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1 October 2016

2 October

There’s this weather app idea I’ve wanted to do for years, but I don’t understand how developers can afford to release pay-once weather apps


France: A New Card Is Being Rolled Out With CVV That Changes Every Hour [bit.ly] #payments #MotionCode https://t.co/Fl63HGMsyB

Adieu, l’achat 1-click sur Amazon.

Editing my app’s list of emojis in TextEdit because it consistently makes Xcode crash.

Okay, that was dumb, now there are curly quotes in the middle of my code.

Golfers don’t have skin tones ಠ_ಠ

How the hell do iOS 10’s feminized emojis work? [stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@”🏿”] works fine on the men, not on the women 😠

3 October


Watch @hypevr’s Impressive Volumetric 360 3D Video In Action @VirtualTedS [ow.ly] [pic.twitter.com]

Spent two hours implementing user-requested half-star ratings in my app to find out that a half-star rating set on iOS doesn’t stick.


I bet any amount of money that those guys trying to break us out of the simulation fiddled with the wrong registers and gave us Trump

4 October

Downloading an open-source Swift project that hasn’t been updated in all of three months and therefore not being able to compile it.

Ca semble se confirmer, la batterie de mon iPhone marche normalement tant que je ne lance pas Pokémon Go. Impossible de le revendre, donc.


What the hell is going on at @Dropbox these days? The Mac client developers have lost all respect for the platform.


I should try switching my paid subscription to Box but I’d still need to keep Dropbox installed for 1Password and a couple other apps 😕


On the real though, Google going at Apple head to head like this is going to be awesome for people who like either OS. Competition FTW.


Designing multiple Google Home devices to work together is a genuine improvement over the Echo.


So Google’s move is to make the same hardware as everyone else and bet that it does AI better than anyone.

It’s gonna work

The big question is whether the general public ever cares about Apple’s emphasis on privacy. (Which is unlikely.) #lastRT


Google, meanwhile: “hey all, put our always-on microphones in your house!” [twitter.com]

So does Samsung abandon Android now? Can you launch a completely new smartphone OS in 2017?

Is it my particular echo chamber or does the internet as a whole not give a shit if the Pixel’s camera is as good as Google says it is?

5 October

The next frontier with digital assistants will be to recognize hesitations & corrections so you don’t have to mentally draft your query in advance.

Sierra has decided I should speak British English and I don’t think I can tell it otherwise without losing French spellcheck.

Also interesting: the headset is mostly made of fabric, not just covered with it. If only Google had brought the same care to its phone’s design.

6 October

Thinking about a distributed alternative to Twitter: maybe you can’t blockchain the tweets, but just the global user directory?

Chrome regularly sends the wrong tab’s URL to Handoff. As if it wasn’t random enough whether Continuity is gonna work or not.


Here’s Zuck’s VR selfie - combining an avatar, 360 video and FB Messenger video call #oc3 [facebook.com] https://t.co/VIYjdbexhq


apple has to reverse this kapeli decision or people are going to start using review manipulation to take out competitors.


It’s quite scary that it’s apparently as easy as buying paid reviews for a competitor’s app to get them out of the App Store. #NotRight

7 October


So Apple’s not budging on this – Schiller’s not budging on this. They want us to trust Apple. Which, frankly, is asking quite a lot.


The year is 2016. The first Turing Test was passed by a robot built to engage trolls in eternal combat https://t.co/12LeENHItb


Why is Snapchat engagement going nuts? No public replies to your content appear. People are tired of getting destroyed online everyday. https://t.co/4rtAw7tbGu

8 October

Did Feedly forget my sort order preference for every single folder because they were so proud of the new choice they added?


9 October

10 October

11 October


If Apple didn’t contact the Dash guy on both accounts before nuking them, that’s a big problem.


I don’t think Apple sees their relationship with developers as a partnership, but most developers do, and all developers should.

12 October


“My house has a working total home automation system including touchscreen….. from 1985” [imgur.com]

13 October

Whoa, icon labels? Is Snapchat about to give up on bad UX?

The iPhone could do the same for all I know (though I don’t remember Apple ever bragging about single-shot HDR?) but the technique’s interesting anyway.

14 October

Trying to figure out why my site screws up the names of uploaded files and oh my god are you kidding me

17 October

18 October

19 October

That kind of bullshit could very well be the end of Amazon for electronics and computer sales.


The macOS crash report is a document based app? 🙃 [pic.twitter.com]


Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface: Impressive tech demo from @IshikawaLab https://t.co/GQBnJRaELy https://t.co/REx52ex8Lv

21 October

This could’ve been a chance to find out whether our annus horribilis was better or worse without Twitter. But not with PSN being down too 😨

22 October


“It’s remarkable that virtually an entire co’s product line has been turned into a botnet that is attacking the US.” https://t.co/5ldYnGZPXn

23 October


Apple’s built Game Center, which has been terrible since the beginning and somehow got worse.


