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1 December 2016

It’s fun but I have a really hard time stopping myself from turning the phone to see around me as in a 360-degree video.

2 December

Remember when Twitter was repositioning itself as a news app just a few months ago? I guess that’s out the window now? (Thank god.)

To be fair, once your product has contributed to the #1 world power becoming a banana republic, I can see how you’ll definitely wanna change into this:



Terrifying Nicolas Cage face swap paper: [arxiv.org] [pic.twitter.com]

3 December

I’m pretty sure Windows 10 keeps forgetting my mouse speed setting.

5 December

Please enjoy this retrospective of every alarm you’ve ever set for any reason

Apple’s warranty extension doesn’t cover the iPhone 6 so this is my life now


Internet: “Check out Amazon Go! It eliminates cashiers.”

Me, thinking: We need to start talking about guaranteed minimum income YESTERDAY.

7 December

8 December

I never notice when I receive messages on Steam. Had to scroll through three screens of this before reaching the actual message.


Idea: deterministically convert key fingerprints to faces to take advantage of our innate ability to recognise faces; modulo the faceblind.

9 December

Friends don’t let friends have multiple Twitter accounts #fuckingmess

Good thing iPhone & Watch timers don’t communicate as there’s no conceivable way I could keep track of 2 things simultaneously on 1 device.


Samsung: deactivates dangerously faulty device, saving injuries / lives

Twitter: what this shows is that I don’t have property rights

I’m really itching to find an application for Chernoff faces but my main project is a dating site and I can hardly go and add extra, synthetic faces to the profiles.

11 December


Going through old papers my dad gave me, I found his map of the internet as of May 1973.

The entire internet. https://t.co/0krvYoRGav


retweet if your first IDE was blue [pic.twitter.com]


This may be the best app I’ve ever built [pic.twitter.com]

12 December

“Maybe it’s time I start buying the couple comics I read… oh, Comixology is an Amazon company, the app doesn’t have a Buy button. I tried.”


I don’t care for `if (CONST == $var)`-style conditions, but I just discovered they’re called Yoda Conditions and now I am completely torn.

Comixology doesn’t accept Amazon Payments from accounts outside the U.S. Oh well. I tried, twice.

13 December

How am I supposed to update Uniconsole with the new emoji if Apple doesn’t release macOS 10.12.2?


Before you grant Uber that “Always” Location Permission…

[revealnews.org] via @daringfireball [pic.twitter.com]


TIL Apple actually ships two different types of USB-C charging cables. Hope the margins are worth it…

https://t.co/M9GLaCI4lf https://t.co/hcNEVp8jSK

I should wait and see if the macOS update breaks people’s computers but it’s got new emoji!

Also I basically haven’t been able to work since November 8 so whatever.

Is there something I can do so Tweetbot for Mac will stop opening videos in thumbnail-sized windows?

14 December


People download iMessage apps from the main App Store and have no idea how to access them. This is 100% on Apple. https://t.co/p70PrRA1Rg

tap What, no tap Huh? tap Wait, this isn’t “Lock Watch” tap Where the fuck did the “Lock Watch” button go? And who needs quick access to AirPlay in their Control Center?!

Wait, the Touch Bar’s emoji list doesn’t scroll?

Funny that Trump can’t bring himself to boycott the service. Or that Evan Spiegel wasn’t invited despite the debate-day filter on Snapchat.

15 December

I thought 10.2.2′s “Notification Center remembers which pane you used last” would suck, then I forgot about it, and turns out it sucks.

16 December

That’s a fucked-up way to handle a download queue #UPlay

17 December

Of all the crap Windows does I can’t get over launching an app and nothing visible happens for thirty seconds, even in the task bar.


Good UI detail: in Cocoa menus the keyboard shortcuts are not right-justified; they are aligned by ⌘. [pic.twitter.com]

19 December


“the problems Nintendo is encountering are Apple’s fault, and they are faults…many of us have been pointing out for years” ― @StratecheryMO https://t.co/AmR5LhBGP3

20 December


Starcraft artist is helping design an actual manned mech. [eurogamer.net] [pic.twitter.com]


On this day 20 years ago, Apple announced it was going to buy NeXT (and with it Steve Jobs) for $400M. Greatest deal ever made?

21 December

22 December

We must revoke the internet privileges of anyone who misuses ‘gaslight’ before it’s too late and we lose this beautiful word.

Made the mistake of tapping “Update All” so any app I wanna use is unavailable now — and it doesn’t look like anything’s actually downloading either.

So now I’m cancelling and restarting each individual update manually, as I should have done from the start, I guess. There are only 38 🤷‍♂️


I really like AirPods, but their audio latency is pretty disappointing. I wrote up some tests here: https://t.co/BIgomcD1jM

23 December


Story in the guardian about using machine learning to process bat communications — shit, but that might actually work

Sadly, updating Uniconsole to include the new emoji wasn’t one of those things where putting it off for a week is worse than doing it 🤦🏻‍♂️🔫

25 December


During those final 23 minutes, when the missiles are in the air, Twitter will be insufferable.

Come on, Backblaze, you’re better than this

26 December

What the… is it specifically 10.12.2 that changed the sorting of icon-view-with-label-on-right Finder windows from vertical to horizontal?

Surely I’d have noticed if the change had been in 10.12.0? I’m looking at my folders, feeling like I’m going crazy.

I hate that goddamn autoplaying video on YouTube profiles.

27 December


I never liked Clarkson but found the show entertaining. Homophobia isn’t entertaining. Not paying £80 a year for a blasé attitude to bigotry https://t.co/wfXkOn2d19

The Snap Spectacles dispenser looked cute at Venice Beach but I can’t believe how dystopian the whole Manhattan setup looks.

28 December

“How Signal Is Evading Censorship”

But that only works when the country’s not big enough to put pressure on Google.

29 December


Reminder: this exists and it’s prolly time to start dressing cyberpunk like the 80s/90s imagined [cvdazzle.com] https://t.co/TmrFeJa7Fp


“Amazon files patent for flying warehouse” [bbc.co.uk] [pic.twitter.com]

I don’t understand how Amazon’s warehouse robots can spin in place while under load but no one’s written an article about it

30 December


I wonder what the opportunity cost of redesigning everything from scratch for iOS 7 was? (You know, asides stability and staff retention 😜)

31 December


Bill Gates doesn’t get enough credit for trying to quell the panic around Y2K bug [web.archive.org] https://t.co/AFWtNiLsEy


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