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2 March 2011

My trackpad suddenly doesn’t feel clicky anymore. I guess it had a bad night and woke up thinking: why resist the downforce?

Damn. No stream on apple.com, and Gdgt doesn’t do live keynotes anymore (because it “confused people” as to what Gdgt was — useless).

I’m not sure there was enough in this keynote for me to make a blog post about it.

Apple Keynote – March 2, 2010

I think it’s pretty interesting that Apple considers the announcement of iPad 2 — with absolutely no surprise whatsoever, nothing revolutionary at all — to be worthy of a whole keynote. So it’s a little faster. So it’s a little thinner. So it’s got cameras. What else? Nothing. Really nothing.


It looks like Apple has enjoyed the “using the iPad as a knife” meme, and decided that the new version’s profile should be even sharper. Since Ive promises that it’s more comfortable to hold than before, I’m going to assume that they’ve bothered to make the angle a bit smoother this time, though.

So… it’s thinner. That’s cool. I’d like to say that I don’t care, but I kinda wish I could wake up on March 11th and have my iPad suddenly be a bit thinner, and a bit lighter. Still, it’s not getting to the point that I’d buy a new one. Same thing for the faster processor or the cameras; the only difference I care about is more RAM and, even if assuming that the iPad 2 does finally get 512 MB, it’s not enough to make me upgrade either.

As for the white version, I’ve already said that I hate the idea of a white iPhone — because there’s always gonna be a black border between the bezel and the screen, it makes all the sense in the world for the bezel to be black so that the limit between screen and device disappears. In the iPad’s case, it’s even worse than with the iPhone, as the status bar is always black.

And those covers… damn are they ugly. I’m sure the design is convenient, with the way it folds into a stand (though I have a hard time believing that magnets would be enough for the cover to stay in place while the device is tumbling around in a bag), but… who would want to stick that on their brand-new iPad? If anything, I’m waiting for third-party case manufacturers to play with the magnets. (Apple can’t patent them. Can they?)


I don’t care much about the new apps, except for one thing: Photo Booth made sense on the Mac, since it went with the integrated iSight — and you’re only ever gonna use that to shoot or film yourself. On iOS, you’re taking pictures of your environment much more often than self-portraits; why restrict the system app’s concept to “Photo Booth” instead of simply adding effects to the Camera app? (I doubt it’s because Apple is afraid to encroach on third-party developers’ sales. It’s never stopped them before.) The idea is just silly. And it’s making for one more system icon that you can’t remove, for an app you’re never going to use.


Now the question is: is there something to the rumors of an iPad 3 next fall? It might as well be true, because the rumor’s existence itself is likely to put a damper on the iPad 2’s sales anyway. But there’s going to be proper outrage if Apple makes the new iPad obsolete just six months after it’s been introduced — especially as it’s been presented as a major redesign, instead of the simple spec bump that it really is.

If they release a new iPad before year’s end, they’ll have been somewhat dishonest today. If they don’t, rumormongers will have cost them actual money, more so than ever.

There’s no winning this one.

3 March

I’ll confess: if I didn’t need to keep my 1st-gen iPad forever for development purposes, I’d probably be looking to trade up.

Oh, yeah, a thing I intended to say if the rumored design was real: the original iPad’s bulging back makes it easier to pick up on a table.

Ow, my old iPad is unbearably heavy. Arm and wrist in pain. Gonna need to do something about that. No choice. Doctor’s orders.

I’m having a pirate friend try 10.7’s autosave and file lock for me, and he confirms that it sucks in all the ways I expected it did. Argh.

4 March

“The Case Against Drop-down Identities”

Similarly, to beat Facebook at social you have to look at its faults, and capitalize on them. Facebook’s Achilles heel is the way it forces its worldview on its users. On Facebook, you can only “like” something. You can’t love it, or hate it, or say it made you laugh, or made you sad, or unequivocally recommend it to your friends, or recommend it with some caveats. You can only “friend” someone, you can’t make someone’s acquaintance, or say they’re an old high school classmate, or the annoying guy who sat behind you in one lecture in college, or an ex-lover. […]

The best way to innovate in social is make a product that helps people express themselves and identify themselves more freely and fully, to capture nuances in identity and relationships that other networks don’t.

7 March

Anyone to rewrite my nightly backup script for me? I need to add an ‘—exclude’ to my ‘tar’ and just can’t find the strength.

“Mac OS X Lion Includes Many Small but Significant Changes”

In the Snow Leopard Finder, when you change the view style from, say, icon view to list view, that change is applied to all folders unless otherwise specified in the view options. In Lion, when you apply a view style, it’s only applied to that folder, which will always open in that view style. If you uncheck this setting in the view options, that folder will always open in icon view instead.


8 March

I’m getting really tired of Google’s “Showing results for another search. Click here if you actually meant what you typed.”

