31 oct. 2011

Okay, I guess the Apple Store's iPad-based info displays are yet another thing that looks better in real life than in pictures.


30 oct.

I've had my iPhone for eighteen months, it's time to go naked and feel like I've got a brand new, thinner phone.


Remote-desktopping to my Mac mini in New Smallville is so ridiculously slow it'd be comical if I didn't have to go back there in a few days.


But it's appalling that push notifications are still perfectly happy to fail, even though iMessage now relies on them.


Spent a lot of time today being stuck on Edge, and also missing many notifications (probably related). Not sure if iOS or carrier.


Yelp offering me to sign up using Facebook, then prefilling its own signup form with my info. Unhelpful and creepy.


29 oct.

Not a huge fan of setting a timed reminder on my iPhone and having the alarm pop up on every single Apple device I own. Kinda oppressive.


Finally deleted Twitter's iPad app. I enjoy browsing with it, which makes it that much more frustrating you can only scroll back a few hours.


Yup, Flash is definitely causing the kernel panics. Plug-in crash, followed by panic five minutes later. Forget about the Sims Social then.


28 oct.

Apple just approved one of my app updates in about half an hour, that's not what I'm used to.


I'd like to be able to "archive" some contacts in the Address Book — hiding them from all lists, but without deleting them, just in case.


I love it when an Xcode update surreptitiously makes my existing projects incompatible with all older devices.


What a mess. My iPad thinks it can send text messages (because of iMessage) and doesn't warn that it won't work on non-iMessage recipients.


Damn. Using iOS 5's Twitter API to post a tweet does not advertise the application name in the metadata; just "iOS". So much for enforced word-of-mouth.


Look, I understand how engineers function — but the development priorities of Google Plus, as an entity and a product, are asinine.


27 oct.

“Apple Patent Uses 3D Gestures to Control an iPad”

I was right about Apple's TV working like Kinect.


If I implemented "spare keys" I'd ask you to nominate two people, who ideally don't know each other, and I'd give one half of the code to each.


“Facebook’s Spare Keys and how they work”

That's a really interesting idea. Can't decide whether it's actually viable, or will result in more profile defacing-under-the-influence.


Shit, I just remembered that I do use the web-based Maps API in my product.


Looks like iTunes doesn't remember changes to window positions if you shut down Lion without quitting it manually first.


Every single time I want to move a file from the desktop to a window in another space: "WTF, my file disappeared! Oh, right, it's back."


I keep trying to launch Calendar on my Mac and iCal on my iPhone.


26 oct.

“Will Siri Change the Rules of the Search Game?”

How Siri Disrupts Search – Siri doesn’t replace search, but in many cases it circumvents it by directing users straight to integrated partner services. When you ask for the nearest Indian restaurant there’s still a search taking place, but it’s through Yelp, not a generic search engine that would include Yelp plus various other results.

By skipping the search engine and going straight to a designated source there is no place to insert advertising.

It would be very interesting if that ended up preventing Google from adding Siri-like functionality to Android.

Smartphone users don’t mind that there are ads in Google searches, because that’s the way it is everywhere. They don’t mind the ads in Angry Birds, because that means they get Angry Birds for free. But if Google adds a complete voice interface to Android, and it’s full of ads? The comparison with iOS will be direct and undisputably detrimental. (Because, unlike third-party apps, this is a part of the OS, i.e. something the consumer feels like they’re paying for.) And if it’s not full of ads? Then Google would be killing some of its search engine’s ad revenue without producing anything to make up for it. So the only viable option is for Google to never ever add something as powerful as Siri to their mobile OS.

Considering how popular it’s getting, Siri could be the first really visible differentiator between Apple’s “you’re the customer” and Google’s “you’re the product.” It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.


On reconnaît bien la patte voyages-sncf dans le fonctionnement de l'application iOS.


Pet peeve: when you open someone's Twitter profile on the web and, for several seconds, all you see is your own profile's page backgroud.


My MacBook woke up this morning with the Caps Lock light stuck on. Will it manage to annoy me enough that I end up rebooting? Stay tuned.


25 oct.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but it always takes me an hour of trial-and-error to get the Visualize jQuery plugin to display a graph properly.


If Siri fails to understand you, you just start typing. On a Sirified Apple TV, working around misunderstandings would be a huge pain. "Where's the remote? I think I used it two weeks ago."


24 oct.

I thought my parents had given me too much of an ego, but that's nothing compared to Jobs' upbringing. No wonder he never said die.


