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1 September 2014

The technology behind Instagram’s Hyperlapse app

When I first read about the app and tried it, I thought they were being clever and accelerating the video by dropping the frames that got the farthest out of an ideal, stable camera movement. (Which is why I was surprised that the app offered to save the video with no acceleration at all.) Turns out their stabilization algorithm runs separately from the acceleration itself — and is in fact the same that’s used in the main app. I couldn’t have known, I’ve used Instagram for video.

Ah, iCloud Photo Stream — never working when you want it to, but good for making celeberities’ nude selfies available to hackers.

If Apple gets in trouble over this, maybe they will finally begin to care about the security of our data?

Rather than choosing my podcast client for its audio filters, how about I just buy Instacast and unsubscribe from poorly produced podcasts.

Vulnerability in Find My Phone service and weak passwords may explain alleged celebrity photo leaks

As vulnerabilities go, it’s not the worst. But this is exactly what I was tweeting about last night: anyone at Apple whose work remotely affects the filesystem or drives should have it drilled into their heads that user data is sacrosanct, and anyone whose code touches iCloud that security is paramount. It needs to be integral to the corporate culture, rather than something a few of the engineers care deeply about.

2 September

“Common iOS App Rejections”

As MacStories points out, what this page really says is “we’re fucking inconsistent.”


Load your bank & transit card into your phone. Go to a bar. Run out of power. Now you have no money, no way to get home, can’t call anyone.

I’m reminded of a comment I saw on Reddit yesterday: not only can Apple be maddeningly slow at fixing security vulnerabilities after they’ve been reported, but it also doesn’t offer bounties for reporting them. You know, just the kind of thing that might motivate a hacker to contact Apple instead of downloading a copy of Jennifer Lawrence’s iCloud backup. (Or, more likely, just after downloading it, but that would still be progress.) I’m not so good at business, but I kinda feel that Apple could afford it. And, evidently, so do all the hackers who prefer to exploit a vulnerability rather than be, at best, graciously credited in the patch notes by one of the richest companies on Earth.

You can’t be lazy or complacent when it comes to security; you can’t be stingy, either.

I’m curious to see how they negotiate next week’s keynote. And annoyed that the scandal will overshadow product launches. But it’s deserved.

3 September

4 September

You know that old sci-fi cliché of a sleek transparent glass pane becoming a TV / monitor when you turn it on? (Forgive me, I’m still watching Extant.) We already have transparent OLED displays, and of course the idea is ridiculously impractical for any real-life application. But what if you added a layer of smart glass behind the display, becoming opaque when you turn the picture on, for improved contrast? How cool would that look on your desk — or at your window?


Apple’s not doing anything to ‘manage’ expectations for next week, with a countdown timer and livestream on their site…

5 September

Wacom’s new pressure-sensitive iPad styluses

Ordering one if the next iPad still doesn’t have first-party support.


Better than a media alert: Tim Cook says Apple will bolster security alerts, broader 2-step, spread awareness [imore.com]


Apple’s implementation of TestFlight: 10 apps only, and builds expire after 30 days. Hooray for dumb arbitrary limits! 😐

6 September

7 September

You know, I think I’d really like for the next iOS to have a first-party framework for making apps out of HTML 5.

9 September

The “someone logged into your iCloud” email arrives a while later and doesn’t mention the IP address, but baby steps I guess?

The battery life difference (for tasks that do use the screen) isn’t enough to make me get a 6 Plus, and I’m quite glad of that.


Take a look at your original iPhone.

Take a look at your current iPhone.

Now look at WATCH.

I’ll need time to decide whether the iWatch’s UX is clever or stupid. But at $350, I doubt I’ll play with one long enough to find out.


When it comes down to it, maybe the biggest problem with this announcement was the disconnect between how excited and proud of itself Apple was, and how important the watch really is(n’t). And, for once, the enthusiast press is less guilty of overhyping the keynote than Apple itself.

The original iPhone’s presentation was revelatory: for every single functionality Steve Jobs demoed, the overwhelming sentiment was inevitably “OH MY GOD HOW DID NO ONE DO THIS BEFORE.” The iPad’s introduction didn’t feel quite as spectacular because of how obvious it all was — a bigger iPhone — until the device justified its usefulness by running iWork.