9 March

Wish I could unsubscribe from tech blogs that post unrelated images just to stand out in my aggregator. But I’d have nothing left to read.

Echofon for Mac just added inline thumbnails and, see, I’d be super frustrated if I’d bought it on the App Store where it’s not updated yet.

10 March

Of all the data Facebook likes to make public, why did they remove the bit where you could actually see the people who want to friend you?

I feel like selling my white MacBook and buying a 13-inch MacBook Pro instead. Discuss.

My inbox is disturbingly quiet. Did Google Apps take it upon itself to mark my clients’ messages as spam? Bless its shiny metal soul.

Oh, come on. Excel 2011 exports to CSV… only in Mac OS Roman encoding.

I don’t have a simple alternative to offer but I really don’t like how the Reply button moves around on Echofon Mac when there’s a picture.

11 March

Fuck that, gonna have to open the files in Excel, export them to a more sensible Excel format then use NeoOffice to convert to CSV. Winning.

Passive-aggressive software of the week: the new Instapaper’s “Be Helpful” / “Don’t Bother Me” toggle switch.

13 March

Someone needs to make a cloud service that allows me to delete finished games from my iPhone / iPad without losing my saves.

14 March

Start updating a dozen apps on your iPad: all of them become unavailable. And if the first download is a 1GB game, your loss. Pfft.

15 March

Custom keyboard shortcuts are nice, but I can never remember what’s the one I made for opening an .htaccess file in the current folder.

17 March


I have about 15 apps on my iPhone from great third-party developers and I want to rewrite every single one of them. There is not really anything horrifically wrong with the apps most of the time, but there are the little details missing that drive me nuts or features I’d implement differently. […]

One of the hardest parts of software development is learning to turn your back on this urge and say no.

So true.

Looks like I’m gonna spend the entire day trying to get Xcode 4 to produce a binary I can send to my beta testers.

18 March

After something happened in Xcode 3 you clicked the main window and were back to work. Now you’ve got to undo half a dozen mode switches.

23 March

Really, really annoying to have so many mentions of “chameleon” in the tech blogs on the day after I watched my last ever episode of HIMYM.

Also, I think anyone using Chameleon to port their iOS app to OS X is a lazy fool, but that’s just me.

24 March

Il y a une raison valable pour que l’Afnic rejette tout réglage qui déclenche un warning Zonecheck, où ils sont juste complètement tarés ?

My Mac mini keeps unmounting my USB drives and blaming me for it. Plugged to another Mac, the drives appear to work fine. Suggestions?

Maybe that means it’s time for me to get a Drobo, and plug it over Firewire if I’m not gonna have any USB ports left on that stupid thing.

25 March

Amazing how sluggish my homemade RSS reader on iPad becomes with 1000+ unread. It’s reassuring that Reeder behaves so much worse, but still.

I’m sad to remove Lifehacker and Kotaku from my Google Reader account but I’m fed up with the permalinks never working. Done.

26 March

LiveSketch HD for iPad is free and has a really cool and clever way of making something pretty out of your fat fingers’ input.

Oh hai, my blog’s edit page. Long time no see. Sorry, I’m just passing through to test a javascript thing.

My life would have been so, so much nicer if the standard had been for innerHTML to include user-edited form values.

28 March

Ohhh. On iPad you can swipe up on a letter to get to the variants; you don’t have to hold and wait for the popup (unlike on the iPhone).

I’d just like to know why muting clients and hashtags in Echofon only applies to the timeline, not to lists.

To do: remember that I’m on a Mac and I can type non-breaking spaces in my tweets.

I’d pay $0.03 for a system extension that would highlight non-breaking spaces with a yellow background in all editable text fields.

29 March

All my paid apps have been gone from the App Store for two days because I didn’t click a button in iTunes Connect. I really don’t think I was ever notified.

I refuse to believe that there is widespread civilian demand — or use — for something like Amazon Cloud Player.

I may have already said this before, but: Instapaper for iPad has finished what Twitter had begun, and completely killed my blog.

30 March

What happens when your push certificate expires on the same day you move your site to a new server is, you waste three hours debugging it.

An iPad 2’s worth of hard drives.

Do I contact Apple so that they boot Grindr off the App Store for advertising their Android app?

31 March

I’m sure it makes complete sense for Ubuntu’s mysql package to stick to the default 151 max connections.

Yes, I forgot to write down that I’d changed max_connections on the previous server and my websites were unusable all day. It happens, okay?

Grosse frayeur, mon terminal qui se remplit d’erreurs SQL d’un coup. Ah ben non, j’avais accidentellement scrollé aux erreurs de ce matin.

I know you don’t care, but I’ve got to vent somewhere that my fucking iTunes is once again stuck backing up my fucking iPad.


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