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1 April 2010

iPad Previews of the Day

Words with Friends HD makes me want to play Scrabble again — nothing very special about it, it just looks good. But there are really negative comments about the iPhone version (yeah, I do know that scaling servers is hard when you do social stuff) and I wonder if the board’s squares aren’t going to be a little too small for your fingers’ comfort.


Game Table is something I really wish I had thought of doing (well, not really, because then I’d be competing with that app and it looks good enough). No artificial intelligence to program, no hurdles, just a bunch of images that you move with your fingers. It looks nice and, if you’ve got an iPad, why wouldn’t you want to carry a multipurpose board game in your bag?


Design Brief is another app for designers that doesn’t look so good. (And you should remember that, without a stylus, the iPad just isn’t really for designers. Even though designers like to develop for iPhone OS.)


Yellow Pages makes a half-assed attempt at a physical metaphor that I find worse than doing nothing: if you’re gonna pretend that the user is interacting with paper, then I don’t think you can afford to have standard toolbars at the top and bottom. It doesn’t work for your pseudo-book to only have vertical edges.


I have no idea how Globetrotters is supposed to work, but I just can’t imagine it very fun or convenient to have four people play at the same time on one iPad screen. Two people, no problem; four, I think it’s too small.


Air Harp is nice.


Neon wallpapewwwww.


Commandments, an iPad app that only shows the ten commandments. On stone tablets. Well, to be honest, it looks pretty, but… oh, why the hell not.