But the Apple Watch is not revelatory (it does more or less what its competitors do). It’s not obvious in its simplicity, either (the home screen is… disconcerting, and the most noticeable “innovation” — communicating with taps, drawings, heart beats — looks more than a little gimmicky, even if I can see the value). And it’s not any more useful than the naysayers thought it would be.

I still want one, mind you. Probably not to the tune of $350 (and I already fell into the first-generation trap with the iPhone and iPad, so maybe I could skip this one), but I do want it. Yet it worries me that Apple was this excited about introducing a product that isn’t, in the end, much more than the iPod-nano-on-a-wrist-band we spent the past four years asking for. It worries me that, to show it off, Apple built a temporary Apple Store in front of the biggest venue it could find in Cupertino. It worries me that Apple published self-congratulatory retweets on the event’s livestream page. It worries me that Tim Cook concluded his keynote by performing an awkward skit with Bono. (Though, to be fair, the awkwardness was much more Bono’s fault than Cook’s.)

Hubris doesn’t look good on a tech company.


Watch uses passcode to authorize Pay. Authorized for as long as skin contact is maintained. If taken off, need to re-enter pin.


So yes, confirmed: iPhone 6 Plus renders at 1242x2208 (414x736pt @3x) and downscales to the 1080p panel. No 1:1 pixels. RIP 1 pixel lines

And, yes, I’m bitter that I have no one to send my heartbeat to.

Damn, an iPhone 6 wearing an Apple leather case almost looks uglier than bare. Might as well skip the case and get AppleCare+.

10 September

The Apple Watch’s home screen would make so much more sense on a round display, I bet they settled on a square form factor pretty recently.

If Google’s smart, Android Wear will offer iOS compatibility before Apple’s watch is in stores. And then I don’t know what I’ll do.


The extent of my faith in Apple is that if they violate my privacy it will be by mistake or chance incompetence, not by intention.

Well, adding iPhone 6 support to my app was painless (thanks, launch xib!)… except I now have to make two whole new rounds of screenshots.

Is my email leaked?

They seem to have my Gmail’s old password (before I made it a lot more secure). Actually, they seem to have the common prefix I used to use on many sites, so the leak is probably from somewhere else.

11 September

Starting up Photoshop, and suddenly alignment guides automatically pop up when I move shapes around. Useful, yet completely unsettling.

I’m finally getting around to watching the WWDC videos about making iOS extensions (I’ve been busy or something) and it’s like Christmas all over again.

Every time I see a photo of the Watch’s link bracelet I’m more in love with the engineering that went into it. I think I’ve lost the battle.

12 September

I can never remember which is which in Xcode between “deployment target” and “base SDK.” Can’t you just call one “minimum OS version”?

So I gave in and printed cardboard iPhone 6es while iTunes is failing to set up iOS 8 on my iPad. And, well… 5.5” is not that bad, is it.

Oh, isn’t that swell, Podcasts has been upgraded to “can’t be deleted” status.

I’m afraid a 5.5” phone is the kind you have no choice but to place on the table at the restaurant. Which is both unsafe and obnoxious.

13 September

The upshot of the Apple Watch conversation is: the iPhone announcement wasn’t revolutionary just because Apple are geniuses, but also, or even mostly, because the mobile phone industry had been appallingly complacent. It’s unrealistic to expect that to happen again after Apple has demonstrated how profitable the personal tech industry can be — competitors aren’t going to be caught with their pants down every other year.

Good thing I installed iOS 8 on my iPad: now weeping because what worked in the simulator doesn’t on device, and I can’t find a fix online.

Siri is getting more and more creative with the way she confirms timers, making me wish there was a “just stay professional” checkbox.

15 September

I don’t know what the solution is, but having to produce screenshots for each device size, for each supported language, is not sustainable.

Actually, producing those multiple series of screenshots isn’t the worst. After that, you still have to manage them in iTunes Connect.

Upload screenshots to iTunes Connect. Check that they’ve been saved correctly. Upload again. Check again. Upload again.

“Sent API usage to iTunes Connect, waiting for response…”



(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wow, there’s an official link to remove the U2 album from your library. I’m glad they’ve (presumably) realized it was a mistake.

I don’t mind if Apple wants to waste money on giving out free records. But music libraries are personal—not to be messed with for marketing.

Processing builds before letting you flip the submission switch: because devs have nothing better to do than reload a page for an hour.


“everything you can layout in code, you can do in IB. It just takes 10x as long and is way less inspectable.”

