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2 June 2012

Okay, it wasn’t just an impression, there are indeed links I added to Pocket that never made it to my reading list. Damnit.

My workflow being to quickly skim through Reader, adding to a read-later service anything of remote interest, I must’ve missed a lot lately.


Love the idea of being able to tap out a rhythm on your phone to receive a fake call to escape boring meetings #ota12 #hackday

I haven’t used Google Latitude in months and I’m still getting “X accepted your friend request” emails about already existing contacts.

Looks like the only way to stop Latitude is to remove all the contacts I have in it. (Won’t be too hard, I have five.)

Hiragana Pixel Party for iOS

This is exactly the kind of kana-teaching app / game I’ve always been looking for. Seems well thought-out all around, and it’s free(mium). It’s just a pity that I’m not very good at rhythm games.

4 June

“If you can’t view this Flash gallery, look at our Flickr portfolio.” Links to… the Flash slideshow on Flickr.

5 June

SmartGlass is a great product name that would deserve a better, more important use than just “control your Xbox from your iPad.”

6 June

Hey, Airtime: the reason Chatroulette faded into oblivion isn’t the penises, it’s that it was a novelty with an intrinsic expiration date.

Not to mention that 50% of the point of Chatroulette — of the reason it got any buzz at all — was that you played Russian penis roulette. It’s even in the name! (Retroactively.)

11 June

Linen has taken over the visual formerly known as the Apple Store Post-It. I’m going to throw up.


I don’t want to see a bunch of inspirational app stories. Give me Cribs WWDC edition, show me some devs living large.

“Tap to tweet” and “Tap to wall-post” in the notification center, really? There were more urgent things to put there.

It only took six iOS versions before we got photo uploads to web forms.

I’d bet that Twitter integration in iOS, Twitter pushing “open” patents, and Apple finally implementing pull-to-refresh are all related.

Using geofencing to display your Starbucks QR code on your lock screen is a cool idea, but does it really warrant a whole new app?

Turn-by-turn navigation integrated with Siri, or every single GPS manufacturer swallowing cyanide tonight.

That’s when you realize one of the iPhone’s most lasting disadvantages, subpar Maps integration, was all Google dragging its heels in order to favor its own platform.

Can’t imagine there’s a technical reason for supporting the 3GS but not the original iPad. #grr

Working with Retina and non-Retina apps side by side on a MacBook Pro must be torture.

12 June

Giving OmniFocus another try since the prices have become reasonable, but I just can’t see myself living in that interface. Doesn’t work for me.

iOS 6’s amazing technicolor status bar http://t.co/oJ2kzJAu Having long sworn off the old gray status bar, I don’t hate the idea.

13 June

Après un an d’iOS 5, je réalise que si je mettais le calendrier dans mon dock au lieu d’un dossier, j’aurais la date du jour à l’écran.

It’s like “-webkit-filter: grayscale(1);” was invented for my websites.

14 June

Tu me casses les couilles, Chrome, à ne recharger les CSS qu’une fois sur deux.

15 June

Now that Mountain Lion can sync and upgrade your Mac while it’s sleeping, how about also making your iTunes library available?

There’s still no Siri on iPod touch, is there? Interesting choice, it’s been a while now.

16 June


I’m going to invent new HTTP status codes: 508 NOT MY FAULT and 208 WORKS FOR ME


This camera upload stuff from Dropbox has a whiff of panic about it.

17 June

18 June

Apple may be annoyingly US-centric still, but at least their keynotes don’t happen in the middle of the night for Europe. Right, Microsoft?


Interesting data point, already seeing more 6.0 users than 4.x.

Garoo elsewhere, on iOS 6’s lost Maps functionality:

iOS 6 makes it pretty obvious, I think, that Apple has wanted to have turn-by-turn directions on the iPhone for a while, but couldn’t as long as they were using Google. And I would be surprised if Google hadn’t been asking for more and more money — or more and more ad impressions — with each iOS release. (Remember that Reddit post about Maps giving sponsored directions to another fast-food place than what the user asked for, even though it was twice as far? That’s definitely not Apple’s idea.)

I don’t think iOS 6 is Apple getting rid of Google out of pettiness; I’m certain they switched to a new data source in order to offer more functionality, and at the cost of removing less important functionality that TomTom can’t provide. (Turn-by-turn is much more important to the iPhone than transit maps — transit info will be available in free or cheap third-party apps, but turn-by-turn was an expensive App Store purchase and as a third-party app it couldn’t be integrated with Siri. Voice-operated turn-by-turn, included with the phone, is going to be a huge factor for many people hesitating between iPhone and Android.)

19 June

I must say I like the Microsoft tablet’s combination of integrated kickstand and cover keyboard. (Even if it’s not a true keyboard.)

Damnit, Microsoft, why you gotta put a Wacom stylus in your nicely designed tablet that I didn’t want to be interested in?

Really I just want the Surface tablet to sell well enough that Apple feels the need to copy both the touch keyboard and stylus.

