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1 April 2016


Our entire concept of what a “Car” looks like is predicated on the need for cooling a block of metal trapping exploding dinosaur juice.

How hard can it be to sync timers and alarms between the Watch and iPhone? Give them a UUID so both devices can recognize them, poof, done.

Oh, Apple Developer Program is an automatic renewal now — on a credit card. So many accounts are gonna disappear because the card expired.

2 April

3 April


Next time a vendor screws around on pricing, remind them SpaceX’s website has how much they charge to SEND A SATELLITE INTO SPACE.

4 April

Today’s xkcd unjustly favors people who keep dozens of tabs open at all times. I don’t normally have a browser window always open.

5 April


DayOne or TextExpander content is by nature sensitive. But sure roll your own sync servers, put it behind https and call it “secure”.


I tried explaining Soylent to my mom and she was like, oh you mean Slimfast? I was like yes but now made by and for men, so we call it tech


I’m scping 25gb of data from 1 computer on my network to another so my network is saturated and I can’t turn on my lights. #InternetOfThings

6 April

“Huawei P9 uses dual-lens camera to refocus”

I wanna see that in action. How can it work with one sensor being B&W?

7 April

Why would isFirstPartyHideableApp be necessary for App Store apps when by definition they’re all deletable? Is Apple going to uncouple first-party app updates from OS updates? (That makes sense for Android because OS updates are poorly applied, but not for iOS where Apple pushes updates so aggressively.)

8 April

Mavericks had made it hard enough to see Finder labels; they’re now useless after moving my work folder to Dropbox

La vie serait tellement plus simple si Philips faisait des ampoules Hue en E14, non ?

Can’t believe I had never installed Hearthstone on my iPad Pro. Playing on that 12-inch touchscreen feels so nice. (Even if the visuals aren’t optimized for it.)

11 April

Lytro’s making a 4K movie camera

(Sadly it looks too big for a steadicam, where post-prod focus pulling would be most useful.)

The leaked new Kindle’s battery handhold is a good idea but the rest of the design is damn ugly — which sadly makes the leak feel credible.

Tried using El Cap with full-screen & split view for a while and almost liked it, but the Dock’s reluctance to pop up was driving me insane.

12 April

Because, unless the price goes down another 50% (at least), I’m pretty sure the market is mostly people who already bought the first model.

13 April

14 April


“I love stateless systems”

“Don’t they have drawbacks?”

“Don’t what have drawbacks?”

(credit to deleted @qntm tweet)


I have this theory that using video for learning/tutorials drives away programmers (who think in text) and fast learners (who hate fluff).

What. Did the Apple Pencil really go from 99€ to 109€?

Found a buyer for my 12” iPad Pro. Ostensibly to buy a 9” Pro instead, but it would be redundant with my Mini and I love the Mini so much…

Either way I’ll miss that big, beautiful, stupid, unmanageable 12-inch screen.

Wow, I just sent 50 photos from my iPad to my Mac with AirDrop in the blink of an eye. (AirDrop has been so shitty before, I feel it’s worth pointing out.)

“Apple Is Ending iTunes Allowances, but Why?”

I’d never heard of them, but they do sound like a great idea for everyone involved?

15 April

So many developers had been clamoring “Schiller is preparing an App Store overhaul” as if the outcome was gonna be positive.



Why did this leak?

- is it wrong

- leaked by someone trying to kill it

- intentionally leaked to set expectations

To be clear I don’t care whether it comes to pass or not — if that’s really where their thinking is right now, it just shows how screwed we are.


Some programmers, when confronted with a problem think, ‘I know, I’ll use threads’

and then two they hav erpoblesm.

If it’s MacOS instead of macOS like all the other OSes I’m selling all of my Apple hardware. Gotta know when to put your foot down.

2 birds, 1 stone: Allow unlisted apps with less nitpicky review process. We get freedom, users learn to look for App Store links on the web.

16 April

17 April

Instagram’s blank-search view does better discovery than anything Twitter offers. Is it so much easier for photos or does Twitter just suck?

Engineers, designers, product people in general as CEOs: fad or return to form?

18 April

Why can’t I write </div id=“myid”> and get a warning in the console if it ends up closing a <div id=“anotherid”>? (“XML doesn’t do attributes in closing tags” is not a valid answer.)


Sobering thought that our free Gmail, Gmaps etc. are being (albeit indirectly) subsidised by problem gambling [ow.ly]

19 April

The Watch needs a Wet Mode that uses 3D Touch to distinguish intentional presses from water droplets.

(I’ve been trying to keep my Watch under the shower lately because the NATO strap is too cumbersome to take off and put back on.)

Hrm, I could probably replace my MacBook Pro with a MacBook One, a big Mac Mini and a huge 4K TV for the same price.

Oh but I could stick to my old Mini for desktop use and get a gaming PC with the remainder and oh god I need to offload my MacBook Pro now.


It sounds stupid, but really, the “Store closed” sign worked a hell of a lot better than “The page you’re looking for can’t be found.”


It’s a good thing some people were actually willing to “reinvent the wheel”. [pic.twitter.com]

The article also makes a very good point that Apple must be much more interested in HoloLens-like stuff than full-on VR.


A bash script that moves the given thing into the Trash. I use it instead of `rm -rf` [gist.github.com]

21 April


Question about preferred size of a #Scrum team made me visualize this today: “Why BIG teams fail!!1!” :) #agile [pic.twitter.com]


Idly wondering how MacOS X would look if they brought back 10.0-style Aqua on today’s Retina screens.

Admit it, it’d probably look awesome!

22 April

Is there a sane workflow for using my iPad Pro to quickly annotate an image that’s on my Mac? Can’t seem to find one and that’s ridiculous.

Ended up doing the annotation on a white background in Adobe Sketch and sending it to Photoshop for compositing. Because the future is bullshit.

24 April

25 April


Comparing Apple Watch and iPhone’s first years as a defense for Apple Watch doesn’t work. Everyone loved their iPhones.


Will my watch turn on when I look at it? Will Siri get me? Will 3D touching this do anything? Every new Apple interaction is a minefield. 🤔

26 April

27 April

Thank you Philips for giving me a choice; doing IoT mostly right

28 April

The new Philips Hue app clearly shows a change of focus away from color bulbs. I’ll be pissed off if/when they stop updating the old app.

Just found out that the text clipping I’d created a month ago by dragging a sentence out of Mail was truncated after a few words \o/


I’ve analyzed the Silicon Valley Bot Startup trend and created a handy venn diagram to help explain it. [pic.twitter.com]

29 April


All of my “technical” designer friends have gotten into VR development in the last few months. All of them!

I keep forgetting about El Cap’s Split View and now I’ve just changed my life by having iTunes and Spotify share the same full-screen view.


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