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30 July 2008

Disabling iPhone backups (2)

The first trick to getting around an epic iPhone backup is simply to hit the (X) button in iTunes’ status window during the backup process. This will stop the backup and begin the familiar sync process, but clicker be warned: doing this will leave you with a corrupt backup since iTunes apparently trashes each backup on the fly when beginning a new one. Smart move, Apple. We guess we should be thankful that Time Machine doesn’t exhibit the same behavior.

That’s… ugh… geez, really, Apple, backups, security and all that shit don’t go well together. Mind-boggling, honestly. (As pointed out earlier, it’s not like Time Machine is much more reliable.)


Meanwhile, I love that the writer named his device “I, Phone” (even though the pun must have been obvious to many people for a while — I’m not too good at puns).