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2 February 2011

I liked Dropbox better when my folder wasn’t cluttered with shares from my client’s designer.

“The Daily debuts new iTunes Subscription agreement”

Further in, there’s also confirmation that Apple “may ask for your permission to provide the name, email address and ZIP code listed in your Account to the Licensor.”

What?! I can’t believe that Apple caved in on that. Did they really need newspapers on the iPad that much? It’s not like the lack of them has been seriously hampering device sales.


As a sidenote, I’m taking advantage of this opportunity (since The Daily seems to be only available on the U.S., I won’t have anything else to say about the app) to remind you: if you’re interested in this app, please remember who would be getting your money if you paid for the subscription. And I don’t mean Apple’s cut.

I do think there comes a point where you should seriously think twice about contributing anything to the bottomline of Murdoch’s empire. (I’m talking about Fox News here.)

3 February

App Store developers need a “refund this guy” button. Would simplify technical support so much for everyone.

Thermo for iPhone is so pretty that I kinda want to give them money, but I just can’t pay for a weather app that doesn’t tell the weather.

4 February

Grah, j’ai oublié de noter l’ancienne configuration du DNS avant de transférer le domaine vers Gandi.

Why does “text-overflow: ellipsis” only work with “white-space: nowrap”? It’d be most useful on text blocks of fixed size.

5 February

Il y a une vraie raison à ce qu’on ne puisse pas télécharger simplement ses factures sur amazon.fr ?

9 February

I can’t quite express how much it annoys me that Illustrator CS5 can reportedly align vertices to pixels, but Photoshop can’t.

HP/Palm announces TouchPad, Pre 3, Veer

Nice stuff. If you want off the iOS train, these are what you should get.

11 February

And there we go, officially back to the good old “Every time I reboot, the Finder resets icon placement on my Desktop.”

So, the usual question: what would you recommend for GTD on Mac+iPad where I could throw all sorts of contents at something that syncs?

The new Echofon for iPad can mute users, hashtags, clients (?!)… but not full-text keywords (e.g. “4ms.me”), apparently. Grrr.

Nokia is abandoning its home-made OSes in favor of… Windows? Is this an April Fools? My first phone was a Nokia, I’m sad to see them die.

Actually, my first phone was an Ericsson but it was originally my father’s. The Nokia 6110 was the first I had an “emotional” connection to.

“Cocoia Blog » HP webOS event roundup.”

Designing for various screen sizes is made easier through Palm’s development model and tools, which are obviously based on web technologies like CSS. With non-pixel units it’s quite easy to ensure widgets and text scale right. Apps can be built with Palm’s new ‘Enyo’ framework to scale a multi-pane tablet view to a simple one-column view on phones. Truly a ‘universal’ approach to developing applications.

I’m taking this to mean that you can develop a single app that will automatically behave like Twitter for iPad on a webOS tablet, and like the usual hierarchical view structure on a phone — which I think is awesome. I really wish Apple had done exactly this instead of the very simple split-view structure they pioneered (which works and has the advantage of being simple and consistent — to the point of not letting developers change the sidebar width — but is much less fun and functional than what Twitter does).

I wish I could justify beginning to learn the webOS SDK. Come on, people, buy HP phones.

Switched (tentatively) all my todoing back to Yojimbo, and my desktop is now unnaturally empty.

12 February

Looks like XCode 4 is gonna leave me no choice but to get an external screen for the MacBook. I was really managing fine with 13” so far.

“In celebration of the Egyptian Revolution we are making [our task-management app] for iPad free for 3 days.” Really? Really?!

13 February

Never mind the existing App Store apps; how the hell would you use the virtual keyboard on a half-size iPhone?

It’s absurd that I don’t yet have a lackey to do all my PHP grunt work for me.

14 February

Looks like the latest TextWrangler fixes the syntax highlighting bugs when you mix PHP with Javascript. (I know, templates and stuff. No.)

If there were to be just one reason why the iPhone nano is a terrible idea, it’d be that it would encourage people to wait for a 7” iPad.

16 February

L’erreur de Sens Critique (souvenez-vous) a été de se focaliser sur le format “longue critique” quand tout le monde est habitué aux tweets.

18 February

Hrm, do I buy the exact same monitor for the MacBook as I have on the Mac mini, or go the extra mile for IPS?

Cheap(er) Iiyama it is, then. When’s the last time I did some serious graphics work anyway.

I finally tried to calibrate my MacBook’s screen, and… is the sidebar in Reeder supposed to be that gray?

I’m gonna spend the whole day asking myself if this gray is really gray. Just gonna have to finally buy a calibration thingy.