16 September

Ooh, I didn’t know that Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app had become a complete clone of FiftyThree’s Paper — both shameless and quite competent.

Mini-review of the Adonis Jot Pro stylus for iPad: it’s pretty great and I’m sorry I waited so long to buy it.

17 September


When iOS 8 drops tomorrow, you should click “Not Now” on the iCloud Drive upgrade. Here’s why: [macw.us]


What if Appleʼs advantage of fast customer adoption of new OS versions slowly erodes over time due to too many bugs in new APIs/build tools?

Ah, turns out iTunes silently fails partway through transferring apps from the device during sync. So that’s why my iPad is running half as many apps as it was before I wiped it to install iOS 8 GM.

My roommate hasn’t updated his iPhone since iOS 7.0, for lack of space on his iPhone. With a 6GB update I’m not sure what the adoption rate will be like.


iOS 8 is launching now! Update to use DuckDuckGo in Safari by going to:

Settings —> Safari —> Search Engine

Trying to switch to Auto Layout for my keyboard extension, so I can use size classes, and I can’t remember the last time I wanted to die so much.

18 September

Everybody’s said it already, but here goes: 1Password for iOS is now freemium for new users, it’s awesome, and you have no excuse anymore.


For those who wanted to see the iPod nano beside the printed Apple Watch [pic.twitter.com]

As a competitor I shouldn’t say this, but I would totally use Keymoji if it supported non-qwerty layouts. Very well done. (Implementation note: I would never ever “Allow Full Access” for a free keyboard, so it would have to allow switching layouts from within the keyboard extension, not in the accompanying app.)

Finally, a Kindle with a 300ppi e-ink display

Looks like a fantastic device, arriving two or three years too late.

Oh, the satisfaction of finally having a single switch to turn off all notifications for an app.


Cannot un-see this folder corner radius bug in iOS 8. Just open a folder and watch the corners…

19 September

I can’t quite decide if I need Transmit on my iPhone or not. After seven years of living in the iOS jail, my brain has a hard time imagining uses for all those newfound freedoms.


So I should stop using the Home & Lock Screen and I can save 30% of my battery? I’m in!



There are UPS trucks on the road right now with a payload more valuable than a small money truck.

You know how, when you downvote an article in Alien Blue from the comments view, it will open the article view for you? I’d always assumed it was just passive-aggressively inviting you to reconsider, but no, I only figured out today that it means your vote has actually been silently ignored. (Downvoting an article right from the list view, however? That’s still just fine.)

Damn, I do not like this app. It’s a shame it has such a stronghold on the Reddit community.


Apple’s large screen iPhones seem very space inefficient. 4.7” 6 is bigger than the 5” Lumia 930. 5.5” 6+ is almost as big as 6” Lumia 1520.

20 September


“A 3D printer consumes about 50 to 100 times more electrical energy than injection molding to make an item…” [medium.com]

Yesterday I complained about Alien Blue’s obnoxious UX. Today the whole app has switched to ultra-thin Helvetica Neue, eighteen months after the entire internet complained about how unreadable it was in iOS 7’s first betas. The last push I needed to finally delete the app.

Pretty underlines in iOS 8 and Safari 7.1 are so pretty <3

I don’t know which is worse, trusting iTunes to back up and sync your phone, or trusting iCloud. Maybe Dropbox could release a phone OS?

Actually, maybe we should blame Dropbox for all of our iCloud woes. How much better off would we be if they had sold out to Apple?

I enjoy UX design. How did I get tied down with maintaining a social website? I should be launching a different new app every month.

22 September

Hands on the iPhones 6

I waited until today to brave the Apple Store crowds (they’re manageable now if you’re not buying — except for how all batteries are running low by mid-afternoon), and it all went pretty much as I expected:

  • The back of the device doesn’t look nearly as bad in person, just like most iPhone designs of the last four years, at least in space gray (I don’t remember seeing any other color on the tables, but I didn’t look for them either). It’s still inelegant; you can just easily decide to ignore it.

  • Both iPhones look and feel smaller than they really are, because Jony Ive has really become a master at that game.

  • The 6 Plus is a lovely device, and I wish it was right for me, but the main reason I want a bigger iPhone is for a better typing experience: I touch-type with two thumbs in portrait orientation (with both autocorrect and predictive suggestions off, basically because I’m a control freak), and the 6 Plus is too tall and heavy for that — in that setup, you can definitely feel that the center of gravity is pulling the phone away from your hands, which is… dangerous. The 4.7-inch iPhone, on the other hand, is pretty much the goldilocks size for that usage: typing was noticeably easier than on my iPhone 5s, and the weight distribution was fine in my hands.

