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28 April 2005

The Fish Rots From the Head:

When [Adobe] was run by graphics/technology enthusiasts, it was a great graphics/technology company. Now that it’s run by a sales guy, it has turned into a company that seems more interested in the sales and marketing of its products than in the products themselves.

Adobe certainly isn’t the only company to play marketing games with their application version numbers. […] But Adobe’s strikes me as the most egregious, especially since the core audience for the CS suite is comprised of the sort of creative professionals who are predisposed not just to ignore marketing bullshit, but to be downright insulted by it. […]

The entire “CS” campaign has the feel of a company that is marketing down to its customers, rather than treating them respectfully as peers.

If that spirit continues to wither, Adobe will continue its slide into mediocrity, and will become just another software company. But if it becomes a bigger company while doing so, I suspect that will suit [Adobe CEO] Bruce Chizen just fine.