Apple built Metal into macOS but I still can’t play Overwatch on my year-old MacBook Pro, and it can barely run XCOM 2.


Apple positioned the Apple TV as a gaming console but required Siri remote control at launch and didn’t pack in a gamepad so no games sold.


Those are three pretty significant failures in gaming since iOS was released, and they all took a significant amount of effort to implement.


So maybe it’s not Apple isn’t interested, but they fundamentally don’t understand gaming and iOS games have been successful despite them.

24 October


If you ask leading AI people about perpetuating implicit bias, they appear not to be able to comprehend the question https://t.co/sMe7Cn3xU4 https://t.co/Cp3LpI6rmd

Mac mini’s major GPU glitches appeared a couple days ago, and just disappeared with 10.12.1.

I suspected / hoped it was software but this is too good to be true.

25 October

There’s a good chance that the Watch’s redeeming feature, fitness tracking, was pushed by Cook himself, for instance.


Upgrade to iOS 10.1 right now. It fixes a remote code execution vulnerability that’s exploited by getting you to open a malicious JPEG. https://t.co/VpY7fpJlyP


If you’re running Mac OS X Sierra, upgrade to the 10.12.1 now. It’s vulnerable too [support.apple.com] https://t.co/GpmS8Nl6j5

People are complaining about the iOS update asking for their passwords, but neither of my devices did. Have I gotten a fake update?


Whitespace, whether in the form of an opening bracket line or a blank line after a method declaration makes code more readable. Period.


This isn’t an opinion. It’s design. Same reason paraph headers have a bigger padding between them than the lines in the paragraph.

I’ll get my complaint in early: the completely invisible Touch ID sensor (slash power button, presumably) is, once more, design over UX.


The Escape key is a relic of the Patriarchy. Why would I ever want to escape Apple? Apple is Mother, Apple is Father.

Also this better be a shitty mockup from an intern because everything’s off-center vertically, in addition to the odd margin on ‘Cancel’.

I was wondering how unreliable the touch bar would be in Boot Camp, but if it is powered by its own CPU it could pretend to be a keyboard.


I’m a little nervous about the availability of a key which is in command-option-escape being software-controlled. #Rumors

26 October

The “Move selected messages to Junk” icon is an odd thing to change in a .1 release but nice timing—started using it recently and it sucked.

I don’t know how useful it can be in real (adult) life but would you believe that Microsoft Paint 3D is legitimately cool.


Twitter’s “What’s happening?” prompt sounds more and more frantic as the year progresses.

I was making the argument to a friend yesterday that good old productivity apps were gonna move to 3D and VR (more significantly than this).

Did they really announce $300 VR headsets (sans positional tracking I assume) in ten seconds and move on?

Note that Microsoft already has ready-to-use inside-out positional tracking algorithms, with HoloLens.

Funny how the new Surface Book is thicker in the middle, but keeps the appearance of a gap on the sides.

Surface Studio very smartly and efficiently aimed at the creative professionals who are more and more disappointed with Apple.

Microsoft showing Apple a thing or two about making a desirable computer. Damn.


Apple’s response for creative professionals: “No more pesky function keys!”


Microsoft bringing a comic creator on stage is also really fucking smart.

Google, going for the iPhone’s jugular, cloned a 3-year-old design. Microsoft, going after the Mac, makes every creative’s dream computer 😮


Preparing for the demise of the Escape key…10.12 vs 10.12.1. [pic.twitter.com]

I’d complain that people won’t know how to remove you from a needless group reply but they never did anyway.

A double-digit percentage of Google Assistant’s daily fun facts arrive in the wrong order

Instagram Stories still doesn’t remember your choice of brush and ink. It’s not like people make wildly different art from day to day.

27 October

Deleting my Twitter until each and everyone of you has posted or retweeted their own different yet identical “Apple lost its AirPods” joke.


a quick thought about Twitter killing Vine: i think you can look to this statement by Twitter early this month (which was overlooked!) https://t.co/X5lZ0ZQ1Ya


They always say “the best iPhone ever made” — not “the best iOS ever made” 🤔


Touch Bar might end up being really cool, but we’ll have to see in practice. Seems weird to constantly look down at your keyboard.


I’d have thought all you grumpy old-school ppl would like that fact that you can keep your hands on the keyboard instead of using the mouse.


Apple’s vision of touch on a Mac is to add the benefits of touch closer to where you fingers actually are when you work.


Okay, the customizable control strip and instant user switching with Touch ID are cool. (The latter is long overdue on iPad.)


the switch to USB C is gonna hurt, but i’m glad apple’s doing it, otherwise we’ll never get there [pic.twitter.com]


Apple: “You can stop looking at your art and drag your finger across a tiny screen to change colors.”

