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1 October 2015

Now, the difficult question: do I trust iCloud enough to put stuff in Notes that I actually care about, and would mind losing?

Not a great feeling buying a $5 update to a Twitter app I only use because I dislike the other options more.

App update rejected because the keyboard extension mentions the IAP required to unlock full functionality.

As usual, looks like a reviewer misunderstanding what the rule means.

2 October


OS X El Capitan shipped, you can now integrate Force Touch Events in your web page on #safari 9! #JavaScript #HTML5 [developer.apple.com]

Since upgrading to El Cap I’m having lots of issues with Safari just failing to load pages. Is it just me? I don’t want to switch to Chrome.

Tweetbot’s text field recomposing for every letter you type because its width is tied to the char counter’s — are you fucking kidding me?

3 October

Is there a difference between arguing a rejection within the Resolution Center, and appealing to the App Review Board? Seems both take 24h.

4 October

To clarify, whenever I complain about this, I’m not talking about day-one iPhone 6s buyers — but people who’ll get a 3D Touch-enabled iPhone in two years (or six months) without knowing anything about it.


Why I’m sitting at home crying on a Saturday afternoon - I have to come clean: I just lied to two people I… [tmblr.co]


Safari View Controller is the “right” way to handle OAuth login, but with Blockers and Cookie Settings it’s failing for many. Tough choice.

What’s the benefit of Safari View Controller in a non-malicious app anyway, when a malicious app could just as well make a fake Safari VC? #LastRT

Every time I go to add a brand new podcast in Pocket Casts, the directory search finds it immediately and it never fails to astound me.

Not a fan at all of the low information density in Apple’s latest page designs, e.g. [developer.apple.com] or [safari-extensions.apple.com]

5 October

I’m finally making progress on rewriting my personal Quicksilver/Alfred clone, which El Capitan finally broke for good.

And you better believe that I’d rather have gotten back to Quicksilver or Alfred, but I tried, and I just can’t.

6 October

Apple a trouvé mon point faible, je suis prêt à tout, retirer ma contestation, devenir développeur Android…

The new Microsoft Band is what Apple would have released if Ive didn’t have a hard-on for gold watches.


Here’s more of the Surface Book pricing. Ranges all the way up to $2,699. Updated post: [zdnet.com] #Windows10devices

What is up with my Hue lights changing one after the other instead of simultaneously, since the latest firmware update?

Just remembered the main reason I wanted my Hue lights in HomeKit was the Watch’s Hey Siri; I don’t have a Watch anymore, problem solved.

7 October

Only way to make users pay for an update is to create a new app, AND removing the obsolete app from sale kills redownloads: AWESOME combo!


Neat! @Moo now has biz cards with NFC. Too bad designers won’t get excited about it until Apple deems NFC cool.



Apple now says “no policy change”, likely a temporary bug (my speculation). [toucharcade.com]

8 October

Wouldn’t it go against the laws of physics for the 16nm iPhone CPU to be that much less power-hungry than the 14nm? We need a lot more data.

I complained for years about the iOS keyboard not changing case, and now that it does the effect’s so subtle I never actually see it.

9 October

It feels like each OS X version makes it a little more difficult to make text clippings. But I like text clippings!

Every single time I click on a photo in Tweetbot for Mac I’m bitten again by 2.1 not letting me move the picture viewer by its contents.

Nice for Marco Arment to have such a fan base that 1) he can afford to go donationware 2) no one complains about how he’s further devaluing apps.

10 October

So have we reached the point where a die shrink doesn’t reduce power consumption anymore? And would that mean the end of [an approximation of] Moore’s Law for mobile CPUs?
It can’t be that the 14nm CPU should be receiving less voltage than the 16nm, and isn’t, can it?

12 October

Once in a while I decide to organize my Mac’s Launchpad a little and oh god its reluctance to putting apps in folders is driving me crazy.

I didn’t think “a call to discuss your appeal to the App Review Board” would amount to “the board upholds the rejection kthxbye.”

WTF, opening and closing quotes look the same in San Francisco?

13 October

In tech reviews, okay, but even Apple’s site talks about the keyboard having “33% more key stability” like that means something to people.

