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3 January 2011


Les cadeaux de Noël de iTunes ressemblent aux cadeaux pourris d’un arrière grand père gâteux : «Tiens, je t’ai offert du dégivrant.»

2011 brings a new keyword to ignore (twitcam), and still no ignoring keywords in either Echofon or Twitter itself.

6 January

Why did Twitter feel the need to alienate all the fans of Tweetie by playing coy about the upcomping Mac App Store app?

First reason I’m sticking with Echofon: I like to have my timeline sit flush with the left side of the screen, and Twitter still can’t.

Well, I could have lived another day without a Mac App Store. Meh. (Of course I’m only saying that because I have no app on it.)

I like “type anywhere to tweet” in the MacHeist Tweetie 2 special features, but still no setting for a right-handed sidebar.

Fancy non-titlebars (App Store, Twitter…) break usability. You shouldn’t have to think about where you’ve got to grab a given window to move it.

At least the presence of Remote Desktop on the Mac App Store makes me hopeful for an eventual iOS client.

I want to give myself the gift of space-age laser-powered photonic printing for my birthday. Do I get cheap B&W or invest in cheap CMYK?

New Twitter for Mac lost keyword filtering (via @lionel)? I want to believe that means it’s coming to server-side account settings.

8 January

How not to handle a PR snafu

There have been riots on the internet yesterday over CoverSutra 2.5 becoming a Mac App Store exclusive even though the developer had promised, years ago, that existing customers would get free upgrades until version 3.0.

Here’s her response today, that I may be paraphrasing a little: “I’d completely forgotten about that promise. I’m not gonna fix it because, fuck that, I’d have to add a couple of #ifs in my code and I’m too busy selling new apps. Besides, I’m utterly insulted that you’re reacting this way instead of giving me a pass because I’m a nice little indie developer.

I’m sure some people have overreacted, as internet types are wont to do, but somehow I don’t think that’s how you do public apology. (Hint: reneging on a promise, no matter how old or minor, always means having to eat crow.)

9 January

I keep forgetting and rediscovering that I like Flipboard now.

10 January

“Breakthrough device of CES: Motorola Atrix = Phone + PC”

Clearly, something is broken in my RSS workflow — as in, I’m not reading the right blogs, and/or not being attentive enough when I do the reading — because I completely missed this when it was announced:

The company trotted out the Atrix 4G, a new dual core smartphone that contains an extra surprise: a piece of “Webtop” software that allows it to function like a full PC when connected in one of three docking modes:

  • Desktop PC mode with keyboard, mouse, and display

  • TV mode with a remote

  • Laptop mode, with a special laptop-like dock

I’ve dreamt of such a concept for many years: a phone that would just hold your data and apps and transform into your desktop or laptop so that you never have to sync anymore… and it’s become reality sooner than I expected. It’s not only a really cool concept (plug the phone into a dock, it becomes, essentially, a netbook) but it looks to be implemented just as cleverly and efficiently as could be by a third-party (it’d probably be better if Google designed Android for that purpose from the ground up but, within the limitations of an added layer, it’s insanely well designed and realized, from to to bottom). Just watch Engadget’s video. Amazing — and for one thing I can’t believe this thing is coming out with a Motorola logo.

It’s a niche product to be sure, but a niche is where you can still exist on today’s smartphone market. If I ever wanted to switch away from iOS, I’d just buy that phone.

12 January

So the design spec I wrote for my iOS app includes a functionality that’s all but impossible to code with the SDK. Yay for me.

Just realized, with Flipboard, I could remove from Google Reader all the stuff I don’t really read but just keep a lazy eye on.

13 January

Exposé-like gestures and a screen orientation lock in iOS 4.3 on iPad? Looks like another beta I’ll absolutely have to install.

I added one file to the Good Reader app two days ago so, of course, my iPad’s pre-4.3 backup is literally taking hours. Damnit, iTunes.

Left iTunes to back up my iPad all night and the progress bar didn’t move one pixel.

Now I’m trying to reboot my iPad and it’s been stuck on the “shutting down” progress spinner for ten minutes. Grah.

I like the four-finger gestures on iPad OS 4.3, but the Alt-Tab left/right is unusable; you’ll never know in what order the apps are.

Care to explain to me why Google Places is a separate app from Latitude? (Also, my phone’s location services seem to be broken.)

14 January

Did the dollar tank? How am I getting less App Store royalties for December despite Christmas?

Shouldn’t have upgraded to the 4.3 beta so early just for the gestures; Echofon crashes at launch, and my RSS reader every 100 articles.

Does Echofon Lite on the Mac App Store have the “Register” nag screen at startup? (Don’t think it should be compatible with the guidelines.)

Best thing about the new iPad gestures: two-finger pinch-out to go back to the main menu will become a standard among third-party apps.

15 January

It’s really called Google Hotpot? I just thought it was a typo.

16 January

If you dropped the DC end of phone/laptop charger in a bathtub, would it be enough to short the mains? Or would the adapter end up burning?

19 January

Dear Google Reader: when I’m switching the view to “all items” then it makes no sense to honor my “oldest first” sort settings. Thank you.

Formspring account “deleted.” Finally motivated by their encouraging users to ask stupid, irrelevant questions in bulk to everyone they follow.

Where “deleted” is in quotes because of course you can’t actually delete your account, silly, you can just disable it.


20 January

Argh, iOS 4.3 beta 2 is fucking with my (admittedly questionable) use of gesture recognizers on top of a web view.

21 January

My geek sensibilities are offended that the French PR for the App Store needs to contact me to get the full-res logo for my app.

My software publisher sensibilities don’t give a fuck because it means I’m getting press.

22 January

Argh, Finder forgot the arrangement of icons on my desktop. Hadn’t happened in so long I’d gotten back into having a lot of shit there.

Thought I’d finally move my all old passwords from Yojimbo to 1Password. Only halfway done and ready to skin kittens with my teeth.

It’s a mind-numbing task, minus the numbness.

“Use your Twitter avatar: enter your Twitter username and we’ll import your avatar.” That’s smart.

OTOH if you need to say “You’re editing your profile; click ‘save profile’ up there when you’re done” something’s wrong in your form design.

24 January


Reading many tech blogs at once can be really bad for your nerves. But I can’t rely on someone else to filter the interesting stuff for me.

25 January

Web views seem less OOM-crashy in iOS 4.3 — I can actually click a link or two in my homebrew RSS reader without crashing. Maybe I’ll be able to release it after all.

26 January

Marco Arment, on Instapaper’s bookmarklet

No wonder it’s so damn annoyingly slow. I just want to save the URL!

27 January

Oh, and, yeah, I like the new navigation bar on apple.com. #breakingnews #stopthepresses

Je veux transférer un domaine sur Gandi, le site bugge ; j’essaie de signaler le bug, le formulaire de contact bouffe mon message.

Il y a deux feux de cheminée virtuels dans le top gratuit du Mac App Store français. Honte. Et, oui, je viens d’en charger un.

28 January

Why is my MacBook refusing to play any AVIs? (Don’t think I ever tried before on this machine.) I have Perian installed and up to date.

29 January

Ohh, depuis quand Amazon.fr vend des vêtements ?

30 January

In 2011, I think I’m ready to use a grocery-list app on my iPhone and roam the aisles with my phone in my hand.


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