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19 April 2010

“Facebook Asks You To ‘Become A Fan’ Of All Your Interests”

Next time you sign in to your Facebook account, Facebook will look at your entered interests, find the matching Facebook Pages, and prompt you to link these to your profile.

Ugh. I do not like Pages, I do not want to link to Pages or add them to my news feed, and most importantly nobody’s going to enjoy having a big popup asking them to add all those Pages to their profile — with the option to decline hidden very passive-aggressively.

But that’s not the worst part.

Unfortunately Facebook is removing the ability to list an interest without having it tied to a Facebook Page, so your Interests section will be blank if you [don’t add the Pages].

Come on, Facebook, why are you so intent on having every one of your users eventually hate you? I’m pretty sure, when the dialog comes up, I’m going to purposefully decline adding all the pages, basically out of spite; if the interests disappear from my profile, well, it’s your loss, isn’t it, since you’re supposed to be in the business of using that information. Just not in such annoying ways.