Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

1 February 2018


Do not attempt to adjust your newsfeed. We are controlling how much time you spend here. We control the horizontal. We control the vertical. Sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. [twitter.com]

2 February


Absurdly hi-res round OLEDs w/HDMI-to-dual-MIPI interface arrived from China today. 1.5” acrylic cabochons on top. Running Adafruit eyes code on Raspberry Pi 3. Nickel for scale and focus.

3 February


When you use Safari to generate passwords, thank the person at Apple that had to go through popular websites and register their password requirements

4 February

Damn, this game runs way too hot to play on the train, it would empty my battery in two hours.

pays to remove ads

Oh, never mind, it runs fine.

6 February


“Bitcoin is volatile, imaginary money and only backed by people’s faith in the system” said everyone right before the actual stock market imploded again.

Hmmm, it’s almost like both are ridiculous pseudo-gambling.


If an unexpected shutdown occurs, iOS will resume throttling regardless of whether or not you disabled it.

7 February


Elon Musk can synchronize the landing of two space rockets after launching a car into space and I can’t synchronize two threads in my code 😫


I spent 4 hours debugging a multi-threaded lock contention bug in a CLI tool.

Then I watched 2 rockets land up right on their assigned landing pads at the exact same time after launching a vehicle in space.

I quit.


Today’s beta of 10.13.4, if I have my builds straight, should improve text rendering consistency for people who disable LCD Font Smoothing.

8 February


This C# compiles in 0.2 seconds, but the Swift equivalent won’t compile because the expression is too complex. Compilers are hard! 🤯

9 February

Had to shuffle peripherals around to get my USB clone disk to boot up. Judging from the internets, it appears to be a thing in High Sierra (probably to do with power negotiation). How awesome is that.


christ alive if ’80s Japanese electronics in maroon lacquer finish ain’t an aesthetic [floppy-diskette.tumblr.com]

10 February


“A heuristic we follow is that whenever we feel the need to comment something, we write a method instead.” - Martin Fowler

11 February

12 February

iFixit’s HomePod teardown is gruesome

“No wonder Apple’s repair price is 80-85% of the device itself.”

Took me a while to figure out how the tweeters work — looks like they send the sound down (not what you’d expect from the x-ray view), meaning the HomePod has to compensate for wildly different surfaces on which the sound will reflect, from wood to metal to glass 😲


This seems like magic, but it’s just Fourier transforms (expressing a function as a sum of periodic functions). Which are a kind of magic, I admit. [twitter.com]

13 February


what if Boston Dynamics’ and Magic Leap’s business model is just to make viral videos


Google: “We think there are lots of consumer applications for this technology, like household assistants and—“



Please don’t allow Google to subsume (even more of) the open web in exchange for “more interactive and engaging” emails. [theverge.com]

Toggling High Sierra’s “Use Grayscale” accessibility setting with AppleScript

Corrected from apetronix.com for High Sierra:

tell application “System Preferences” activate reveal (pane id “com.apple.preference.universalaccess”) end tell

tell application "System Events"
    tell process "System Preferences"
        tell window "Accessibility"
            delay 1
            tell scroll area 2 to tell table 1 to tell row 6 to select
            click checkbox "Use grayscale"
        end tell
    end tell
end tell
tell application "System Preferences" to quit

I’m now looking at every spot of color in my field of vision — the box of tissues, the chewing gum packs — and thinking they MUST go. I guess there was a subconscious reason all along for my tendency to decorate everything in shades of gray.


33 million people have installed Facebook run spyware on their phones under the guise of ‘securing personal information’.

And Zuckerberg wants to run for President?


14 February


I want to live in the world where this is the real reason for web browser’s convoluted user-agent strings.

“Dearest server, I am Chrome, the 64th of that name, child of WebKit, grandchild of KHTML, a disciple of Gecko, follower of the great Mozilla/5.0, running on Windows NT 10” [twitter.com]


So I signed up for 2 factor auth on Facebook and they used it as an opportunity to spam me notifications. Then they posted my replies on my wall. 🤦‍♂️

I’ve gotten somewhat used to “countdown” instead of “count down,” and you could argue it’s just a sentence fragment — but “when will the sunset,” seriously?!

