Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

1 September 2016


As app developers, think about including a sticker bundle with your download. A great way to get new customers and keep existing ones loyal.


Given new title limits, Apple should add a new ‘subtitle’ field to let devs provide some marketing copy that appears in search results.

2 September

“Yay, there are several

libraries just for tha… oh, Google understood SceneKit as a synonym to SpriteKit again.”

We know confirmation prompts don’t work; what if iOS apps widely adopted Destiny’s hold the button to confirm a destructive operation?

3 September

“RT to be reminded” is a cute trick — though you’d probably have to negotiate in advance an API rate limit exemption


ICYMI: You can now use the full range of emoji to spice up your name and bio on your Twitter profile! 📝 🙌

Oh, not only can you put

any emoji in your Twitter bio now, but the website’s been updated to support the latest ones \o/ 🏳️‍🌈

Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger still doesn’t even recognize the eyeroll emoji.

Xcode beta doesn’t know how to install and run an iMessage extension anymore so that’s gonna make development a bit complicated.

Also why am I bothering to do an iMessage extension for an existing app if that checkbox is gonna be off by default

I kinda wish you could use Slide Over on iPhone and I can’t quite decide if that would be silly or functional.

Of course the current implementation of Slide Over’s application picker is bad enough that I have to lean a bit more toward ‘useless.’

“Connect to Facebook to improve Instagram’s ‘Discover People’ suggestions.”

(re-)connects to FB

“Here are all the brands you like!”

5 September

Si vous voulez raconter votre vie vous êtes censés essayer un minimum d’être drôles ಠ_ಠ


Here’s another great piece of camera operation, from THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM.



I’ve been thinking a lot about the evolving realities of indie development, so I graphed my own path from paid->ads [david-smith.org]

6 September

My app started out as a (simple) SceneKit and ended with just two UIImageViews. I’m feeling a little bit defeated.

First time trying to sketch a UI in Paper since selling my iPad Pro and Pencil. I’m going to cry / throw up / throw my iPad out the window.

Ca n’est venu à l’idée de personne de faire un brassard porte-téléphone-et-cartes qui ne soit pas hideux, pour être mettable au quotidien ?

7 September


I disagree with 5/8ths of Apple’s “principles” for App Store apps. Ugh, ugh, and more ugh. [developer.apple.com] [pic.twitter.com]


Really, what I want from my 14.75 million pixel iMac is to have it display just one app. And to not let me save stuff where I want.

Did they accidentally post a Monday?


So Nintendo’s created Mariobalt? I hope it’s more than what’s being shown. Rayman on iOS showcased how smart one-thumb platformers could be.

I guess GPS on the Watch does have value if it means sparing the iPhone’s battery during a Pokémon walk.

There’s never gonna be Watch faces for sale as long as Apple has prominent partnerships with just a custom band and face.

I hope the Maps redesign in iOS 10 is an indicator of a widespread UX overhaul in iOS 11 putting all controls at the bottom.

Dammit, I did not want to want an iPhone 7, but the new camera looks great. And I’m not even talking about the dual-camera system, because I don’t want to carry a Plus around — but I’d love to have that 56mm-equivalent lens.

I’d been wondering why/how so many people posted “boomerangs” to Instagram Stories. Had no idea it was a Live Photo thing.

I can’t wait to find out how bad the AirPods sound for the price. I mean in reviews, not on my head.


Can we all agree to call them CouragePods?

Now that the Watch is officially swim-proof, will we finally be able to disable the touchscreen and avoid waterdrop taps?

8 September

Wouldn’t it have been better to introduce the AirPods a full year before removing the headphone jack? Start by promoting wireless?

MacBook trackpad moves independently from computer; haptic Home button can’t, so haptic feedback is limited in what it can do. I’m sure we’ll get used to it. #lastRT


Hate the headphone jack? Upgrade your existing iPhone with the Apple Plug [appleplugs.com]

9 September

Just reached the part of my timeline backlog where everyone preorders a $1,000 iPhone 😥 I’m a completionist but I might skip a few hours.

