Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

1 January 2012

I love AirTunes/AirPlay when I’m traveling. Nothing like it to make you feel at home: one click, and it’s your own music filling the space.

2 January

La connexion de New Smallville a un upload tellement lent que le remote desktop vers mon Mac mini est littéralement inutilisable.

3 January

Argh. I created my secondary Twitter account before checking that my RSS apps supported posting to multiple accounts. Neither of them does.

4 January

My home button has been / felt unresponsive ever since I tried that stupid “recalibrate” thing. Defective snake oil.

Tempted to jailbreak my iPhone just so I can listen to music one tick louder. (There’s a special volume restriction in Europe, right?)

5 January

I removed all my secondary Twitter accounts yesterday in Settings; they’re all back in the Twitter app today. Yay for OS integration.

Tumblr Fan Mail

Looks so cute I want one. But the principle of having one messaging platform per site you use…

“Do Blogs Need Comment Reels?”

Suggestion 1 is silly in many ways, but every blog with comments should do 3.

Hey Echofon Mac, maybe ask for a confirmation before deleting my account and its ‘mute’ settings when I accidentally hit the ‘-’ button.

Feeling lonely? Create a new Twitter account and enjoy the volley of follow-spam notifications.

“A month away from email”

If you find Twitter messaging more efficient, it’s your fault for mismanaging your inbox.

What’s the ‘New’ in Helvetica Neue?

I had wondered several times but never bothered looking it up.


The best iOS keyboard shortcut, via @garrettmoon http://t.co/2lB9wVaY

Ah, j’avais pas rêvé, quand je quitte iCal juste après une modif, il se rouvre tout seul. La synchro iCloud, sûrement ? Ungh.

When did Twitter’s login page become so simple and sparse again? I’d love to see some stats on the impact of their wild mood swings.

8 January


Word of the day: ohnosecond - noun, the minuscule amount of time between when you click the Tweet button and you see the typo in your tweet.

Is there a logic to the way the Foursquare app sorts nearby locations? Maybe I’m stupid, but wouldn’t distance make a bit of sense?

9 January

Path is the hipster Facebook

Well, now it all makes sense — especially the friend quota.

Mais il y a des endroits où le wifi gratuit marche vraiment, ou ce n’est jamais plus qu’un SSID bidon qui fait de la figuration ?

10 January

It’s absurd how much battery life your iPhone loses when away from your home wifi — and you can’t turn wifi off or geolocation becomes crap.

I’ll never understand why iOS goes out of its way to hide that the next word will be autocapitalized. A faint blue outline on the shift key?

“HP Announces Glass-Backed Envy”

Glass in a laptop’s enclosure may just be the most stupid example of iPhone envy (ha!) yet.


Coding in an IDE that warns as you type is like telling a story to a child.

“So, this dog was-“

“What’s his name?”


Aucun des articles que j’ai trouvés ne parle de la zone de couverture de Free et ce qui se passe quand on en sort… C’est un peu important, aussi, non ?

J’aurais aimé un forfait intermédiaire avec data illimité et 1h de voix, mais ça n’aurait peut-être fait que quelques euros de différence.

En tout cas, avec le mode modem incus je devrais économiser 100 € sur l’achat de mon iPad 3 sans 3G, déjà.

Calculez vos frais de résiliation

Il me reste six mois, les frais seraient amortis en deux mois.

J’aurais dû demander le désimlockage de mon iPhone à titre préemptif, pour ne pas avoir à le faire quand ils seront surchargés.

Fixing your Home button with WD-40

Not sure whether I want to try it. (Maybe I’ll start with canned air instead.)

“Google Fuses Google+ Into Search”

I don’t google stuff I already know, but I’m afraid we’re a minority now.

In another case of “it’s their market to lose,” I guess Google will be undone by its urge to customize and socialitize its core product.

J’aimerais bien voir la moindre mention de couverture réseau (et accessoirement de visual voicemail) sur le site de Free Mobile.

Le téléphone étant un crédit séparé et non dans l’abonnement, est-ce qu’il ne va pas être refusé à plein de gens un peu trop pauvres ?

So, yeah, even back on the city internet, Gmail is much more sluggish than it used to be. (Though not as bad as in the countryside, obv.)

11 January

Cinq minutes après avoir demandé le désimlockage de l’iPhone sur l’espace client Orange, ils me disent que c’est fait. C’est du bluff, non ?

Trimbaler son iPad partout pendant qu’on fait la cuisine parce qu’on a fait l’erreur de commencer à écouter un podcast dessus.

I used to love full-screen Mail in Lion until I realized there’s absolutely no way to refer to an other goddamn message while composing one.

Je viens de me rappeler qu’on ne doit pas pouvoir se servir de l’iPhone comme modem pour un iPad. Le tethering dans Free Mobile, on oublie. Scusez, j’avais oublié qu’iOS 5 iOS 4.3 faisait le partage wifi.

Le data qui bascule sans prévenir en wifi : super pour la bande passante, mais vous avez intérêt à tout passer en https ou via un VPN.

12 January

Comme il y a deux ans, iTunes ne me dit à aucun moment du Restore que mon iPhone est désimlocké, je vais devoir trouver une SIM pour tester.

Remember the old CES days, when you needed to evaluate whether each new device was cool, instead of just saying “bah, it’s not Apple”?

14 January

“Hitler Hears About Search Plus Your World”

This is one of the best-written Hitler’s Fall videos I’ve ever seen.

17 January

Emmerdement maximum : après vingt jours sans écran externe, j’ai repris l’habitude de de fermer le MacBook pour le mettre en veille.