You can’t mute visual memes, but thankfully this one is still text-based


Honestly, why don’t we reverse the fields? Write your message, THEN sum it up with a terse and helpful subject line, THEN add the right people to the message.

Do any mail clients do this? [twitter.com]

I wonder what’s the acoustic advantage of pointing the tweeters down when it means the sound quality is gonna be so dependent on what kind of surface you place the speaker on.

15 February

HomePod profit margin estimates are surprisingly low

I have a theory that Apple launched the HomePod as a thank-you to the audio engineers who do great, unnoticed work on iDevices and Macs. Maybe they lobbied to keep the price somewhat affordable?

It’s already been speculated that the Apple Watch was made to keep Jony Ive happy — but in that case he wanted to make a fucking solid gold watch so he was not about to object to any price.


Photoshop tip: if you’ve never customized the appearance of the Layers panel, you’re in for a treat. Hit the pancake-stack button to the right of the word Layers, go to Panel Options… Enjoy!

“What the Grayscale Challenge Taught Us About Phone Addiction”

As far as I’m concerned grayscale mode would be perfect if I could just automatically exclude a couple of apps (Darkroom and Instagram on iOS; Xcode and BBEdit on Mac).

16 February

17 February


So, how long until Twitter cut off API access to 3rd party apps? They’re cutting it off for their 1st party app…

Every time I update my portfolio it reminds me that some of the most interesting designs I made were for my blog, and blogs are dead 😔

And also everything is flat now 🙄

18 February


Windows 10 is a genuinely fantastic operating system, but shit like this undermines the great work people are doing at Microsoft turning it around [howtogeek.com]

20 February


Twitter blames their poor handling of abuse on Ruby on Rails? What’s next blaming verifying Nazis on MySQL? Way to insult our intelligence.


21 February

23 February


Made an SVG animated login avatar, with the help of some trigonometry & GSAP. #animation #UX #gsap



Literally hundreds of Amazon orders placed over nearly 2 decades, but I ordered some batteries 2 days ago, so…

24 February

How on earth can Facebook expect a positive result from pestering me with “Random contact of yours updated his status” notifications.

25 February


This article about Facebook’s auction system, which Brad Parscale just endorsed, says that Facebook systematically charged the Clinton campaign more for ad space than the Trump campaign because Clinton’s ads were less “provocative.” [wired.com]

26 February

Est-ce que tous les chieurs qui ne savent pas utiliser leur iPhone pourraient me laisser de la place au Genius Bar que je fasse changer ma batterie de MacBook qui va exploser 😡


I pick up my iPhone, glance back nervously, bring it close to my face and whisper: “hey siri, tell John I’ll be late.”

“I’M SORRY. YOU’LL NEED TO USE YOUR PHONE TO DO THAT.” HomePod bellows from across the room

Don’t you start fucking threatening me

“Any type of media you like except text posts” seems like a rather silly way to position your new social network but what do I know, I’m old.

Si j’avais passé ces deux heures à bosser au lieu d’attendre que le Genius Bar ait de la place, ça aurait largement amorti les 140 € que je vais économiser en ne passant pas par un revendeur agréé — mais bon, on sait tous très bien que je ne les aurais pas passées à bosser.


The “virtually impossible” of 2014 is now basically a party trick. And with a whole year to go! [xkcd.com]

27 February


Objective C always reminds me of nursery rhymes. -(id)doYouKnowTheMuffinMan:(TheMuffinMan *)theMuffinMan;


Sort of unbelievable to be looking at this, but here’s the Facebook CPM (price per thousand ad) breakdown for Clinton vs. Trump campaigns. Facebook just released it after mass outrage over claim that Trump campaign paid far lower rates. Claim seems murky at best now (via @boz)

28 February

I am devastated to find out that my ears appear to be shaped ideally to enjoy the AirPods’ sound and it would be a waste of good fortune not to buy a pair.

I went to get my Mac fixed at the Apple Store because it was 120€ cheaper than at a reseller so it makes… perfect sense… to spend that… and more… on AirPods I had no intention to buy until today.


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