Could we please not call the iPhone 7 Plus’s fifty-something-millimeter lens “telephoto”?

So that’s two small apps waiting for review. Do I spend my weekend making the third, slightly bigger idea I had?


Now that the iPhone 7 is glossy the year long ban on gloss in icons has been lifted! Designers assemble! Commence operation gloss comeback!

10 September

Didn’t love “Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine” but it’s full of so much old footage 😢

I think it would only be fair for Reddit to display when the person you replied to downvotes you.

11 September

Your app(iOS) status is Pending an Apple Release.

My second iOS 10 app was approved at 11pm local on a Saturday.

My dream is to become known enough as a dev that it wouldn’t be a waste of time to give in to my urge to make Yet Another Grocery List App.

Apple puts the S2 chip in the old body for Series 1 yet no one mentioned the possibility / complained about the impossibility to get an old Watch upgraded? (Say, an Edition, or even an expensive Steel.) That was the whole debate a year ago!

Maybe I’ll take my iPhone 6 out of its case and hope I break it.

12 September

I just discovered this ‘Undo’ button. By instantly losing what I had typed.

Isn’t it odd that two years later no one’s done this on iOS? Using the camera in video mode to get the data, you should be able to get a nice 4K photo on iPhone 6s.


The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy

13 September

I “Reset All Settings” on my iPhone (battery is acting up, last hope). First consequence: an unholy swarm of alert views when it reboots.

Second consequence: My text substitution shortcuts on my Mac returned to a previous, weeks-old version. iCloud is truly… miraculous.


Why paid Apps don’t update very often. Revenue down 68% the day after an update due to reviews reset.

@appfigures [pic.twitter.com]

Left my iPhone off all night (to meditate about its battery). Turned in on today. All text substitutions on my Mac disappeared altogether 😡

Some iOS 10 apps are out, some are “Pending Apple release” while blogs are browsing the App Store. Still not as bad as tvOS launch I guess.

Turns out when you Reset All Settings it resets the backup too. And then this happens.

iTunes is still backing it up anyway though, so god only knows what’s gonna happen with that.

Ah, crap, I should update Uniconsole then… someday


ios 10 is out. you update your software the same way you always have. don’t need a blog post about it.


H: I’ll probably wait until it bugs me to install it

M: Noooo install it now so I can send you stickers

H: Hmm, you raise a good point


What’s so great about bricking your primary phone is that now none of your 2FA logins work. So can’t deploy code or trade stocks 😄✌️


Don’t worry if iOS 10 just bricked your iPhone and you don’t have a Mac to set it straight. A Genius appointment is available on November 13

So when I said the iMessage App Store launch wasn’t as bad as tvOS I didn’t think iOS 10 would end up as the update nobody dared to install.

The 8-ball was originally a SceneKit view that responded to physical shaking but that triggered the text field’s goddamn undo 😠


People won’t spend $2 for a great app, but will buy 10 $2 Disney-owned sticker packs.

Psychology is maddening.

Every year I try again. Every year they make me hate them.

I’m setting up my iPhone from a fresh iOS image but the App Store’s auth is overloaded so any app that checks its receipt refuses to run.

It would be so cool if iOS 11 made iMessage extensions compatible with any chat app that wants them. But that’s not the Apple way, is it.

14 September

Not sure if it’s a bug or an annoying intentional change that Watch notifications (sometimes?) stay stuck on screen if I don’t act on them.

Starting over from a blank iOS does seem to cure my battery issues. How can an iPhone’s backup include information that fucks up battery management?

And imagine if the only solution to MacBook trouble was to reformat and abandon any file that wasn’t stored in the cloud.

If this were a Mac I’d be able to find iMessage’s App Support folder in the backup and transfer all my old texts to the new install in five seconds 😡

15 September


Point: we trust Google with far too much of our email. Counterpoint: Google may be the only organization able to secure our email


Why can’t more equipment have a “Don’t care” key? [pic.twitter.com]

Who would have believed that, in 2016, I’d be thinking “I wish I had stuck to web development, there’d be fewer compatibility issues.”


