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3 May 2011

“Apple’s White iPhone is not thicker than black version”

So… did someone make up a difference to generate page views (well, someone lying on the internet, it could happen one day), or does the iPhone manufacturing process actually allow for a difference between individual devices big enough to be noticed?

Yeah, I’ll probably go on and assume it’s the former. (Not that I care; I’m just obligated to post this because I blogged about the original news.)

I need docks for my iPod and iPhone, because I keep putting them down on my Wacom tablet, and they both interfere with the cursor.

4 May

Spent two hours looking at my app like it was haunted, because I’d forgotten a break in a case. Always check your breaks.

5 May


Conversely, think before asking strangers to test software. It’s hard for them to say no; if they do, most won’t helpful provide feedback.

8 May

Damnit, Amazon, when I’m trying to zoom in on a book’s cover, the “See Inside!” of a completely different edition is of no help to me.

10 May

I can’t believe Skype’s founders are turning a billion-dollar profit on the company’s sale AGAIN.

Grah, le serveur de NoPic est chargé à 200% alors que le CPU est à 80% idle. Rendez moi mes SSD !

12 May

I kinda have to force myself to work on my iOS apps because PHP feels more comfortable. That’s the beginning of old age, isn’t it?

13 May

Don’t know how anyone manages to find their way in the AdWords back-office. (Got a voucher, trying to use it to sell some apps.)

Bon, OVH, quand tu veux tu livres le serveur payé il y a 4 jours. M’en foutais, moi, que ça soit la nouvelle collec’, veux juste un serveur.

14 May

C’est Twitpic qui déconne ou Echofon qui ne vérifie pas que l’upload n’a pas renvoyé d’erreur ?

15 May

Oh, that’s fun, you can use “self” in an Objective-C static method. Of course, chances are it was a mistake and your app’s gonna crash.

Three days later, my AdWords ads still haven’t gotten a single impression. Why? I have no fucking clue.

Dear Apple: now that users have multitasking, an iOS app really needs to be able to self-terminate when something went irreparably wrong.

I might have to make a “quit” method that intentionally accesses an invalid pointer.

Et vas-y que j’ai passé trois heures à convaincre mon bandeau de pub d’afficher un fond qui se répète autour de l’image.

Woohoo ! J’ai fini tout ce que je voulais avoir dans la version 1.0, je n’attends plus que la livraison du serveur et des illustrations.

17 May

Oh, ça y est, trop youpi, j’ai mon adresse e-mail Facebook, enfin j’existe.

Ah ouais, donc sur un 3 To, ils me mettent 1.9 To sur /home et 1.1 To à la racine. Et c’est après avoir tout installé que je m’en aperçois.

18 May

For some reason it looks like I’m getting ready to spend the next three hours staring into the void while waiting for the new DNS to take.

How about Apple use its billion-dollar reserves to lobby for a less brain-dead reworking of patent law?

Allez hop, on continue la fuite en avant / l’argent par les fenêtres, nouveau serveur commandé pour No Pic.

19 May

May have said it before, but I hate hate hate how commenting on Reddit is getting me so used to Markdown that I miss it on my own blog.

I’d just like to have a CSS property that says “don’t fuck up my layout no matter how many exclamation points a stupid user has typed.”

Oh, that one’s my fault, I’d forgotten I had put a <table> there. In the meantime, found out about “word-wrap: break-word,” so yay.

Remind me — I’m supposed to blame Adobe when a couple of animated gifs make my Safari lock up, right?

At least if Twitter goes on pushing third-party apps away, maybe it’ll motivate them to finally implement list management in their own app?

Right, so today is one of those days when I empty my iPad’s battery downloading the new version of a game I never play #infinityblade

The hell? The “Message” button in Facebook opens a chat window now? What the fuck was the point of a new messaging system, then?

I love that time, before a server goes into production, when top is at the top of top.

20 May

Still reluctant to move my personal data from the MacBook (whose drive is regularly cloned) to the Drobo (has no backup if software crash).

Fuck that inconsistent bullshit, I’m disabling Facebook chat in Adium. Back to MSN if you somehow were to want to talk to me.

21 May

I’m kinda curious about Tweed for iPad but not quite to the point of buying it.

Ah, ouais, ça fait une demi-heure que je demande à mon client SQL pourquoi il ne veut pas se connecter à mon serveur SQL qui est éteint.

Bien sûr ça aiderait juste un poil si le message d’erreur ne disait pas que ça vient de la connexion SSH.

Client now wants to add emoji to the app’s text. But the appropriate emoji to depict my reaction doesn’t exist.

22 May

Je peux être content d’avoir poussé mon client à transférer le domaine sur Gandi pour que la commande de certificats SSL soit en rade…

23 May

No idea why No Pic choked until I increased Apache’s MaxClients even though it worked just fine on the old server with the same setting.

What I know is, I can’t wait until I’m finally able to purchase my own slave sysadmin.

Add SSDs to your LAMP server, go from 140% load to 4% on rush hour.

Time to experiment and remove the free version of Uniconsole from the App Store listings, to see if people give up or just pay.

24 May


Just looked at Snow Leopard for the first time in weeks. Honestly couldn’t believe the aqua scrollbars - we lived with this for ten years?

Damn you, UISearchBar, for not being able to tell me when the user taps the Clear button.

26 May

“French “three strikes” anti-piracy software riddled with flaws”

TMG’s server was running a custom-written administration program coded in Delphi. It had the unusual security feature of not requiring any authentication at all, allowing anyone connecting to port 8500 to send commands to the server. […] The update command connects to an FTP server, retrieves a file, and then executes it—all without authentication—and rather than connecting to a specific FTP server, it allows the server to be specified when the update command is given.

Laugh out loud.

27 May

Where the hell did Apple hide the bitmaps for its iOS search field? I don’t want to have to redo them myself, it’s absurd.

Launch Xcode and Photoshop, divide productivity by ten. It’d be faster to quit each and launch the other every time I need to switch.

But yes, it makes perfect sense that you have to go to Illustrator’s Preferences to change the radius of your rounded rectangles.

28 May

Web-based WYSIWYG editors are a godsend until your users paste stuff from Word.

Die. Die. Die.

I’m juggling with more colspans and rowspans than I ever dared before. Yes, while making a native iOS app, so what?

29 May

I need to write a script to erase temporary pictures after two months, but I’m paralyzed by the fear of screwing up my “rm -rf”.

“Twitter unmasks anonymous British user in landmark legal battle”

The social network has passed the name, email address and telephone number of a south Tyneside councillor accused of libelling the local authority via a series of anonymous Twitter accounts. South Tyneside council took the legal fight to the superior court of California, which ordered Twitter, based in San Francisco, to hand over the user’s private details.

I didn’t expect that a European entity, “libelled” by a European citizen, could go to California and get a judge to subpoena the account’s information from Twitter. Eep.

Les connards utilisent “signaler au webmaster” pour clore les conversations, maintenant. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Ah, merde, c’est peut-être parce que les boutons “Bloquer” et “Signaler” sont voisins, et font tous deux un confirm() — que personne ne lit.

30 May

Transmission 2.31 killing the network

Glad that I’m not the only one. Disabling PEX & DHT seems to be helping.

31 May

Did Apple actually pre-announce, one week before the keynote, that they’d be announcing “iCloud”? What the hell is going on over there?


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