25 February 2003

A good idea, with the advantage of being cleaner, lighter, HTMLier than the various hacks and images you have to place on your blog in order to let visitors know where you live: GeoURL. It seems it’s not the only one, and it looks like GeoTags has a larger audience, since the former bothers to be compatible with the latter; so maybe there are others sites, maybe some of them are better designed than these, or maybe something cute and cool could be made (if only I weren’t so deeply lacking motivation these days…). The nice part is, it’s simple: you only have to insert your longitude and latitude in a META tag on your home page, and there you are, a point on the map (which, as I said, is poorly designed, but well…).

If you want to know which blogs are located within 50 miles around my home (which should cover about the whole Paris suburbs), all you have to do is ask GeoURL, and you’ll get a complete list. And if you want more information about how to subscribe there, it’s all explained here.