Leaked Apple emails reveal employees’ complaints about sexist, toxic work environment [mic.com]

Since Apple have said they aren’t gonna license the W1 chip — how about releasing a standalone Bluetooth receiver and battery?

It wouldn’t take anything away from AirPod and Beats because most people would prefer to go full-wireless, but it would satisfy audiophiles clinging to their expensive headphones.


My first Sticker Pack for iMessages on iOS 10 is now available! Grammar Snob #grammared

[appsto.re] [pic.twitter.com]

The iTunes Connect app’s notifications are silent therefore the Watch just displays them without tapping. That makes sense.

16 September

Logging into Slack: iOS adds a couple steps too many to the process but this is beautiful UX

17 September

A freemium vector drawing app smartly retooled to emphasize custom sticker creation

It works great for free, and syncs to iCloud so you can create stickers on iPad and use them on iPhone.

18 September


Apparently when I click the home button to exit an app, I do it with my fingernail. Not something I ever realized until it no longer works 😐


Now this is what I call a Lightning dongle: USB charging, headphones, L/R line out and MIDI in. [pic.twitter.com]

iOS 10 remembering your scroll position in Today view completely defeats the point of putting the most important information at the top 😕

And it probably makes sense because most people didn’t organize their widgets, but it makes the view significantly less useful for power users. Well, I guess that’s iOS for you.


Free killer iPhone 7 accessory idea: external battery with headphone jack

Can’t believe I’ve had this MacBook Pro for two and a half years already. That makes it perfectly reasonable to buy a big new PC for VR!

I mean ideally I should wait for the October keynote because you never know but, come on, as if.

I get how that makes sense to get the best possible picture, but as a photography enthusiast I’d rather they just disabled the 2x setting.

19 September

No joke, every social app should have this. (And also an option to replace a user’s avatar while we’re at it.)


Something happened in my brain. Now I look at these cursors and think “Nail, slot screw, Phillips screw”. [pic.twitter.com]

So I guess the App Review team is recuperating from its GM-week overtime? (I mean, fair enough.)


iPhone 7’s 25% brighter display only reaches max brightness w/ ‘Auto-Brightness’ enabled [9to5mac.com] [pic.twitter.com]

I’ve been hating all summer on iOS 10’s taller widgets, but I really like how my redesign came out.

20 September


macOS Sierra is out today. If you plan to install, back-up your Mac first, preferably cloning the entire drive. Better safe than ARGH NOOOOO


If you don’t use a cloning tool, SuperDuper! and Carbon Copy Cloner are both fab. I use SuperDuper! daily on my main works Mac.

Are people downloading it by mistake? Last-minute upgrading before Sierra? Or is the App Store really that dead?

Okay let’s be reasonable and not rush to install Sier—oops.

I’m only downloading Sierra, not even installing it yet 😨

21 September

I’m trying Safari again, as you do after any OS update, and I forgot how nice it is to have smooth scrolling.

Every OS update I try Safari again but don’t remember why I switched to Chrome and what to look for. This time I swear I’ll make a list.

I tried an iPhone 7 for five minutes in an Apple Store and I’m now completely disgusted with my old physical Home button.

On the other hand I absolutely cannot understand the enthusiasm for the OS haptics ¯\(ツ)

Young guy at the Apple Store table seemed obsessed with Jet Black but dejected that it didn’t broadcast “I have an iPhone!” like White.

Sorry I didn’t have the presence of mind to point out that it would be the ultimate status symbol within weeks.

Oh yeah I forgot to say that the glossy iPhone is a gorgeous object, but everyone already knew that. Worth the fingerprints after all.


In a world where most photos end up on Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram, the faux-bokeh effect on the 7 Plus is as believable as most DSLR pics


The one thing Siri on iOS is reliable for, Siri on Mac can’t do. [pic.twitter.com]

Safari opening new tabs in the tab bar then not switching to them until the content has loaded, that’s new, right?

It sucks.

And I completely understand why someone would think it’s a good idea not to switch immediately to an empty tab.

But it’s not.

My Drobo is dead, I’ve screwed up my iPhone backups and the world is dark and hostile.

