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1 February 2012

LiveView would be a lot more convenient to use if Photoshop didn’t move the document window around every time I zoom in and back out.

2 February

Si je ne switche pas sur Free Mobile, je devrais peut-être passer à un opérateur dont le réseau ne soit pas cannibalisé par Free Mobile ?

3 February

The Verge explores iMessage

I hadn’t even thought about how easy it makes it to intentionally spy on someone.

4 February

Apple clarifies iBooks EULA

No surprise there whatsoever. (But it did need to happen, of course.)

Why does Xcode set the build number of a new project to “1.0” rather than “1” (or maybe even “0”)?

God I hate how, every time you create a new project in Xcode, it’s subtly different from the last one you created in a previous version.

5 February

I’d completely missed the bit about Facebook making a $1 billion profit last year.


7 February

9 February

CSS prefixes were always an untenable concept, but implementing another browser’s prefixes goes beyond dumb. Just drop the prefixes already.

Testing Tweetbot for iPad, since everyone’s all about it. Love timed mute, not sure yet about how the rest compares to Echofon.

10 February

11 February

Instagram 2.1: looks uglier, still has no preview thumbnails, and they’re sticking new buttons wherever there’s room. But, hey, fake HDR.

I know the enlarged center button in the tab bar was controversial (I liked it), but it’s just indisputably awful to keep the paradigm without the visual cue.

13 February

ThinkGeek iCade 8-Bitty

That’s pretty dumb; the whole point of an iPhone is, you hold the iPhone in your hand.

Twitter needs to be realistic and make it easier for people to post to different accounts from the web interface.

14 February

Like I wrote before, since the iPad is not ashamed anymore of being (mostly) all about content consumption, I can see an 8” model happening.

Plus it could make sense to bump up the Retina iPad to $600 and introduce the smaller model at $350 or $400.

Looking for a Facebook friend whose name I don’t remember, spent ten minutes hunting for the link to the goddamn friend list.

Particularly love that you don’t end up on the same page depending on which “Find Friends” link you click on.

15 February

What the…? Oh. Gmail automatically forces the compact view because my browser window isn’t full-width — regardless of my choice. Fuck you, Gmail.

“Walter Isaacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’”

You gotta wonder if Jobs ever realized his mistake and regretted his choice.

I guess, as a developer, I have no choice but to get the Clear app, even if I’m not too interested in what it offers.

Clear looks cool and feels awesome to use, but I’m not sure many of its choices are beneficial — foremost, the lack of a back button.

Can’t believe the Remote app for iTunes still has to create a playlist on your computer, like a third-party AppleScript hack would.

16 February

I love the Kindle’s packaging. Proof that you can make it feel as gratifying as unboxing an iPhone without actually copying Apple.

“This summer, less than a year later…” I’m not sure you should be proud of that, guys #mountainlion

So, Mountain Lion brings the features that should have been activated in Lion the day iOS 5 came out. Nothing to see.

I don’t know where the hell to park my Kindle on my desk; all flat surfaces are already occupied by devices #firstworldproblems

You can get the new iChat/Messages app on Lion

I’m bracing myself to face the awful waste of pixels in that split view.

Isn’t MSN Messenger officially open to everyone now? Why isn’t Messages supporting it?

That mountain lion look depressed to anyone else, by the way?

iOS 6 absolutely needs a way for your iPhone to upload your non-iMessage texts to iMessage, letting you respond from your other devices.

Having to ask yourself, when you see a message icon in your iPhone’s notification list, “did I read it already or is it a text?” is untenable.

A bit disheartened that I have to set up my list of email aliases and caller ID again in the Messages app. Why isn’t it server-side yet?

The Messages app gets a badge in the Dock when there are unread messages, even if the app is not running. Well done.

I also quite like the way iMessage notifications just disappear from my iPhone the very instant I activate the Messages window on my Mac.

I hate that the Messages icon seems to be perpetually saying that someone’s typing at me right now.

Oh, I completely missed the announcement that you could now freely sign up to Dribbble (as a “spectator”). ‘Bout time.

The iCloud open/save dialog

Of all the iOSisms that get ported to the desktop, I think this one is an excellent idea.