Microsoft: https://t.co/XCYExgQpO8


Why didn’t they make that Touch Bar the same height as the keys? Looks like plenty of space.

Some of the Touch Bar demos were cool, but they all showed stuff that would be a million times more useful if the touch-sensitive area was, like, you know, an entire screen.

“So we’ve got a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and a 13-inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar expressly designed to cannibalize the MacBook Air which still exists.” NOTHING ABOUT THIS MAKES SENSE.

My next computer purchase was always gonna be a VR/gaming PC but tonight for the first time that thought just makes me glad.

Well, not ‘glad’.


I don’t think it’s fair that ESC got swept out with the rest of the Function Keys. It doesn’t pass the same test for low use as others.

Assuming I find a decent text editor, the app I’d miss the most on Windows is Tweetbot. And Twitter’s not a good reason for anything.


There are no or rose gold MacBook Pros so Apple can roll them out next year to fill time in the event where they don’t update the Mac Pro.


MagSafe was a top-ten Apple-at-its-best invention for me. A huge, tiny thing that you immediately couldn’t imagine living without. RIP.

28 October


I get the frustrations with cable replacement and dongles. I really do. On the other hand, I’m glad we’re not still using ADB and SCSI.


I knew I’d seen Apple’s Touch Bar somewhere before… [youtube.com]

I know search is complicated but it took me a whole hour of wanting to kill myself before I found this post and that’s a little too long.


And there you have it. Apple’s T1 chip runs an iOS (technically watchOS for armv7k) variant [twitter.com]


A surprise (to me): the Touch Bar supports Wide Color. I wonder if that’s just a pro thing, or if we’ll see it on the next Apple Watch?

I mean, yes, make the box smaller for most people who don’t need the extension, sure — but $19!?



“Microsoft is out innovating Apple”

“Buying a Studio?”



“These MacBooks are meh”

“Buying one?”

“Hell Yes”


When Medium shuts down we’re gonna lose SO many posts about other startups shutting down

Wait, did Apple price the MacBook line up and kill the 11” Air so people would be forced to consider the iPad instead? 😨

The profit margin must be higher on an iPad than a MacBook Air, right?

Taking a shower with my locked Watch (I suppose this is new to watchOS 3.1)

29 October

On this week’s Gadget Lab David Pierce mentions that, while demoing the new MacBook Pro, he tapped an icon on the Touch Bar that triggered a menu to appear on screen, and he naturally when to touch and select an option — twice before realizing his error. To which the Apple rep laughed and said “don’t worry, everyone did this” without realizing how damning her remark was from a UX design perspective. (In her defense, neither did Pierce, since he doesn’t mention it in his writeup.)

As others have said, the Touch Bar is probably the most definitive evidence that Apple does not intend to make touch-screens Macs in the foreseeable future. So it’s pretty funny that real-world user experience with the Touch Bar may well be what pushes to Apple to relent and add a touch-screen to the next MacBook. (In whichever decade “the next MacBook” might be launched.)

Even if you still use the keyboard and trackpad for most things, it’s becoming more and more absurd for any device to have a screen you can not interact directly with. Look at how the next Nintendo console reportedly has a touch-screen even though it wasn’t demonstrated at all in the reveal video and the screen will be hidden inside a dock during half of its operation.


Enhance a low resolution image using a deep neural net with a simple command: “python3 enhance.py image.png” https://t.co/Qy1DLyQEI8


Tried this out, wow! Down-sampled a photo of my cute kid to 250x167px, ran it through the neural net and 15 seconds later… https://t.co/EIqiHBZ84D


Incidentally one of the primary reasons I touch the screen on a hybrid Windows tablet in ‘desktop’ use https://t.co/P96BGOIACh

30 October

I keep wondering whether The 7 Plus’s fake bokeh will durably lower the bar for what is acceptable photoshopping or we’ll grow out of it.

I feel like I should be past the point of making up completely unsubstantiated theories to excuse Apple but, considering how absurd it is for an all-Thunderbolt 3 new ‘Pro’ laptop not to be launched alongside a dock with external GPU, one could start to wonder — what if the reason the keynote happened so late in October, and the reason it was so long and boring, was that they were ironing the last kinks in an external GPU system, and eventually had to postpone its launch?

No, I don’t know why I do this to myself. And it’s fun to dream anyway since I couldn’t afford a new MacBook Pro if I wanted one.


Apple is tuning the tradeoffs to casual consumers across its entire product line, leaving pros out in the cold. https://t.co/830wrpOpiO

31 October

Was thinking about what I’d miss if I switched to a mid-range Android phone (I don’t use my iPhone much) and oh right I also have the Watch.


Does Twitter really have no vetting for promoted tweets? This is a straight up phishing attempt. @Support #InfoSec https://t.co/EaVhnXwb3K


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