19 February

To what do we owe the miraculous wave of celebs on Twitter using quote marks to indicate retweets? Didn’t think I’d live to see this day.

Holy shit, quote-mark-retweet comes from the official Twitter app. I can’t believe they’re the ones finally pushing it. THANK YOU.

I should have released Sokusei, Unicode Mac and my Google Reader app by now. Why did I take on this goddamn client?

There, I’m not following a single tech or gaming podcast anymore. Why do they all have to be so painful to listen to? Why? Why?!

Boycottons Twitter le premier de chaque mois jusqu’à ce qu’ils implémentent le filtrage par mots-clés. Première journée d’action le 01/03 !

20 February

C’est quoi ce bordel, il a fallu 26 heures pour que mon paiement à OVH soit pris en compte. Pas le genre de truc qui inspire confiance.

All day I’ve been receiving each of my Echofon push notifications twice. It’s… annoying.

22 February

Of course the Facebook API for iOS would be including a different, subtly incompatible version of the JSON library I was already using.

23 February

Maybe ‘Firewire’ originally had the same issue, but it’s gonna be a while before I can call a plug ‘Thunderbolt’ with a straight face.

I’m surprised the Apple invite emphasizes the “iPad 2” thing. The rumored improvements don’t warrant having an event just about the iPad.

24 February

Having trouble finding a good coding font for my new screen. What use is syntax highlighting if you’re using such skinny fonts?

“PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting TPAAMAYIMNEKUDOTAYIM.” Oh, okay then.

Who’s gonna buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro that has only the integrated Intel GPU?

And I’m surprised / disappointed that the Thunderbolt port can only daisy-chain six devices. Not the ultimate docking port I’d expected.

“Apple - Mac OS X Lion Preview”

Auto Save in Mac OS X Lion automatically saves your work — while you work — so you don’t have to. Lion saves changes in the working document instead of creating additional copies, making the best use of available disk space. The lock feature prevents inadvertent changes from being saved and automatically locks documents after two weeks.

That sounds awfully complicated. In my opinion, the fact that you need a lock mechanism — how counter-intuitive is that? — proves that system-wide auto-save is a bad idea. And the idea that the behavior completely changes when the files becomes to two-week old, or something (it’s not entirely clear)? That’s insane.

I just hope you can disable that stuff in the System Preferences.

Mac OS X Lion automatically creates a version of the document each time you open it and every hour while you’re working on it.

That’s nice, though. The “in an interface similar to that of Time Machine” scares me, though — I hope it’s integrated better than having Versions and Time Machine simply coexist (and Versions alone could no replace Time Machine, because it wouldn’t handle all the cases that the older system does).

Resume lets you restart your Mac — after a software update, for example — and return to what you were doing.

A fancy way of saying that Safari will now remember your open tabs when you restart it. Some would say it’s about time.

Just like Mail on iPad, Mail 5 in Mac OS X Lion features a new layout that takes advantage of the widescreen display on your Mac.

I’m not convinced at all; I like my desktop app to have the folder hierarchy visible at all times. The iPad view makes sense on iPad because it has a 1024x768 screen; if you’re gonna say the new Mail app is widescreen, then why doesn’t it have three columns? Computer users can handle three columns. Seriously.

With AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion, you can send files to anyone around you — wirelessly. AirDrop doesn’t require setup or special settings. Just click the AirDrop icon in the Finder sidebar, and your Mac automatically discovers other people nearby who are using AirDrop.

That’s cool.

Lion Server is now part of Mac OS X Lion.

And I guess that’s reassuring. (They’re not completely abandoning Server. Yet.)

Oh, so ‘Light Peak’ became ‘Thunderbolt’ because they abandoned optical fiber. That’s a letdown.

If I had a spare Mac I’d probably buy the developer preview of OS X Lion just out of curiosity and boredom. Good thing I don’t.

Or I could scrap my Boot Camp partition (haven’t used it once) and no no no don’t think about this just look at something shiny instead.

25 February

What happened to Engadget’s reviews? Why is the writing always so awful — much, much worse than the news?

One thing to love about Thunderbolt: like Firewire, and unlike USB, it’s got a dedicated controller instead of using the computer’s CPU.

But doesn’t that mean that sooner or later Apple will take it off its devices because the controller is expensive or takes too much room?

26 February

First OS X Lion Details

Let’s start with blasphemy to put us in a good mood:

The Mac now gains the ability to resize windows from any edge or corner, similar to features exposed over twenty years ago by Jobs’ NeXTSTEP operating system, but which were removed from Mac OS X in order to preserve the look and feel of the original Mac UI.

