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1 April 2010

Dear ClickToFlash: Fuck. You.

I’m gonna have to dismiss this dialog for every single app I use that’s based on WebKit. That’s many. And, presumably, I’ll have repeat the entire process on April 2nd when you release an update that un-updates this update.

ClickToFlash is a lifesaver, the best plug-in that was ever written, and it has become essential to my sanity as I browse the web on my old G5 — not to mention the security advantages. I’m forever grateful to everyone involved for creating it. Yet I’ll have to repeat this:

Fuck. You.


(And no, I’m not going to check the auto-update box. I don’t do it for any piece of software, because I like to know what’s happening on my computer — you know, that’s kinda why I’ve installed ClickToFlash in the first place — and I’m especially not gonna do it for developers who like to post frivolous updates. Just because you provide a useful service for free doesn’t give you unlimited access to my computer to do with it whatever you think is hilarious.)


P.S. Oh, and it’s buggy, too. And it’s a known bug that doesn’t deter them from running jokes like this. Fantastic.