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1 October 2012

I just noticed that, at least in iOS 5, “?” and “!” are swapped around on the iPad’s French tweet keyboard. Been tripping me up all summer.

I’ll give you this: the iPhone 5 is really pleasant to the touch, in all the ways the 4 wasn’t (it felt too angular and cold, unfriendly).

So that’s Apple design finally getting mobile devices right, only it’s a moot point since you can’t use a black iPhone with no case.

2 October

C’est juste du confirmation bias, ou j’ai vraiment du réseau de merde depuis que j’ai basculé d’Orange à Sosh lundi ?

I can’t wait to see an Apple VP struggle to express how “awesome” anodized aluminum is when he introduces the iPad mini.

I hate double-tap-to-like with a passion. Double-tap means zoom, activate, tell me more; it doesn’t fit a non-idempotent action.

4 October

J’en ai terriblement marre de gérer (1) les jailbreakés et (2) les gens qui ont utilisé plusieurs comptes App Store sur leur iPhone.

6 October

Euh… iOS 6 fait sauter les sonneries quand on écoute de la musique ?!

8 October

Mode silence activé + casque branché = les notifications ne bippent pas. On est d’accord que c’est nouveau, non ? Parce que c’est vraiment très très con.

10 October

Never occurred to me to count how many symbols Uniconsole has until a blog asked me. I think “6,800” is worth a mention on the site.

Oh, there’s no RSS feed for my Twitter favorites anymore, is there? Inching ever closer to when I’ll have to ditch the platform.

No way, TweetDeck now lets you choose to display tweets in black-on-white! Technology must have made spectacular strides this summer.

Ah ben voilà, c’est tout de suite mieux, TweetDeck redesigné.

11 October

I think launching today an iOS 6-only iPad magazine is a little dumb when millions of iPads 1 can’t run it, but that’s just me.

I’m starting to give more weight to the rumor that iOS 6 screwed up the network on my iPhone 4. It does feel like software bugs.

Fuck you, Twitter, for disabling the RSS feeds without setting up a redirection.

If the workaround stops working when API 1.0 is killed off, the upside is I’ll have to blog again.

12 October

Am I really the only one who’s always wanted the iPhone’s Music app to sort the album list by artist?

Wasn’t iOS 6 supposed to stop trying to predict what key I’m about to press? Because I’m pretty sure it’s still as annoying as ever.

So it looks like the whole “invite on October 10th” was just Apple weeding out a mole?

13 October


The 6 Stages of Debugging: That can’t happen. That shouldn’t happen. Hmmm, weird. Why does that happen? Oh, I see. How did that ever work?

La géolocalisation de Yelp est optimisée pour les californiens voituroportés, ou juste buggée ? Le classement est aléatoire sur 5 km.

14 October

Je ne peux plus me balader deux heures dans Paris sans vider la batterie de mon iPhone. Nokia ou HTC ?

A $900 20-inch tablet

I actually think this is a good idea. Both portable and transportable have their place.

Looking for a music app for iOS that lets you e.g. sort albums by artist? Panamp is excellently thought-out; Track 8 is fun to look at.

Reorganized my iOS home screens; removed from the dock all the apps I mostly access by tapping notifications.

15 October

“The Elegant Email”

I’m linking to this because I disagree with just about every single point he makes.

If I give up on Twitter I’ll miss having a simple app for quickly posting content — so I’m considering setting up a Tumblr just for that.

That is, I would post to a dedicated Tumblr using the app, and my blog would import the contents just like it does now for Twitter.

Do you realize the freedom of typing a post in a well-designed app, and not seeing a character countdown update as you type?

16 October

Gants pour iPhone Muji : pas complètement idéal pour taper rapidement, mais ils fonctionnent.

Wonder if Microsoft chose (oddly) not to have a 16GB Surface undercutting the iPad, or Windows RT is just too bad an experience on 16GB.

Echofon abandons the desktop


If it’s a matter of prioritizing their alloted API keys, then fuck you Echofon — I’m pretty sure I paid about $25 for the Mac app, not $5.

Speaking of jumping ship, I may have said it before but I just don’t get why Tumblr doesn’t do more to court Twitter’s disenfranchised.

Thinking the reason why Surface Pro will launch later is just so that initial buzz cannot be about how expensive the high-end Surface is.