Judging from the articles coming out today about Mountain Lion, Phil Schiller one-to-ones are the new Reality Distortion Field.

Cmd-W in Messages removes the current conversation from the list. Unlike Safari’s tabs, I expect chats to stay open when I close the window.

Wonder if a court could hypothetically order Apple to revoke the Gatekeeper certificate of an app like TVShows.

#ihatephotoshop #godifuckinghatephotoshop

Ca fait deux fois de suite que je traîne mon image sur l’icône d’iTunes au lieu de Photoshop. Overdose de bleu.

17 February

You’d think, Xcode being specifically made for one single language, they could hard-code the completion popup away for when you type “nil”.

I wish I could stop compulsively muting everyone; both Twitter and Facebook are getting so lonely.

Today we’re excited to announce that Garoo will slit his wrists with a broken AOL CD if his DSL remains stuck at 1KB/s for ten more minutes.

Osfoora for Mac looks pretty

But coming late, the battle’s been fought already. Also, main window wastes lots of space.

Just remembered you can open separate timeline windows in Twitter for Mac. Would be perfect if it remembered open windows over relaunches.

“Slide up to open Camera”

The visual doesn’t seem clear or intuitive to me, but the gesture sounds good.

19 February

Looks like the Kindle simply gives up on justifying a line if the words would end up too far apart. Interesting compromise.

Finished reading the Steve Jobs biography. I feel like he’s dead.

20 February

I’ve got a box full of books I was waiting for a good time to read, and now of course I’m wondering whether to buy them all again on Kindle.

Because how stupid would I look, reading my long-waiting paperbacks just now that I’ve gotten a Kindle?

Why on earth does Preview insist on making you add your signature via iSight? What would be wrong with dragging an image onto the list?

Come on, there’s got to be a less gruesome way to get ePubs on my Kindle than using Calibre.

22 February

“Please Steal These webOS Features”

I’m always surprised when someone mentions that they use Safari a lot on their iPad — I kinda avoid it like the plague. Not that it’s bad; it’s just that the tab management UI is absolutely not optimized for touch. I always refrain from opening a web link from an iOS app because I know it will result in Safari remembering to keep this tab open for months, even though I only wanted a glance at it once.

On the other hand, managing your open tabs — and managing your open apps, and a lot of other system-level stuff — is a pleasure on webOS. How does it work anyway, now that the system is open source? Does it make it possible for anyone to copy any aspect of the UX, or do the patents still apply to you if you aren’t actually using the code (and contributing your own code in return, by the law of open source)?

It always takes me an hour to figure out how to make a repeating pattern with diagonal stripes in Photoshop.

“OS X Lion Finder bug deletes moved files”

Not gonna happen often, but I find intolerable any data-loss bug like this.

23 February

Hey, iTunes Connect, I know HTML is really hard but, still, maybe put a fucking separator between each month in the list of earning reports?

27 February

Tumblr updates content policy

Blog hosting is a can of worms; going beyond strict application of the law is a slippery slope.

Switching to Kindle in the middle of a 600-page paperback, I can confirm: Kindle beats paper, and scissors and rock.

The only thing Kindle makes harder is skimming through long, over-detailed descriptions. (Because there’s so relatively little text on a single screen.) But that may not be an entirely bad thing.

28 February

Somewhat mystified by the material that makes the back of my Kindle. Feels rubbery to the touch, but seems like plastic in every other way.

Don’t tell anyone, but if I somehow got a Galaxy Note 10.1 for free I totally wouldn’t throw it away.

Did… Apple… really send out a photo of the Retina iPad on the event invite? OMG the sky is falling so hard. Doomed! Apple is doomed!

29 February

Maybe there’s no Home button on the iPad 3 because you can only unlock it with the stylus.

Arg. I wouldn’t mind if Apple emailed me to warn me that push is about to expire on one of my apps.

Ungh at my Facebook pages switching to a new format that I won’t maintain either. And a dozen timeline covers to design now.

I love Timeline for Facebook profiles, but it’s pretty stupid for pages, where static presentation is more important than history.

Guess I have no choice but to stick the intro text into the cover image, which sucks.

I’ll add that Facebook’s Timeline design would work ever so perfectly with letting users upload custom page background patterns — and so much better than in Twitter, too.


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