Ah, so only the Intel version of Microsoft Surface will have pen input. That’s a disappointment, even more so for what it means re: iPad.

20 June

Windows Phone 8’s home screen suddenly looks a lot more interesting with the very simple switch to resizable tiles. Customization, yay.


Windows Phone 8’s new Start screen feels like the most dynamic, personal home screen of any phone platform. It’s time for iOS to step it up.

21 June

My WP8 home screen envy isn’t subsiding as I go through the blog posts of the day. Now I want a Lumia.

“Hacking Paid Upgrades in the App Store”

I’ve heard from many people who think that this isn’t possible. That once you pull an app from the store you must essentially abandon it. That is simply not true.

So long as you don’t actually delete the old version of the app within iTunes Connect you can continue submitting updates to apps even while they are in the Developer Removed from Sale state. Whether this is intentional functionality is unclear but I have verified that it does in fact work and the resulting approved updates are available for customers.

Interesting. I assume that “available for customers” means the update won’t be pushed to their devices and they have to use the purchases list to download it “again,” but that’s still better than nothing.

Would someone make a Launch Center Pro clone with Windows Phone 8-style layout, please? (Well, I guess _I_ could if nobody else did.)

22 June

24 June

After how many times saying “I hate you” out loud to the PopSci iPad app should I finally cancel my subscription?

“Duracell-Powermat has placed tabletop charging stations throughout Madison Square Garden.” You know where to steal your next smartphone.

Renaming your Twitter account is a goddamn mess of half your clients keeping half your old info in their caches.

Et si j’achetais un SSD pour qu’il fasse moins chaud dans ma chambre ? Raisonnable, non ?

25 June


“I’m typing this on a phone” is not an excuse to be mediocre. It’s as rude as “I’m too lazy to google it, but:”


Holy cow, I may have just realized why I like Twitter so much better than other “social” sites: no guilt-trip notification count on login.

26 June

“Facebook forces all users over to @facebook.com e-mail addresses”

As of Friday, the company seems to have quietly given or replaced the display e-mail addresses of all of its users [on their profiles] with an @facebook.com address.

I thought, who cares? until I read this comment on Reddit:

Where I see this hurting most users is from automatic phone syncs of contacts. Running through my phone, I see all these @facebook email addresses now.

Remember what’s coming this summer? iOS 6, and automatic Facebook contact sync for everyone (I’m under the impression that it’s an option — haven’t installed the beta myself, but I read something to that effect on Twitter — but you can be sure that most people will enable it, because why wouldn’t they? it beats manually entering the info). It’s not like people use e-mail much these days, but it’s still definitely going to make a noticeable difference in usage, and it is a hijacking of people’s email accounts.

So, yeah, I’m moving this from “benign” to “evil.”


And, as a bonus:

Isn’t it funny how this privacy control doesn’t exist anywhere else in the profile settings, and its title (“Shown on Timeline” / “Hidden from Timeline”) doesn’t make any sense for what it actually does, and it can end up completely contradicting the regular privacy control that’s on its left (oddly enough, at Facebook’s benefit)? Even for Facebook, that’s oddly inefficient and obtuse UI, isn’t it?

TaskPaper for Mac is $2 instead of $32

It’s like they’re cutting you a $30 check! (via @louije)

In Mountain Lion, do you still have to manually quit apps before the App Store can update them? Because, a reminder: that’s ridiculous.

I don’t love the Podcasts app’s UI, even if the tape deck is cute. Uncomfortable mix of skeuomorphism and Android-like abstract widgets.


Looking forward to the iOS Podcast Recorder app that requires you to press play and record at the same time to start recording.

27 June

Amazon’s goal with the Fire was never to profit on the hardware; they must be thrilled someone else is taking the loss / lack of profit.


The Google Glass demo features a dirigible, a billionaire, and wingsuits. #bond23

“We still have no clue how to make the Google glasses remotely useful, so we need you developers to buy prototypes and invent something.”

Restored my iPad because it was sluggish, spent another full day downloading again my unread NatGeo issues — they’re not part of the backup.

28 June

Google+ History: a manual Facebook Timeline

Interesting idea. Also, it can’t work — users are too lazy.

I’ve added one more hard drive to my Drobo; I’ve added one more source of scary metallic sounds to my bedroom #cringe

The compromised keyboard Chrome needs to add on iOS because of the combined search+URL field is jarring.

Chrome for iPad transposes perfectly the convenience of the desktop version’s Incognito mode. Again, the browser you keep for googling STDs.

Swiping from the side to switch tabs is great, but whoever decided which side went which way is dyslexic.

Is iTunes really stupid about buffering podcasts? Because I feel like my hard drive is heating up non-stop while I’m doing nothing but listening to them.

Oh! You can log into the Instagram site and interact with pictures there! How revolutionary!

29 June

Le moment où tu réalises qu’enlever un disque du Drobo en pleine canicule va déclencher un rebuild de douze heures en pleine canicule.

30 June

It’s also funny because they have everything to lose by messing with the experience of the influential minority that uses third-party clients.


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