23 oct.

Damnit, VirtualBox, you'd think it would be obvious that people need to embiggenize their VM's drives once in a while.


Can't believe how much smoother my Windows 8 VM runs on the Mac mini than the MacBook. Does an i5 make that much of a diff to a Core 2 Duo?


22 oct.

Ah well, even on the new Mini, the web-based screensaver hangs and crashes. I've tried two different ones, and both misbehave.


The Mac mini's animated transitions are so much smoother than on the MacBook + 1080p external screen that it could get a bit depressing.


Seriously, is the writer or publisher really worried that The Biography is gonna sell poorly if they don't tease the hell out of it?


If it goes on like this, I'm gonna have to unsubscribe from all tech blogs to avoid spoilers from The Biography.


Problem with "natural" scrolling is, my fingers naturally stay near the top of the trackpad, close to the keyboard, and what I do the most is scroll down.


21 oct.

It makes very little sense to me to make the new Mac mini flatter, but larger. I don't see that as an improvement.


This thing is ridiculous, it looks like a hot plate. I never knew it was actually larger than the previous generation.


20 oct.

I'm still rolling my eyes every time I open the new Instapaper for iPad. Won't be long until I actually switch back-again to Read It Later.


Lytro, the Everything In Focus Camera Unveiled

Aww, it's so tiny and cute (and useless), I want one.


Of all the things Apple can do automatically from knowing where I live, why doesn't it mark public holidays in my calendar?


“Android Chief Andy Rubin Says Your Phone Should Not Be Your Assistant”

“I don’t believe that your phone should be an assistant,” the Android chief said. “Your phone is a tool for communicating. You shouldn’t be communicating with the phone; you should be communicating with somebody on the other side of the phone.”

What the hell?

Is he spouting random bullshit just to minimize the importance of Siri, or is he sincerely clueless about what a smartphone actually is?


19 oct.

Looks like apps crashing in 10.7.2 (all WebKit-based, I think) is not just me — nor just my RAM. Good. But that means I can't fix it.


18 oct.

Damn. I was putting on a brave face, but the truth is I can't live with having mutilated my MacBook by losing a screw. It's horrible. I'm a monster.


I had managed not to lose a single screw while opening and closing my MacBook… until today. Oh well, seven left, good structural integrity.


Can a bad RAM stick corrupt a FileVault drive? With all the random crashes since getting the second stick, I'm getting worried.


17 oct.

Damnit. I was updating Uniconsole to post to Facebook, and it turns out the SDK won't pre-fill a wall post's message anymore.


Bottomline is, I've never forgiven Instapaper for removing the "open in a new window" setting on the site.


Silly me. A Flash plug-in upgrade prompt appeared the other day and I okayed it. Now nothing works properly anymore.


Remember when a good Mac app — sorry, application — was one that used only standard controls and paradigms? Remember? Yet it wasn't that long ago.


Instapaper is the latest victim of iOS bringing back over-engineered interfaces with a vengeance.


16 oct.

I'd like to use AeroFS, have a copy of my files on a backup Linux server, but for a free service I'd be more confident if it was open-souce.


I keep opening my Newsstand apps one after another because I don't remember which magazines I'm not done reading. Not ideal.


15 oct.

The Kindle edition of Steve Jobs' biography is ten euros cheaper; I guess it would be appropriate to read it on iPad.


14 oct.

As fun as all those Siri quotes are, I feel the humor was much more appropriate for a third-party app than an OS functionality.


I know I'm asking too much, but I wish my iPad would switch the split keyboard on and off depending on how horizontal it is.


I'm sold on Scott Forstall as The Substitute

Was never convinced by any of the other choices.



Prior to iOS 5, the system never deleted the contents of Caches and tmp, so they were safe places for apps to put data that should always be available but could be redownloaded if the user did a complete restore or otherwise lost all data, and therefore shouldn’t be taking up space in backups and slowing down syncs. […]

But in iOS 5, there’s an important change: Caches and tmp — the only two directories that aren’t backed up — are “cleaned” out when the device is low on space.

It’s properly ridiculous that this is happening in the version of the OS that introduces the Newsstand. Magazine apps download 300MB issues, are required by the developer guidelines to store them in the Cache folder, and… iOS is going to delete the issue without warning when it’s low on space? Nice forethought, guys. Particularly considering that, as Marco Arment points out, this problem is most likely to manifest itself precisely when you’re stocking up your iPad with media in anticipation for an internet-free trip.