Not that it’s a bad decision. In fact, I see this as a “We’re having so many switchers thanks to the iPhone and iPad’s halo effect, we need to address the most common of their expectations.” Along with: merging folders instead of overwriting them. Finally.


The most interesting, unannounced bit of “iOS back to the Mac”:

Much like multitasking on Apple’s iOS, Mac OS X may terminate an application behind the scenes when it goes unused or has no open windows. The application usually relaunches instantly when the user accesses it again.

Which explains why the Dock loses its “running lights” (by default). On the one hand, it fixes another OS X quirk that most newcomers were puzzled by (with reason); on the other… there are some bigger, slower apps (like Photoshop, or… well, Photoshop) that take so much time launching that I definitely don’t want them to automatically quit when I’m not using them.


Screenshots: The Address Book is very pretty, and philosophically very wrong. I like the new Quick Look view a lot (good riddance, black overlays). The new buttons, toolbars, controls are quite lickable. And thank god you can choose to show scrollbars all the time. For the record: not being able to know at a glance how much of the content is off-screen is awful UI, always.


Which brings me to this absurdity:

If you organize folders by kind and use the icon mode in Finder, you can scroll through the lists by using a horizontal swipe (see screenshot) that features some Cover Flow-like 3D effects. This doesn’t seem very useful, as you never know how many more apps there are hidden on the left or right side of the window.


2x Graphic Files Found in Lion May Hint at “Retina Display”: odd idea. I know that Apple has tried, and evidently failed, to include resolution independence in OS X for years, and that would be a much more simple, pragmatic solution, but they’re not gonna have Retina versions of the 27-inch Cinema Displays any time soon. Moreover, while on an iOS device the size of interface elements can’t change (because your fingers have a fixed size), the whole point of resolution independence on a computer is to be able to scale the interface — make the menu bar and title bars a little bit bigger or smaller according to taste and eyesight.


But the most puzzling of all is this:

Toggling between different views in Finder, for example, can now be done by dragging and dropping the selector between the four options (a hint at more touchscreen goodness to come?). If you just click on an option instead of dragging the selector, the slider will move into place with a little animation.

You know, that four-state control in the Finder toolbar? If I’m reading this right, you can drag the selection instead of just clicking on the mode you want to use. And why am I focusing on that? Because it makes absolutely zero sense to do this, whether you’re using a mouse or the trackpad: it’s always much more of an effort to drag than simply click a button. The only context where having draggable switches would have the slightest point is a touch-screen Mac.

27 February

“More Lion Features: iOS-like Auto Correction and Accents, New Inline Definitions”

While writing in TextEdit or Twitter for Mac we noticed Lion detects wrong spelling and displays an iOS-like tiny popup with the suggested correction. You can select it with your mouse, or hit the space bar to accept it and keep typing. Again, like on iOS.

Oh god. There better be a systemwide preference to turn that off; it’s annoying enough when some apps don’t remember that you’ve disabled “Check Spelling While Typing”; if Lion starts replacing words without my consent, the Mac is going to fly through the window.



On a similar note, if you need to type in accented letters but you don’t have a physical keyboard that supports them, you can press and hold down a vocal and choose from a popup your accented letter of choice.

Now that’s an interesting idea. Thankfully, I can’t remember the last time I needed to keep pressing a vowel key in order to repeat iiiiiiiit. (Don’t know if I’m happy or annoyed that the extended selection pop-up is half-filling the need for an OS X version of Unicode.)

28 February

“TidBITS Macs & Mac OS X: Secrets of Thunderbolt and Lion”

[AirDrop is] not a variant on Bonjour: the two Macs do not need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi base station or larger Wi-Fi network. Rather, they only need to be within Wi-Fi range of one another. AirDrop uses a peer-to-peer ad hoc connection, though one that’s instant to set up and secure. A Mac using AirDrop doesn’t drop a Wi-Fi network connection if it has one; it can communicate to another Mac and maintain its network connection, too. This requires newer hardware.

Huh. That’s interesting, and somewhat unexpected (especially the second part). More importantly, it’s a good sign that iOS 5 should allow for syncing your devices over wifi, if Apple now has a technology that enables ad-hoc communication between devices without having to lose the internet connection over wifi on your computer in the process. (It doesn’t matter if the iOS device has to disconnect from the wifi access point, since the current incarnations are entirely inoperable during sync anyway.)

I don’t understand why people assume(d) that the norm would be for Apple to introduce the iPad 2 this week, and ship it in a few months. The original iPad’s pre-announcement was the exception, not the rule.

I hate that Reddit has conditioned me to try and use Markdown in my tweets and blog posts. Because I hate Markdown.

“Getting Notified”

Apple can only revamp iOS’s notification interface once; they’re working on getting it right.


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