30 nov. 2010

iOS developers: if your app uses icon badges for trivial purposes and they can't be turned off, I'll just delete your app. Attention whores.


26 nov.

Who's the fucking moron whose app crashed on beta testers for a month because of a non-initialized pointer? I'm the fucking moron.


25 nov.

Can someone tell me why Preview won't open those .docx files even though Quick Look can display their contents?


So there's a section on Reddit where users post pictures of their dicks (or breasts, whichever is applicable). I… didn't expect that.


24 nov.

On est d'accord que mon client qui achète ses domaines sur 1&1, c'est un motif de démission ? Visiblement, impossible de faire un wildcard.


23 nov.

"Video Support for AirPlay Is Limited in iOS 4.2"

And if you buy an Apple TV thinking it'll do more, well… tough.


AirPlay works in the background?

I didn't expect that. Wonder how reliable and smooth that'll be.


Oh, wow, the SMS ringtones in 4.2 are, um… spectacular.


22 nov.

"Allow this iPad to be shown on a map or remotely wiped." Honestly, I'd very much like to disable the "remotely wiped" bit.


So they're releasing iOS 4.2 even though it's known to break some apps, and 4.2.1 is pretty much ready? Really? Nah, it does say 4.2.1. I didn't expect it would, because the GM hasn't been out for long.


21 nov.

I find myself suddenly addicted to reloading my Reddit comments page and counting my agreement-and-validation points.


I don't know if they've updated the server or the client, but Air Video now works flawlessly on my iPad + Mac mini.


20 nov.

Dear Twitter: low API rate limits are not a way to fight spam, they're just another annoyance for real users, in addition to spam.


18 nov.

What? How can there be a 4.2.1 GM when there's never been a public 4.2? That's not how version numbers work!


Wondering if it's worth making my API's responses human-unreadable by shortening all variables and values to save a few bytes.


16 nov.

Besides, it's kinda sweet that Steve Jobs can display that sort of unreasonable sentimental attachment, almost like he's a human being.


I guess for all these years Steve Jobs saw the Beatles as the ultimate milestone that would prove he owned all that matters in the world.


Suddenly thinking that my facebook.com email address might be the one I'll give to the average idiot I fu… meet on a night out.


I hate reading web pages on the iPad because I keep accidentally clicking sidebar links, but the MacBook ends up not being that much better.


When I'm two-finger scrolling a web page on my MacBook and a lazy third finger comes to touch the trackpad, it should not count as a click.


15 nov.

I love how everyone announced Facebook Mail would be a "Gmail-killer" when Gmail is the provider that will lose the least momentum to Facebook.


All I can say is, teasing an iTunes announcement that "I'll never forget" is uncharacteristically presumptuous.


It's beginning to look like there's absolutely nothing I can do about my iPad app crashing on too-heavy web pages, it's just "supposed" to.


Either I'm going crazy or my Mac has an odd tendency to close applications without asking me.


14 nov.

I'll deny having said that, but developing an iPhone app + web API is making me appreciate the separation of logic and presentation.


13 nov.

Obj-C gives me the terrible habit of not initializing my pointers.


Boy, am I glad that iTunes 10.1 brings back the hour-long iPad backups!


Eh? Why doesn't iTunes Connect promise me a due date for this month's payment? I like to cross out the days.


Can't wait for the riots on Monday as people realize the novelty URL they chose for their Facebook profile determines their fb.com address.


How many times can I repeatedly screw up the tiny bit of PHP and SQL that keeps suspended users out of the site?


12 nov.

Don't you just love spending an entire afternoon looking for ways to circumvent the quirks and flaws of UIWebView? #ithinkimrepeatingmyself


“Twitter Inventor Jack Dorsey Is Working For Twitter Again”

Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey is back working at the company on a once-a-week-or-so basis, three industry sources tell us. Dorsey is working on "fixing" Twitter’s product, sources say.

How hopeless is that company?

There are two possibilities: either Dorsey was ousted because he had no idea how to handle and grow Twitter and make it profitable (bear in mind that his successive initial ideas of the service all had rather little to do with what it became), and there’s no reason to bring him back; or he’s Twitter’s Steve Jobs, the only guy able to turn that ship around (which I seriously doubt, judging from anything I’ve ever read on the subject), and in that case you don’t get him back for one day a week, you buy his company and put him back in the CEO seat. Do you really think Jobs could have saved Apple by consulting in his off-hours, while still managing NeXT on weekdays? (Again, not that I think the latter could be true. I mean, really? Square?)

In either case, this is a seriously desperate, worrisome move from a company that’s always had trouble defining its own product, not to mention its business strategy. “Brilliant” is just about the very last thing you could call it.


Had to spend the whole night installing the 4.2 GM on my iPad and Mac, and I'll have to do it again with the final OS this weekend. Oh, and iTunes, too.


11 nov.

Oh… silly me, silly Mac. My wallpaper is on a network drive, so I guess OS X just gives up on it at launch.


Ah, and the MacBook also appears to reset the default wallpaper every time I reboot. Life is so horribly frustrating.


I don't like that Instapaper now lists fewer articles per screen, and of course there's no user setting to revert the change. Grh.


“Changing Passwords”

Interesting article, as always, but particularly that point (emphasis mine):

If a hacker gets your password either by guessing or stealing it, he can access your network as long as your password is valid. If you have to update your password every quarter, that significantly limits the utility of that password to the attacker.

At least, that’s the traditional theory. It assumes a passive attacker, one who will eavesdrop over time without alerting you that he’s there. In many cases today, though, that assumption no longer holds.

I’d never thought of that: password expiration is counter-productive now, but it did use to make some sense, when computer crime was different from what it is now. (And there’s a case to be made that it should still be relevant, then, in companies for which corporate espionage is a serious risk. Wonder if Apple expires its staff’s passwords?)


9 nov.

Why does this still not exist?

Shouldn't even be hard or expensive to build.


That dark 20-inch in front of me is pretty depressing. I need to get rich quick and buy myself the intended 24-inch for the MacBook.


Looks like my iMac's power supply is fried again. (Third time.)


Hell, why was I hesitating to abuse UIWebView when the App Store and iTunes Store apps are doing exactly that?


8 nov.

What if I gave up on UITableView and used UIWebView for most of my app's UI after all? Square peg, round hole, meet my belt sander.


5 nov.

“Kinect With NightShot”

Prettyyy. But no wonder that it doesn’t work properly in direct sunlight.

I’m honestly surprised that they need to do this, instead of just using the 3D vision of several full-color cameras. Guess it’s less computationally intensive, though, if you reduce the environment to an array of motion-capture dots.

Wonder if that’s how they reduced the cost of Kinect when they removed the on-board CPUs — maybe the first prototypes did use regular vision, then Microsoft found the dot grid as a cheaper alternative?

via daringfireball.net


2 nov.

I just accidentally discovered that you can three-finger-vertical-swipe from one message to the next in Mail on the Mac.


Muji Notebook for iPad with handwriting recognition sounded nice but doesn't work for shit. (Or is it another case of iOS 4.2 incompatibility?)


I don't understand why anyone would want / accept to be known as the first Twitter client that displayed Twitter's in-stream ads.


1 nov.

"Would you use the 8Pen touchscreen keyboard?"

Holy shit, that's the most ludicrous text-entry system I've ever seen.



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