Until it’s fixed, you know what this means: always leave a gig or two free on your device.


13 oct.

Can't wait for iPad magazine publishers to stop artificially cramming interactivity in there. I should not have to tap a little button to toggle additional text; swiping from page to page is all I'm willing to do.


Star Wars Alert Tones

Weoowww. Thankfully my phone is always on vibrate, so I've got a good reason to resist.


Please tell me there's a way to disable the goddamn Growl Notification Rollup, because I can't find it and I'm gonna murder someone. [Turns out there isn't, but will be in an upcoming update. Idiots. I'm allowed to call them idiots, I bought this thing.]


Does iOS 5 post to Twitter with "AppName on iOS" as the user agent, or is that only with Apple's apps? Because that would be awesome.


“Limited RAM in Apple’s A5 chip in iPad 2, iPhone 4S motivated by battery life concerns”

Karagounis [the group program manager of Microsoft’s Performance team] points out that "minimizing memory usage on low-power platforms can prolong battery life," noting that "In any PC, RAM is constantly consuming power. If an OS uses a lot of memory, it can force device manufacturers to include more physical RAM. The more RAM you have on board, the more power it uses, the less battery life you get.

"Having additional RAM on a tablet device can, in some instances, shave days off the amount of time the tablet can sit on your coffee table looking off but staying fresh and up to date," Karagounis wrote.

I always assumed it had to be negligible.

Actually, in operation, it probably be is — but the writeup specifically mentions battery usage when the tablet is sleeping, and that makes sense: RAM is just about the one and only thing that can’t be turned off at all while the device is idle.

When you see that the iPhone 4S loses one third of its standby battery life and the only reason I can imagine is Siri’s requirement for the gyroscope and accelerometer to stay on at all times (so that it activates when you put the phone to your ear), it makes sense that doubling the number of RAM transistors to power would have a noticeable effect after all.


Steve Jobs, in a 1996 interview about NeXT, reprinted in Wired’s homage edition on the iPad:

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people.


Managed to get contacts synced by turning them off and on again, but my Safari bookmarks won't sync. Grr.


Come on, Software Update. If iCloud isn't gonna work, at least give me the new Safari. I don't like using Chrome. I just don't.


My iPhone's, my Mac's, and icloud.com's address books are all out of sync with each other. Promising.


I really really really wish there was a way to enable "Find my Mac" but not "Remotely wipe my Mac".


Oh, that's nice. The keyboard layout dropdown has disappeared from my FileVault boot screen. Stuck in qwerty with an untypable password.


12 oct.

Dear Echofon: suddenly setting my theme to white-on-black in an update is not the right way to advertise there's now such a theme.


Guess you can't complain about the price, but Engadget Distro is a very good bad example. Stale content and uninspired design, yay.


Remember when Apple was relaunching the cloud and hopefully the iOS activation servers wouldn't crap out this time for good figure and oops?


Loaded a week-old photo into the Cards app and "Hello from Montviron" automatically changed to "Hello from Sartilly". Well done.


I enabled Photo Stream on my iPhone, but just now remembered that I don't have the latest iPhoto (I think), so it's probably quite useless.


10.7.2 is out. Let's corrupt some Address Book data, shall we?


“Apple’s Fourth Interface”

Steve said that each of the three user interfaces made possible a revolutionary new type of product. The mouse enabled the Macintosh. The click wheel enabled the iPod. Multi-touch enabled the iPhone. What will Siri enable?

The iPhone nano is coming, isn’t it?


Another iOS 5 reminder: your iCloud storage is limited. Unless you pay for more, you're probably better off not backing up to iCloud.


Find My Friends doesn't appear to have any kind of bulk invite mechanism; just manually invite each address book entry. Weird and inconvenient.


Speaking of, why the hell isn't iMessage accessible on icloud.com?


When iOS 5 comes out later today, don't forget you can associate multiple addresses to iMessage and choose which is used as your caller ID.


11 oct.

I wonder if the iPad 3 will have Siri. It ought to — but that presents interesting challenges.


Analysts saying people are buying the iPhone 4S because Steve died. Stay classy.

I'm only buying (a) Mac(s) in his honor, not a phone!


Nolan Bushnell on Steve Jobs

I’ve heard people say that he has difficulty with things, but the reality is that when I say prickly… Steve did not abide fools gladly. And I think that’s okay. I think we’ve got way too many fools.

Just quoting this for no particular reason. Not for self-serving purposes of any kind.


10 oct.

