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1 April 2015


Dear everybody hating on April Fool’s Day: I’m sorry you have to use critical judgment on the internet for a whole 24 hours. What a burden.

3 April

The Wired feature on Apple Watch says iOS 7 was being designed in late 2011 or early 2012. It must be a mistake?

4 April

The root of the issue is that the watch is trying to do too much (in order to justify its existence). The end result is bad UX.

I currently have 100% smartwatch envy and only about 2% Apple Watch envy. I really hope Android Wear ends up working well with iOS.

8 April

J’espérais un peu qu’iOS 8.3 ne sortirait jamais pour que je n’aie pas besoin de mettre à jour Uniconsole #flemme #aquoibon

9 April

Is there a bug on my iPhone or does 8.3 actually force you to pick a separate color for each human emoji? I assumed choosing the color once would change all the faces simultaneously.

A new Xcode update, new provisioning issues in projects that compiled just fine a week ago.

My rational brain still rejects the Apple Watch on many grounds, but the buzz on Twitter is putting some damn pressure on my magpie brain.

10 April

Tumblr’s post editor displays a little dot on non-breaking spaces <3 <3 <3

Listening to the latest ATP, and in full agreement with Marco Arment that the Apple Watch would be a better product if it simply didn’t have “apps” — no launcher, just notifications and glances (some of the latter being provided by third-party iPhone apps). Not just because of initial performance issues with WatchKit, but because hunting for an app within that home screen looks to be the nadir of the device’s UX, only compounded by the fact that the display will switch back to the watch face as soon as you drop your wrist.

But even Apple would have trouble selling a $400 device (let alone $1,000 or $10,000) that only displays notifications and glances. It has to have “apps,” even if they turn out to be entirely useless.

Basically all my gripes with the Watch come from Apple’s need to justify its price range — i.e. they stem from Jony Ive’s nouveau-riche urge to create a gold watch. (Yes, I’m bitter because all I’ve wanted for years is a simple, well-designed first-party Pebble - a device that would be honest about what it is.)


Just received my new 3€ Watch — it has force touch and literally zero buttons [instagram.com]

Elle va certainement arrêter de marcher après trois-quatre jours d’utilisation, mais à ce prix je peux bien en racheter une à chaque fois.

11 April

Well, it definitely is a lovely object. Taptic Engine is great; not a fan of how freely the crown turns, but I’m sure you get used to it.

Putting on the sport band however is as much of a pain in the ass as I expected, but maybe I’m still missing something obvious?

My other try-on was the $150 Leather Loop, and that one is lovely.


Part of the growth of tech is that it moves beyond purely utilitarian use cases.

Redditors having no qualms about calling the stainless-steel model “Apple Watch SS.” But then Chevrolet has used the “SS” badge for decades.

13 April

Damnit, my old Wacom’s all screwy in Yosemite. But it’s taken me six months to notice, so it’s hard to justify buying a new one.

15 April


I found out how teens (likely) hacked into my car last week, and how to stop them with the help of my freezer: [nyti.ms]

16 April

I never watch music videos so I hadn’t thought about the potential for VR: bite-sized experiences that immerse you in the artist’s universe while remaining short enough not to make you sick (and not to completely bankrupt the production company). An actual video game would be hell to design, because you’d have to think very hard about how the music will sync up with the player’s actions, but it totally works if the interactivity is limited to moving your head.

18 April

A Qi iPhone case without the usual chin

Are they using a counterfeit Lightning connector, or is there finally a smaller option officially available?

20 April


“Make any animation half as long as you think it should be. And then possibly halve the timing again” (B. Scott - Designing Web Interfaces)

I’m still waiting for a full-featured tablet/laptop with the same color e-ink as Pebble Time. Several-day battery + usable in sunlight.

E-ink is (hopefully) gonna be the one differentiator that allows Pebble to survive, and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for tablets too.

21 April

Wow, I submitted an iTunes Connect bug and it was fixed in five days. It would almost encourage me to post more (but not really).

22 April

Buying a digital camera is so hard. There are multiple brands to choose from! It’s anarchy!

Am I really gonna have to buy a wifi-enabled camera and use its shitty app just because Apple’s Lightning camera adapter only works on iPad?

23 April


Apple, you so evil. App rejection: “… your app and app description declare support for the Pebble Smartwatch” [forums.getpebble.com]


Don’t ever say you don’t have choices on mobile. [pic.twitter.com]

24 April

25 April

Cherchant à utiliser mes bons pour des domaines gratuits Gandi :

$ whois romantis.me


Tellement parfait, j’hésite à le laisser.

I was adding black rounded corners to my iPhone apps before the Watch made it fashionable again.

26 April

Trouble getting iTunes to sync my Photos albums to iPhone. Is there gonna be a point when iOS devices are just unusable without paid iCloud?

27 April

Just figured out that what people call the Watch’s “air gap” must be the glass needing to be thicker to withstand Force Touch. (I knew it had to be the glass’s thickness, but blanked on the reason why.)

The problem isn’t that stainless steel gets scratched, but that the Watch isn’t designed to look good with scratches #realworlddesign

“Nokia is gonna make smartphones again” is the new “webOS is coming back.”

Let’s do this but in landscape. Wrists are wider than tall; it’ll never look like an old-school watch so stop trying.

28 April

Wish I could set up keyframes in Interface Builder and animate between them in code. You know, flat design coming alive through motion and all that.


The Internet of Things: accept our terms of service update to continue unlocking your door [pic.twitter.com]

29 April

Well done, quickly adjusting to a changing market

I like the design; it’s probably significant though that it’s not shown on a wrist for size.

I feel like iOS used to be smart enough not to scroll-to-top the active app when you swiped the Notification Center down. Misremembering?


Xcode provisioning nightmares are a real thing. Oh my god. Help [pic.twitter.com]


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