Looks like I have to reset the printing system every single time I want to add a networked printer. That’s obviously super convenient.

18 January

What the… what? The Twitter website ignores carriage returns now?

I need a “hide this user’s avatar until they change it” option in my Twitter client.

“Oh, you want to read that Wikipedia page, don’t you, look at it flash before your eyes before — bam — it’s gone.” Awesomely devilish, with the added advantage that I imagine someone’s already released a browser extension for already-aware geeks to disable the overlay.

Guess the reason I haven’t been motivated to protest SOPA-PIPA is, I’ve always considered it inevitable they’ll break the internet someday.

“Forget SOPA, Hollywood Already Had a Field Day with the Justice System”

Under the “theft” conception of copyright law, what, exactly, is the deprivation when someone makes illegal copies?  It really boils down to just one thing:  money.  Copyright infringement – renamed copyright theft — deprives the copyright holder of some of his or her expected profit from exploiting the copyright. […]

Failure to pay expected money under a contract doesn’t trigger a penalty: contract law usually says that a party can recover the money she expected but not punitive damages or attorneys fees (unless parties have specifically bargained to pay attorneys fees for a breach).  Failure to pay rent usually requires payment of rent to cure the default.  Failure to put money in the parking meter prompts a ticket for $60.  In New York City, failure to pay the $2.50 subway fare results in a maximum fine of $100.

That’s an immensely seductive analogy, and I’m sure it’ll be widely linked and tweeted, but it’s also completely incorrect (and I’m rather disappointed that it’s written by a lawyer). People aren’t sentenced to pay astronomical damages because they downloaded a song, but because they uploaded it. The author mentions in passing that Jammie Thomas was found guilty even though it was never proven that anyone had downloaded a file from her, but I’m pretty sure I remember the argument being that she had offered them for download and that was enough — it still wasn’t about her downloading them.

To get back to the author’s analogy: people aren’t found guilty of jumping the turnstile, but distributing fake subway tokens… by the thousands. I don’t expect you’d get away with a $100 fine for that.


On the other hand, the author’s point about how copyright infringement came to be known as “copyright theft” is entirely right, and quite depressing.

The other thing about SOPA-PIPA is, they’ll keep pushing slightly reworded versions every year until you’re bored of protesting.

I reset my borked Arq Backup when I was on high-speed DSL. Now I’m back home and it’s been stuck at 1% of 48MB for 3 days.

Piece. Of. Shit.

19 January

Looks like Apple went out of its way to not have blogs at this event — because having the internet buzz about you is bad.

So… basically iBooks is now doing the Adobe magazine runtime. (Curious to see if it’s still HTML.)

Emphasis placed on elaborate, form-factor-dependent layouts just made it unlikely again that Apple would introduce a 7-inch iPad soon.

I guess iBooks Author’s layouts must be too basic for magazines, but they’re still missing a huge opportunity to kill Adobe’s platform.

Sounds like my iPad’s gonna spend a day or two downloading that free “A Bug’s Life” book. I don’t suppose it can download in the background?

Wonder if the approval process would kick you out if you tried using iBooks Author for a magazine, one issue at a time. Probably, yes.

Oh, the Megaupload guys were arrested in New Zealand—so it’s not just the UK that’ll ship out anyone the US government requests. Reassuring.

Quelqu’un aurait une liste des pays dans lesquels on peut habiter sans peur d’être extradé aux USA pour cause de site web ? (A priori, la France en fait partie, mais j’avais pas plus que ça envie de rester en France, moi.)

24 January

Pseudonyms coming to Google+

…if you can prove you’re already famous under that name. Unbelievably convoluted bullshit.

Nothing says “me-too also-ran social network” like forcing people to have previously established their virtual identity elsewhere.

25 January


Iconic creates custom folder icons for Mac OS X: http://t.co/W8fGZXqU

26 January

Don’t you love it when the 15-second pre-roll commercial has ten times the bitrate of the actual video, and spends two minutes stuttering?

I think I hate how the word “disruptive” has become a positive quality.

I hate how SuperDuper goes all “RED! ERROR! FAIL! DOOM!” and you have to dive into the logs to find out the backup drive is just too small.

Related: freed up 63GB (that’s sixty-three fucking gigabytes) by deleting obsolete, months-old iOS device backups (mostly my iPad, times 4).

27 January

Twitter enables localized governmental censorship

Sad to see a privately owned company feel the need to lick int’l boots.

…unless it’s really a Saudi investor pushing his own agenda, in which case, fair enough, that’s capitalism for you.

“Weather offline” again. Hey, iOS, maybe you could switch to the nearest weather station that isn’t offline, no?

28 January

It never occurred to me the reason why iOS 4’s Mail app was unable to use my GApps address aliases was switching the account to Exchange.

I just assumed all this time that it was a bug introduced around iOS 4 that nobody had bothered to fix.

Echofon Mac is so close to perfect, why oh why doesn’t it make it more visible that I’ve got unread mentions on a secondary account?

My Mac should be powerful enough for iTunes to blend two dance tracks transparently. If only the relevant Apple engineers were clubbers.

29 January

“The exit interview with Jon Rubinstein”

Smart guy, evidently. His return will surely be interesting.

30 January

Finally checked out that free “Life on Earth” textbook. Regularly crashes my iPad 1, and I really dislike the navigation. Huh.

31 January

If the iPhone can get such picture quality in a few millimeters, why aren’t Canon, Nikon et al. making camera keychains, glasses, etc.?

Apple catching up on Final Cut Pro X feature set

Should have originally been released in beta. They are doing betas now anyway.


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