17 October

Feature request: “Mute until they change their avatar again.”

20 October

J’aimerais bien pouvoir dire à l’appli Foursquare “poste sur Twitter uniquement si j’ajoute un message à mon checkin.”

21 October

Fini le target disk mode, fini l’OS livré sur support physique, bonjour la prise de tête pour changer soi-même le disque de son Mac.

Et dire que ça fait deux mois que ma todo-list inclut “installer CrashPlan pendant que je suis à Paris avec une connexion décente.”

22 October

Le mec qui suivait aveuglément l’appli Plans tout en se disant, tiens, dans ma mémoire c’était pas dans ce quartier, Macway.

Considering how much cooler this 5400rpm drive is running under intensive use, I’m kinda surprised the 7200rpm didn’t fry sooner.

23 October

I don’t like pagination on e.g. Instapaper, but I can’t imagine how continuous scrolling would be good for full-on books — you’ll get lost.

Am I the only one finding that the trusty old iMac stand looks awkward with the new design? Better invest in a wall mount,


I love how carefully Phil turns the iMac so you don’t see the huge bulge in the back of the machine.

I just want to know if the, yeesh, Fusion Drive doubles your chances of losing all your data at once.

Can’t believe they’re calling it a 4th-gen iPad and emphasizing it’s only been six months, in the same breath. Apology letter incoming.

There goes the hope that they had delayed the iPad mini’s release to get rid of anodized aluminum. Enjoy your scuffs.

I still feel like the iPad mini should have been just a tad smaller. Will have to judge in person, obviously.

IPad 2 lives on? what the fuck?

My last question will be, does the iPad 4 manage to charge up faster than it empties its battery?

24 October

“iWork09.mpkg can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” Ha.

You have no idea how scared I am of syncing my iPhone to iTunes again after I restored my Mac to a month-old incomplete backup.


Dropbox is a complete POS across different timezones. Had to disable iMac syncing back in Ireland because it was just creating conflicts

Letterpress crashes my iPad 1 every time my opponent plays. Nice. He’s fallible too.

It’s the first time I really use Game Center for a multiplayer game; the interface is a mess and the whole thing a liability for game devs.

25 October


iPad mini “gross margin is significantly below corporate average”

26 October

If I had any interest in Rdio, their emailing me every single day of my trial period sure dissuaded me.

28 October

“The new and updated games of Windows 8”

The most immediately noticeable change to the free games in Windows 8 is that they’re all designed to run primarily in full-screen mode as “Windows 8 style” apps. On the plus side, this helps create some very streamlined interfaces without distracting window borders or menu bars getting in the way. Multitaskers can play some of the available games in “snap mode” by dragging the game to a small sliver on the left or right side of the screen, but the results are mixed—Minesweeper and Wordament work fine in this compressed space, but the card layout in the Solitaire Collection gets so cramped that it’s nearly unplayable. If you want to play Mahjong or Taptiles while you’re on a teleconference, you’re going to need a dual-screen setup.

It is so sad — no, it is revolting, really — that we are abandoning the huge benefits of overlapping windows, proven over thirty years of computing history.


Thought: with iPad mini on the horizon, developers are going to be flooded with requests for sync support. Even for iPad-only apps.

29 October


Android 4.2 supports multiple users on same device, as does Windows RT. iOS has a little catchup to do

Today’s Nexus announcements are full of wow, for the first time — from specs to prices to functionality.

Aren’t you worried that someone offering free, unlimited “scan and match” for your music will sell you out to the RIAA, though?

30 October

I’m a little encouraged to see Cook willing to fire an established VP. Was surprised nobody commented on Forstall not introducing the iPads.

This is honestly the most optimistic I’ve been about Apple in more than a year. Can’t wait to see next summer’s product announcements.

Google’s voice search is pretty awesome to play with, for us who don’t have Siri. And I think I like her voice better — more neutral.

Of course, it’s ultimately bordering on useless because you have to open an app then tap a button every time you need it.

And that’s when I found out my iPad 1 has a microphone.

Please explain to me how anyone, anywhere, thinks it’s a great idea to embed a remote desktop server in your web browser.

31 October

Squarespace Note (does not require a Squarespace account) is a really interesting app for sending yourself notes in all the cloudy ways.


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