firefox three point-oh releases to be really clever about forcing new windows into tabs, so I definitely don’t expect a hidden Safari pref that’s inactive by default to get it right.


20 mar.

#HEADERTEXT { -webkit-transform: rotate(-4deg); }

Not quite surprisingly, CSS rotation in Safari 3.1 doesn’t look so great. But I guess I might keep it for originality’s sake until everyone’s doing it.


P.S. This is nicer: a:hover { -webkit-transition: color 0.2s linear; }



19 mar.

"Javascript is a spice" — Garett Dimon.


I was wondering why I couldn't type rich-text messages in Gmail anymore, and just remembered — Safari 3.1?


18 mar.

Twitter over IM is not just annoying, it also skips half the tweets, including direct replies I'd very much like to read thank you.


Okay, Twitter over IM is annoying, I'm installing Twitterific even though I wanted to limit the number of open apps here.


Safari 3.1 Is Out

I have to look into CSS web fonts, but that means embedded fonts are coming to the iPhone, doesn’t it?


15 mar.

If I were a secret government agency, I'd make hard drives that pretend to fail after two months and come back to support full of personal data.


TweetStats :: for garoo

Nothing really interesting; it’s just always fun to see your body of work distilled into a bunch of nice bar graphs.


14 mar.

Facebook To Launch Instant Messaging Service

Heh. Making a good, convenient web chat for social networks was near the top of my list of possible future-soon projects. I guess I should hurry and develop my concept for a Nutella-filled bathtub with integrated pickle dispenser before someone makes that, too.

In the meantime, this should do for Jabber (and against MSN or AIM) what Google Talk failed to achieve. So it’s definitely a “yay” (unless they screw it up).


Down for everyone or just me?

Like Gruber says: “Clever, self-descriptive web service.


11 mar.

Okay, screw del.icio.us, it doesn't let me post decent quotes with my links.


Tired of NetNewsWire eating all my CPU; it may well be time to really move to Google Reader.


Has anyone used Google Analytics on a site with variable domain names? Because I'm clearly missing something. And some numbers.


Good god the number of morons reporting on the iPhone 2.0 contact list's magnifying glass that's so very clearly not a button.


10 mar.

For all the limitations I'm not sure I really dislike having only a Mac mini and a small screen on my desk.


9 mar.

AppleCare okay until May; all I need is a USB-to-SATA adapter and a replacement Mac with a 250GB+ drive for three weeks. Yeah, all I need.


Just found out about the iMac's internal diagnostic LEDs; the motherboard is fucked. And I don't think I'm still under AppleCare.


If I hadn't switched to the Mac I'd only have to go to the supermarket first thing tomorrow and buy a new power supply for a couple euros.


8 mar.

Wonder if Real seeds .rmvb files on BitTorrent trackers to improve the RealPlayer install rates.


Turning off ICQ; tired of spam. Don't really think I'll miss it.


7 mar.

I keep looking at my iPhone and thinking "Hey, I haven't downloaded and tried that new AIM app yet." Soon followed by "Oh, right, damnit."


Do you think the AT&T honchos went "Heyyyy WTF?" when they heard about Apple demonstrating an AIM app?


I find it quite creepy that I heard about PodWorks several times (and remembered) in the week before my media hard drive crashed.


6 mar.

I think Apple just killed the PSP.


The new Pownce app (and/or AIR runtime) doesn't feel as bloated and sluggish as before. But still too many clicks required to post.


1 mar.

The latest prototype OS X skin for Firefox 3 hides the URLs from the address bar's autocomplete dropdown. Free doesn't excuse stupid.


Isn't "Don't warn me when opening applications on this disk image" an encouragement to actually use apps in their disk image? Yeesh.


"If Twitter outages are causing problems downloading tweets, try using Reset Connections (Cmd-.) and then refresh." I call that a bug.



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