31 juil. 2012

Oh, FFS. The Podcasts app seems to count as unread all the episodes I've ever deleted from iTunes—and I always delete them after listening.


30 juil.

"To open Adobe Photoshop CS5.app, you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?" What? Why?


The more I try the Podcasts app, the more reticent I feel about ever upgrading to iOS 6. It's almost my #1 use of the phone.


I hope Apple intentionally leaked fake iPhone 5 pics, because it horrifies me to think they'd stick to that design for a third generation.


28 juil.

Uh… the only way I see to know if the current page is over SSL in the new Safari (after it's done loading) is to copy and paste the URL?!


Ca commence à me gonfler de devoir réessayer trois fois chaque upload de mes fichiers de sauvegarde sur S3.


Funny how such a simple addition as Search-as-you-Type makes you think, hey, I could totally use Launchpad. (Though probably not, really.)


27 juil.

Oh, right, I'd been warned that Mountain's scrollbars were more intrusive. Good luck getting to that Reply button in Echofon now!


Idea: Add an "Are you sure?" dialog when the user tapped to dial a number after, say, midnight.


Drink every time the Cancel button isn't where your finger expects it to be during Instagram's publishing process.


26 juil.

I know there's a good UX reason for the Dock resisting me as I remove an icon, but it still sounds like "Apple decided you need Reminders."


Fuuuuuuu. Proxi doesn't work in Mountain Lion. I should have made a list of all my shortcuts so I could replicate them in another app.


Of course Apple wouldn't have realized how useless dictation becomes over here if you can't quick-switch between languages.


Bon ben voilà, j'ai payé mes quinze euros pour avoir l'Exposé comme avant. Youpi.


25 juil.

PHP Syntax Checking in BBEdit (or TextWrangler)

Can't believe I've never googled that up before today.


23 juil.

Je ne dis pas que je ne l'achèterais pas, mais le MacBook Retina, en démo à l'Apple Store, n'impressionne pas vraiment comme je pensais.


21 juil.

I just opened a YouTube video and the playhead never caught up with the buffer. What is this witchcraft?


20 juil.

Wonder how long until Sparrow is discontinued as a standalone app — unlike all the other software Google acquired, people paid for this app.


Ex-aequo : l'imprimante qui n'imprime qu'une fois sur deux, et Preview qui n'a pas de bouton "fais pas chier et imprime à 100% de zoom."


Hey, Digitick : si on ne va pas pouvoir changer son numéro de téléphone dans l'interface, demandez à l'inscription de le taper deux fois.


19 juil.

Free dev idea: make a browser for Retina Macs that displays pages at a cleanly pixel-doubled 2:1 — for web designers checking their stuff.


17 juil.

Hey, National Geographic: I'll subscribe again when I can read a single issue on my iPad that doesn't crash the app.


16 juil.

Hmm, si Apple pense qu'un iPad 3 peut m'être utile pour mes études, qui suis-je pour en douter ?


14 juil.

Hesitant to put bookmarks and clippings in my Dropbox folder. Afraid they could get wiped out locally by an errant sync. Am I justified?


A bit of spring cleaning on my iPhone. Of course, as always, I can't delete the games I've completely finished, or the save will be deleted.


XMPP is decentralized. IRC is decentralized. E-mail and RSS are more primitive, but decentralized. It's been achieved before is what I'm saying.


Those who suggested creating a decentralized platform had it right. Giving the keys to another company instead is just dumb. #ohbutwepromise


So… people are donating to a Twitter clone project that's spammy, and unproven beyond its solemn pledge to go bankrupt posthaste? #appdotnet


13 juil.

Les iPhone volés blanchis par le Genius Bar

Evident quand on y pense, mais je n'y avais jamais réfléchi.


12 juil.

I'm fairly certain I checked "update Flash without asking me" last time, but I guess Adobe craves the attention too much.


11 juil.

Is there any Twitter client for Mac left that knows it’s not an iPhone app and dares open profiles, discussions, etc., in new windows?


The orientation lock setting would be better remembered per app — still handled by the OS, for consistency, but switching with each app.


If you read a lot on iPad, you quickly get used to keeping orientation locked, and you lose 30% of the device's versatility.


It would make all the difference between "crowding the market in a way that makes no sense" and "creating a niche for itself."


Imagine if the Amazon phone were e-ink. Read your texts in direct sunlight, like 15 years ago! Enjoy several days of battery life!


Sent an email with all-caps bits to Formspring yesterday demanding for my account to be deleted: 1) it's sooo satisfying 2) they did it!


“Urgent: Change Your Formspring Password.” I wouldn't have to if you'd let me delete my account like I wanted to half a year ago, you fucks.


10 juil.

Twitter's "third-party clients don't follow our evolution fast enough" is already untenable in itself, but they can't even dogfood it.


Twitter for iPhone adds "push-notify all tweets from this user." Twitter for iPad… doesn't. Shyamalan twist: IT WAS THE SAME APP ALL ALONG.


Corollary: is it time to abandon the original iPad as a target platform? I'd say no, but then Apple goes "fuck you, no iOS 6."


Scrolling in the new Google+ app for iPad gives me a headache — keeps hanging mid-animation for a split second. Is it better on iPad 2+?


Tablet size comparison

The 7.85" iPad is too big — but it may be dictated by the need to get the same dpi as iPhone.


Putain ! Je teste deux apps de gif animés, les deux me renvoient à zéro quand elles s'aperçoivent que je n'ai pas configuré mon compte Twitter.


Why isn't anybody selling a ModBook-like conversion of a 24" Cintiq + Mac mini internals (with an SSD of course)? I'd totally pinterest it.


Preview the 7" iPad

Seems just a little bit too big to get rid of the bezel and hold the tablet in your palm.


5 juil.

If my Apple Trackpad wasn't wireless, it wouldn't keep disconnecting for no reason. Just saying.



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