15 October

I have to prototype a new UI for a client and the one really hard part is choosing between Flinto and Principle. (I’m edging toward Flinto.)

16 October

So far I’ve done all the UI prototyping twice — in Flinto and Principle — and I still don’t know which I prefer (both have tiny drawbacks).

Flinto doesn’t auto-connect layers in transitions and needs everything to be images, yet has no option to replace an image in place.

But Principle’s shape and text editing isn’t great anyway, and it doesn’t have the fancy transition editor.

17 October

Yahoo’s password-free sign-in is like two-factor auth without the first factor, which is idiotic because the whole point of the password in two-factor is that a random attacker can’t spam you with sign-in notifications. So that’s another security scheme that fails as soon as someone is actually trying to breach it. (Chances are the system is going to throttle sign-in notifications if someone spams the login form, which will make it harder or outright impossible for you to sign in when you do want to.)

Of course it would work great if your login itself could be secret (like my Apple ID is, for instance), but in this case the login is the very e-mail account whose inbox you’re trying to access.

Yes, passwords sucks. But we’ve been sticking with them because all technologically available alternatives are worse.

Option 1 : iPad Pro

Option 2 : XBox One

Option 3 : PC de gaming

Option 4 : Compte épahahahahoo je me suis fait rire tout seul

18 October

Once you get used to opening a chat app in Slide Over, it becomes really frustrating that you can’t have Slide Over on the home screen.

19 October

20 October

Fuck pro design apps not showing a true “Save As.” I’ve never been so happy for Photoshop not adopting new OS conventions immediately. (Reminder: the “Save As” that appears when you press Alt isn’t a true “Save As” — any changes made before will also appear in the old file.)

21 October

I like how the new iTunes Connect manages to make it a little more inconvenient to wait for a build to be processed.

22 October

Oh, right, of course iTunes Connect wouldn’t be ready to accept an app that requires iOS 9.1 because its functionality is centered around emojis.

If Jack’s apology to developers wasn’t an empty one, it would have been easy to announce the end of the token limit, wouldn’t it?

I had never really stopped to think about the immensity of the Great Redacted of Redacted until tvOS GM.

24 October

Met someone who keeps his phone on vibrate during the day and turns the sound back on at night, because his morning alarm once failed to ring while on vibrate.

This is what happens to regular users when Apple doesn’t triple-check that the basics work from one update to the next — they have to sleep through the sound of their push notifications.

(He also quits his apps after using them, but to be fair our disdain for quitters has long been misguided.)

I keep tripping over the way Pocket’s web interface show the first and last few articles of a long list instead of paging through them.

25 October

Grrr, thanks again, Apple and/or Unicode Consortium

27 October

28 October

Oh! Tarot du Jour for Apple TV has been approved and I totally missed the notification

First-world developer problems: I have to redesign my app’s page to present iPhone and TV versions side-by-side.

Now I have to do the app’s PR and that means I’m ready to offer 90% of total revenue to someone else for doing it in my name.

29 October

I sure hope the Apple TV’s launch strategy includes making-of articles and videos about the screensaver.

I don’t usually have issues with UI motion but scrolling through the tvOS App Store’s hero images is almost making me dizzy.

I absolutely hate navigating the App Store with the Apple TV’s remote. And it demoed so well!

Tab bars changing the screen’s entire contents on the equivalent of a mouseover have to be the worst thing Apple has designed in years.

Best Apple TV game I’ve seen so far is Shadowmatic. Too many iOS games ported with click replacing tap, which doesn’t work because the button’s way too hard. (Props to Rayman Adventures for understanding that you can still recognize taps on the remote’s trackpad.)
And if the most “game” you can have on Apple TV is Shadowmatic… I’m glad I didn’t spend a month developing my idea for a roguelike.

30 October

31 October

“This Is the Giant Machine That Constructs Whole Bridges” [popularmechanics.com] [youtube.com]

Glad that someone made a (barebones) lightsaber game for Apple TV — “Lightblade Academy.” Weird how few Wii-like games there are at launch.

Been grieving for all the Apple TV app/game ideas I had that I’ll never implement because why would an independent dev waste his time there.


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