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16 March 2006


There’s definitely a Quicksilver aficionado working at Google. Seriously, though, good idea.



Rather than spelling, Bullfighter checks your writing for overuse of cliché business paraphrases. Heh, excellent.



Times change (slowly). And not for the better.



Could it be that Windows Vista would finally have a launch date they could stick to? Well, that might be feasible, considering it doesn’t look to be much more than good old Windows XP with a new Quartz-ish graphics engine (which is probably not that different from XP’s “layered windows” system, only that one was mostly unused, probably just because Microsoft didn’t bother much to demonstrate them) — check out this list of Vista’s best features:

As you can see, Vista offers the best user interface of any operating system available today. The new user interface will make finding your data easier and also allow you to work faster with important new features like Quick Search and Windows Flip3d.

Aha. Hahaha. Oh my god. Those Microsoft comedians never disappoint.

[03/22] Ah, of course it couldn’t be.



And the Vista news don’t stop: now they’re not even using .NET that much. Well, there could be very good reasons for that (heavier, less efficient… or reducing the number of bugs and crashes), but considering how they’ve removed every single improvement from Windows one after another, I don’t see why that wouldn’t be another case of just giving up and making that damn XP 2.0 ship already.

(I loved programming with .NET. Really. Well, except for all the things .NET didn’t do and you had to hook up to the original Windows APIs and it was a pain, but you could expect that to improve over time. That is, unless Microsoft abandons it and remains stuck with C and MFC. Yuck.)