17 July 2010

“iPhone 4 antenna: unanswered questions, unearned trust”

Steve Jobs said the following at the press conference:

“Apple’s been around for 34 years. Haven’t we earned the credibility and trust from some of the press to give us a little bit of the benefit of the doubt, of our motivations, the fact that we’re confident and will solve these problems? I think we have that trust from our users, but I didn’t see that in the press.”

Ah, what glorious fullness of shit.

I don’t know if Apple has earned the trust of its users (seeing as how I’m a user and don’t trust a word out of Jobs’s or Apple PR’s mouths anymore, I probably think they haven’t), but there’s definitely no such thing as a corporation earning the press’s trust that they’re gonna solve their problems and those problems don’t really deserve serious reporting — and I’m going to put a full stop on this post in a hurry before I start comparing Apple to BP because it’s not warranted in any way but it’s just too damn tempting.