18 April 2008


Ooh, a new program for drawing with your tablet — yeah, I try them all. I like SketchBook; ArtRage is usable but not great; Painter is too bloated and way too complicated to use. And there’s got to be a couple others, too (actually, didn’t Photoshop CS3 add more tablet-painting functionality in CS3? not sure).

So here’s a new $35 shareware program:

It’s simple, but it works; the ink is almost perfectly smooth, even on my iMac G5 with 1GB of RAM (in several bigger programs, the software can’t keep up with the USB data and displays broken straight lines instead of curves), and it even have guides so you can cheat and trace pictures. No pretty paintbrush effects there (although “ink mode” allows you to draw with a black brush then paint the colors into it, without switching to Photoshop to use layers and blending modes) but it’s very small and light and quick — so it’s great for quick doodling.

And a nice closer:

The unregistered version gives you full access to all features but undo is limited to 5 levels. The registered version allows unlimited undo levels.

I haven’t used it long enough to see if there are occasional nag screens (beyond the launch screen, for which you can’t blame the developer), but it looks a lot like it’s donationware-with-incentive rather than proper shareware.