26 February 2010

“Compress Your Mac with Squeeze”

Squeeze is very simple and straightforward: basically, it can keep track of some selected folders and compress them without visible differences to the user, but saving space in the background. It uses the latest HFS-comrpession technology built in Snow Leopard to compress all the files within a folder you choose to be processed. After the compression process, Mac OS will read the file again just fine […]

I’ve downloaded it (hey, it’s free on MacHeist, and they’re not even forcing you to tweet this time), but before I decide whether to install it I’ll wait for the technical reviews that don’t gush about it.

There’s a reason why OS X doesn’t compress the whole drive by default, and until I read more about the trade-offs implied by using Squeeze, I’ll stay on the fence. (The reason could simply be that it makes the drive unreadable from not-10.6 machines, which isn’t much of a problem.)