The Facebook app for iPad is available, and I'm not a fan of the UX. Mostly, of its overloading the "Back" button at random.


Tiens, depuis que j'ai 3 Go de RAM, Preview ne quitte plus quand je ferme le dernier document. Bravo for consistency.


9 oct.


I'd been stuck for ages with IdleWeb, which is slow and buggy. This is much, much better.


8 oct.

Open folder containing latest episode, drag .nfo file to the desktop, delete folder, empty trash, wait, what, shit, download episode again.


"Steve Jobs Tried LSD"

So that's what I've been missing. Need drugs, stat!


7 oct.

The… 10-iPad Dock

I can't believe that iTunes won't crap itself if you plug 3x10 iPads (or just two) at the same time.


6 oct.

I just posted a comment on a blog.

I'd forgotten how inconvenient it is to have to check manually for upcoming replies.


I want to believe the iPhone 5 was ready for launch on Tuesday because it's fitting. His death should mess up an iPhone launch.


“Apple went dark”

Today a guy I know at Facebook told me that Apple just "went dark" this weekend and stopped answering emails and phone calls (they had amazing new iPhone and iPad apps and a new developer platform all ready for announcing). Folks inside Facebook thought they had done something massively wrong. No, they hadn’t. Truth is you had something deeper to deal with.


"iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM, same as iPhone 4?"

Of all the rumors to turn out wrong, this is the most shocking.


See, I can very well imagine Apple delaying the iPhone 5 so it doesn't end up being "the iPhone launched on Steve Jobs' death".


Let's agree to unfollow block anyone who "jokes" that he died because of Tuesday's lackluster keynote, okay?


I'd like to post a sad tweet but I'm too busy looking for confirmation anywhere on apple.com.


"Innovation Starvation"

Neal Stephenson on why we don't achieve anything anymore.


5 oct.

Je viens de réaliser que le SAV de Macway a imprimé un bon d'expédition Colissimo, écrit à la main mon numéro de dossier dessus, et scanné le tout pour me l'envoyer.


I'm feeling the strongest urge to buy a 700€ Mac mini, which pathologically fails the "what would I do with it that I can't do now" test.


Oh, and another VirtualBox update that disables in the free version a functionality that worked in my existing VMs. Fuck you.


Upgraded my RAM, have to reinstall VirtualBox. Fine, why not… but if it's that common the error message should have been less cryptic.


…unless they still hoped last week that they could announce the iPhone 5 yesterday. But it wouldn't make sense with the 3GS+4+4S lineup.


You've got to be a bit of a moron to blame the lack of iPhone 5 on Tim Cook.

However, the failure to manage expectations is his.


That went well. One of the RAM modules is defective, and my Mac mini believes it doesn't have Bluetooth.


4 oct.

No mention of something like "wakes up when you touch it or shake it" on the iPod nano page showing the clock faces. Disheartening.


"3GS / 4 / 4S" is a lousy, messy lineup.


"In the blink of an eye it comes back with your text."

Oh, so of course Siri was what the Apple server farm was about.


No A5 iPod touch means Apple is beginning to seriously care about the iPod cannibalizing iPhone sales.


Please tell me they didn't acknowledge the iPod nano watches to just introduce new clock faces, and no further UI changes for that usage.


You know that an iOS app to send postcards was only a stupid idea until they announced custom Apple-designed stamps.


Wait, gdgt does liveblogs again? HAHAHAHAHA. (Private joke.) Also, yay.


Halp! Je suis retenu prisonnier à New Smallville, ils ont barré la route… des deux côtés de la maison.


3 oct.

So it took ten days for my BitTorrent client to catch up with a disconnected month's worth of downloads. Countryside DSL.


2 oct.


For the OCPD geek who wants their windows to align perfectly. Bit expensive for what it does, but convenient.


1 oct.

I know it provides important information, but I hate form comments that display your avatar — seeing it from the corner of your eye instantly makes you think you've already commented.


J'essaie d'upgrader ma RAM puisque je me paierai pas de MacBook Air tout de suite ; la recherche sur le site de MacWay serait pas devenue foireuse ?


Seems like Gandi's mail servers regularly crap out, and as a result Mail switches them to offline. Annoying.


I like Metro as a home screen but some interface elements look atrocious — the on/off switches of the install process are horrible.


Been beachballing for ten minutes. I just might have given a little too much RAM to my Windows 8 virtual machine.


It's occurring to me that iOS 5 could very well have a new Springboard interface without anyone knowing from the betas.

Just daydreaming.



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