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2 April 2017

I’m learning Unity and throwing up a little in my mouth (Update() is the function called every time a frame is rendered)

I do like however the paradigm of structuring code into a bunch of small, modular controller objects and setting everything up à la IBInspectable.

Or a mix of IBOutlet and IBDesignable, to be precise. Helpfully doing away with the confusion of separate UIs for those two.

The best thing about VR development is you get to reinvent all the UX from scratch lol jk Tilt Brush has everything figured out already.

3 April

My Discover playlist on Spotify regularly includes EDM tracks with obnoxious shouty DJ intros.


Tesla will use your car’s data to trash you if it crashes, but won’t give it to you to exonerate you [theguardian.com]


From the 10.3.1 security notes: “An attacker within range may be able to execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip”


4 April

Call me paranoid, but timing makes me think they were on a course to discontinue the Mac Pro until the uproar late last year.

And I also think it would be a different story if the iPad and iPad Pro were flourishing.


I don’t think Apple was fully aware of the opportunity cost of ignoring the Mac Pro. It all came to a head last year, and it spooked them

5 April


Anecdotally, almost every Apple engineer I know seems to have a gaming PC w/ real specs. They all need a kind of computer Apple doesn’t make

6 April


The Mac App Store is still not allowing to download version 2.8. We are in contact with Apple trying to resolve the issue. Sorry!

I don’t have the faintest idea how much time it takes to produce beta-ready drivers for a new GPU architecture.

7 April


That includes web apps. But the web is the only platform that also has counter-pressure, forcing apps to consider bloat a top level issue.


That’s a strategic advantage for the web. Twitter was actually incentivized to bring us a better mobile web experience.

8 April

I just spent ten minutes mesmerized by the trash fire that is Bing’s French-to-English translation on twitterꓸcom.

The way to get macOS to stop correcting “-ize” and “color” is hidden at the bottom of a dropdown. Plus, why would you default to British.

9 April


Silicon Valley has crazy parking requirements that drive up housing & business costs. But so little transit there https://t.co/sXC2AEdirn https://t.co/Op7YkkUjZX

10 April


OH: “The “S” in IoT stands for Security.”

Added a user on my Mac so I could change my dev account’s expired credit card in iTunes. Couldn’t change it on appleidꓸappleꓸcom. Now I can.

Site did show my credit card number, but no way to change it. Really looks like an expired card makes “Edit Payment Info” button disappear.


The words I say at the start of every interview: “I’m Not Texting. I’m Taking Notes.” [nytimes.com]

11 April

Mastodon is the first social network that actually begs to have a QR code system.

Mastodon has been popular for a week and everyone already has three “[moved]” accounts.

Those challenges will be especially hard to overcome as long as Mastodon wants/needs to maintain compatibility with GNU Social.


People make VERY DIFFERENT ASSUMPTIONS about “Twitter-type” things than about “email-type” things, and that’s REALLY DANGEROUS HERE.


“Yakkety Yak - Wallpaper”. Inspired by the current #Ubuntu version 16.10. :) [sylviaritter.deviantart.com] https://t.co/Vz3MzdwEBm

12 April

Who decided that “desktop appears immediately but everything’s unresponsive for five minutes” was better than an OS boot screen?

Watch’s workout app taunts me with a “Quick Start, same as last time” button that disappears when the app finishes loading.

14 April

16 April

When an app decides to fancify its UI it’s a coin toss whether the ‘back’ gesture will be a swipe right or down. Thanks a lot, Snapchat.


The Internet Archive now emulates early Macintosh computer software in the browser.


18 April

Between development issues, limited yield, and delayed launch, difference between iPhone 7s and anniversary phone is gonna be WAY over $100.

Infuriating that Twitter has stopped emailing you when someone likes or RTs one of your retweets, and Analytics ignores retweets altogether.

“Come and create live photo filters for us!”

Anyone who’s ever developed an app for a deprecated Facebook platform: 😶

Zuckerberg’s pseudo-AR-everywhere platform looks really cool but you better invest in external batteries.

Sure hope Apple is working on an AR framework, because there’s a lot of upcoming fun experiences we’d all rather not have locked to Facebook.


Facebook’s social VR app scans your photos(!) to make a VR avatar for you [pic.twitter.com]

I really like my shimmering purple avatar in Oculus Home but it’s prob a good call for Facebook’s VR ‘Spaces’ to go with cel-shading.

The silly thing with Facebook Spaces is that interfacing the Oculus hub with FB Messenger would be a million times more useful to everyone.

19 April

Oh shit “so-and-so liked/retweeted your retweet” are still available on the site’s (and app’s?) ‘Notifications’ page. BUT I DON’T WANNA GO THERE DON’T MAKE ME GO THERE.

I’ve migrated to Notion all the stuff that was scattered across Evernote, Trello and 2Do and oh what a glorious day this is.

I absolutely love how much freedom Notion gives you to organize your information. No exaggeration, I’ve been looking for this app for years.

(Of course I wish it were a native local app instead but oh well stop dreaming this is 2017.)


TWITTER: Editing tweets is too complicated to implement

FACEBOOK: Someday you will hear with your skin

20 April

TFW you wake up feeling productive for once and you spend the whole day transferring your to-do list to a fancy new tool #GTD


Documented eye injuries at Apple reported by employees who were testing prototype AR glasses. Whoa. [gizmodo.com]

22 April

Reorganizing my desktop spaces in a vain attempt at self-manipulation now that all my notes and to-dos are in Notion


Facebook built a Bitmoji dataset of celebrity faces to train its AI avatar creator

[arxiv.org] https://t.co/CCcnFV5TA4


So in essence, Facebook is using Snapchat’s avatar creation service against it. Can derivative works used for ML training cross legal lines?

“Trust this computer?” my Watch asks as if there were no possible doubt as to which computer it means.

23 April


I can’t decide if this is inspiring or devastatingly Sisyphean. Or both. [pic.twitter.com]

24 April

The high/low temperatures on the Watch’s face are consistently way out of sync with the actual highs visible in the Watch’s weather app.

25 April

Faut que je change de routine, commencer la journée sur Twitter ça ne va plus le faire.

“Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive”

The beautiful ‘but Apple would be able to do it like that!’ disease.


Company criticized for hosting “cyber-harassment, hate speech, and threats.”

Jack: I will buy that.



Typical encrypted messaging fingerprint verification:

“Did you change phone?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Ah, ok then.”

<New fingerprint accepted>

26 April



27 April

Put on Watch.

Unlock iPhone with Touch ID.

Unlock Mac with Wa… nope, it remembers “seeing” the locked Watch and doesn’t check again.

28 April

🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♂️

Every time I update an app I think, damn I miss Obj-C, maybe I should… just wait a couple weeks for another reminder of why I quit.

At a friend’s for the week. Bridge previously configured in Hue app but I must’ve chosen the wrong one and now can’t access the list again.

Now iConnectHue won’t let me add the local bridge nor delete the one at home.

29 April


Windows 10’s people bar is a great idea - desktop OS’ still pretend like social media doesn’t really exist [theverge.com] https://t.co/BkpuXvxbbR


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