Also I’m getting one support e-mail per fifty $1 app sold and I don’t think that’s sustainable.

22 September

I’ve enabled Apple’s new 2FA and it keeps asking me codes and I’m super nervous about they day it fucks up and I’m locked out of everything.


Swift Playgrounds on iPad can control robots using Bluetooth. How cool is that?! Here’s a sample to get you started: https://t.co/2ybOysmbAO

You understood perfectly what I want and you know what time it is 🙄

I don’t give a fuck about the iPhone 7 anymore.

23 September

I like Google Assistant’s tone better than Siri’s. But I’m a misanthropic nerd so maybe Apple is right not to cater to me.


EXCLUSIVE: Silicon Valley billionaire Palmer Luckey secretly funds group dedicated to posting anti-Clinton memes:… https://t.co/auzEWFtG7b

Sierra opens the “Do you really want to change your default browser?” confirmation popup behind the active window — if not all windows ಠ_ಠ

Gave up on Safari because it has terrible performance with multiple tabs and with YouTube.

So now I’m… checking out Firefox 😳

I just super-liked someone on Tinder when I meant to scroll down on their profile. Goddamn UI traps.

Hoping the “app extension issues” iOS 10.0.2 fixes include that user who left a 1-star review because the widget didn’t appear in the list.

24 September

Not that I would be caught dead wearing those things but I’d love it if they started a round-video fad.


We may be seeing Snap’s eventual IPO narrative here. A great IPO often has an easy to understand, yet intriguing st… https://t.co/kXu0yLlZr2

25 September

Hope the Spectacles come out soon because I’m really tempted to make a circular video capture + player app and that’d be a huge waste of my time.

The Watch’s stupid aggregate notifications aren’t very compatible with Google Assistant’s conversational style

‘Hey Siri’ worked great during the watchOS beta but fails half the time since release.

I think I need to create a @garoo_complains account.

There must be a way to remove an account from Tweetbot on iOS but I can’t find it ¯\(ツ)

You didn’t have to… but you could have.

26 September

Bought a renowned iOS productivity app after someone I trust wrote a long post about how awesome it is.

The UI looks like it was designed for Palm Pilot.


Um… at least I know I’ll never hear songs like that one I liked again. [pic.twitter.com]


So… Twitter is pretty much the one use case where it makes sense to ask “Can the blockchain save us?” right?

Honestly I’m rather curious to see what happens after Twitter implodes. Do we, as a society, step back or double down?


oh my god Amazon’s audio captchas are COMPLEATELY MENTAL [pic.twitter.com]

27 September

Why do Spotify’s song radios always end after a few hours? (It’s always better than Apple Music’s, which just refused to start, but still.)


“New VR Dev Kit From Occipital Turns iPhone Into Room-Scale VR” [uploadvr.com] /via @saniul

28 September


I guess it’s pretty convenient that the best way out of this faux-pas was to delete my account.

There’s something to be said for external power supplies you can easily replace when they crap out. In other news, my old Drobo is alive \o/

Asking Siri “Show me photos of dogs” should default to a web search, not launch Photos unless you said “my dog” or “my photos.”

I deleted a folder while I was moving to another drive a file it contained, in Sierra

El Capitan’s related regression was that you couldn’t change the labels on a file while copying it (more of an edge case, I’ll admit)

I guess in the next version of macOS they might as well replace the Finder with Windows’ File Explorer.

And I have no idea how the filters manage to be so slow on an iPhone 6. Is the old OpenGL API running through an emulator or something?


“OVH noyé par une attaque Ddos sans précédent” [zdnet.fr]

Wanna bet there isn’t gonna be another Instagram update until after I’ve gotten used to the placeholder icon?

29 September


Modern spies find it hard to go undercover because their aliases don’t have detailed Facebook accounts. https://t.co/CxaX0SaAJQ https://t.co/W6XEYNPDLO

30 September


Neural nets are fascinating ways to solve computing problems with magic algorithms humans may never be able to grok https://t.co/sfuHS0UhPw


I have no idea what happens to computing when nobody on earth actually understands the algorithms being used to generate results 😶


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