  • If the next-generation 5.5-incher became more bottom-heavy, I’d probably upgrade. (As a bonus, I’ll have been spared the first-generation woes of stuttering animations, loud vibrator, etc.) It’s pretty unlikely, though, because that would make it awkward to hold in landscape orientation, and the iPad-like landscape mode is one of the 6 Plus’s best features: I quickly checked it out in Mail, and the screen’s big enough that it felt completely usable that way. (I should have experimented more with typing on the 6 Plus with the landscape orientation, but… I just like portrait better. And there will always be portrait-only apps. Cough, Grindr, cough.)

  • I wish I weren’t missing on optical stabilization (which is reportedly worth about two additional f-stops), but it’s not enough to make me deal with the size and heft of the 6 Plus. For me, it’s a breakthrough-internet-device first and camera second. But, with only a 0.2 mm difference in thickness between the two models, I’d really like to know why the hell optical stabilization isn’t available on both. I hope Apple is not arbitrarily restricting features to make you spring for the bigger phone, because that would be quite wrong-headed — the price range should be designed in such a way that they don’t care which iPhone 6 you pick.

  • For the first time since the original iPhone, the flagship phone feels awesome in hand. So, for the first time in four years, I’ll go without a case — at least until my first AppleCare+ incident.

  • The 3.5- or 4-inch keyboard has felt cramped since the very beginning, but oh my god I loathe using it now.

Seriously, this is 2014 and CSS doesn’t have a straightforward way to change the color of a list’s bullets?

23 September

Oh, nice. If you send iCloud’s 2FA verification code by SMS to the phone itself, the setup process accepts it automatically.

Le formulaire de confirmation d’AppleCare+ à renvoyer signé ne contient aucune information identifiante. Je.

Pour transmettre une photo de mon iPhone à mon Mac : aller dans le couloir pour avoir un wifi correct, et l’envoyer en FTP par Transmit \o/

iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 6 low-light photography

iPhone 5s at the top, iPhone 6 at the bottom. iOS 8’s noise reduction is pretty aggressive in both cases, but in equal amounts, it seems to me. The iPhone 6’s lines don’t look noticeably muddier, yet it’s incredible how smooth all the gradients are.

And adding some texture to try and trip up the noise reduction filter (I’m not really a specialist in camera comparisons, so I’ll stop there). 5s at the top, again:


When you take exactly the same photo with every model of iPhone, how do they compare? [snapsnapsnap.photos] [pic.twitter.com]

PSA: Apps that don’t enable the swipe to navigate back are absolutely intolerable on the iPhone 6 — and I don’t even have the 6 Plus.

24 September

Comment Hornet s’est débrouillé pour paumer mon profil à la migration ? Il ne devrait plus pouvoir être lié directement à l’appareil, si ?

1Password’s switch to freemium on iOS worries me. People are so cheap, I don’t see how it can be sustainable.

What’s really inelegant about iOS 8′s brightness slider is the dark overlay coming back. It should just stay off until you dismiss Control Center.


This is probably not as bad as the iTunes installer bug that wiped people’s hard drives, but I don’t think Apple’s going to have a good day

Tous les vendeurs du rayon accessoires débordés, c’est le vigile qui me renseigne puis m’aide à payer sans attente avec l’app. Only Apple.

Like many of Apple’s recent designs, iPhone 6 cases look much better in person. It’s kinda great that they don’t need to optimize their designs for product shots.

I bought a silicone case because I didn’t enjoy the cheap, undignified “clack” every time I set the phone down on my desk.

Holy shit, could Ello be any more hipster?

26 September

Déçu par le clavier Logitech K480. Il fait beaucoup plus toc que le K811, et la fente / dock est trop large pour les iDevices.

30 September

Can’t say quite how much from Colette’s restricted window display, but the ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ definitely looks better in person, as expected.

La déprime, c’est tester un Bowers & Wilkins à 400€ en croyant que c’est celui à 200. Merci la Fnac qui n’étiquette pas les casques en démo.

Good thing I already spent my disposable income for the month on headphones — would’ve been silly to buy a newly discounted Pebble for just six months of use.


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