Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

1 September 2015

I often wish I could ask Xcode to search for “NSLog” only in uncommented code.


Apple exec #1: “What’s an iOS feature we can make that Android won’t copy?”

Apple exec #2: “Ad blocking?”

Apple exec #1: “😈😈😈”


My only other problem with the new Google logo. Forgive me as I show my inner type-nerd. [pic.twitter.com]

2 September

Took the loaner Watch out of its box (because watchOS 2 is coming). My dilemma is, I find its product design so profoundly unsexy, yet its industrial design so gratifying.

I’d much rather look at a round Samsung Gear S2 on my wrist but (before even thinking of software) it will never feel as precisely engineered — like jewelry.

3 September

In a time when Jeeps can be hacked over GSM I can’t complain about Apple taking security seriously, but it seems a bit overkill for lights.

4 September

ICQ just showed up in the App Store’s updates. Did I only install it to get a nostalgic flashback every time that happens?

L’app est gratuite parce que le monde est rempli de radins, alors n’hésitez pas à la charger et à lui mettre cinq étoiles, voire plus.

All I had to do to get the IAP working was submit a 1.0.1 update with “‘Remove Ads’ button” in the release notes so they wouldn’t forget to approve it this time.

5 September


My lesson from Slack: take obscure nerd tech from college, package it well, & sell it to enterprise execs who were in frats at the time.

6 September

“Tap vs. press” is already not ideal, but at least you can teach it to most users. For many people, “deeper press” will just mean the device is reacting randomly to presses.


No one stopped at this point and said, “Gee, maybe we should just use real fucking buttons.” [pic.twitter.com]

8 September


The bigger story: Apple has access to your iMessages if you backup to iCloud. [nytimes.com] [pic.twitter.com]

9 September

Remember when they integrated the Apple Store into the main site and we thought at least it wouldn’t go offline anymore on keynote day?

Does Apple care enough about its stock price that it would reduce the number of keynotes because they always result in a dip?

I kind of want to wait until next year, when the iPad Air form factor becomes compatible with Apple Stylus.


iPad Pro starting at 32 GB, no 64 option, is the same as iPhone starting at 16, no 32. Take out the one people actually want to upsell them.


iTunes for Mac could take a few pages from the UI of Music on TV


The Apple Event is the world’s largest meeting that could’ve been an email.

I’d love to have shortcuts on the Springboard, but “tap-hold to rearrange icons, tap-deep to access shortcuts” seems awful. Swipe-deep to switch between apps is even worse.


Apple built a custom chip to power the screen flash on the new iPhones. Let that sink in.

The way iPhone uses 3D Touch is the same problem as on the Watch: they had the technology and looked for (idiotic) ways to put it to use.

Live Photos are a cool feature and fuck you for tying them to the new iPhone.


“There is no persistent local storage for apps on Apple TV.” [pic.twitter.com]

Really interesting that they’re taking advantage of the brand-new platform to prevent apps from taking hours to install before first launch #LastRT

Paper by FiftyThree is the one third-party app mentioned on the Pencil’s page. I half-expected them to refuse to update for it, and close up shop (since it’s been pretty much established they’re not profiting from software).


I’m kind of depressed after the event, not as a Mac developer but as a user. They telegraphed a long-term future without the Mac, IMHO.

My initial doubts about the Pencil’s technology choices are waning. So I’m mostly sold on iPad Pro, totally sold on Apple TV, and hate the implementation of 3D Touch but wish I could have the new camera.

La vie est injuste, il va falloir que je travaille tout le reste de la semaine pour me payer ces nouveaux jouets.

10 September

Qui veut mon stylet pour iPad Bluetooth de Fiftythree ? Peu servi, je le cède pour 700 €.

“Wacom vs N-Trig - A Modern Comparison”

Relevant to the Apple Pencil, which seems quite comparable to N-Trig, if not licensed outright.


I dropped the iOS Calendar app into the tvOS Sim - amusing to see what it does to all the UIKit elements [pic.twitter.com]

Didn’t expect Paper by Fiftythree to suddenly become the best note-taking app for iPhone (and iPad) — for free. An excellent surprise.

Got a notification from Tweetbot on iPad that my tweet was faved by a stranger. Simplest way to identify them was to look their handle up… in Safari.

I don’t think the iPhone 6S automatically switches to live photos when it detects a face, but it should — with an on/off/auto setting like for the flash. I know I’d immediately turn it off, because I mostly take photos of landscapes; then I’d never think to turn it on when it would be useful.

11 September


Corning has now passed $4 billion in revenue for Gorilla Glass for smartphones and tablets, and over 1 billion square feet of glass.

It’s amazing how Tumblr has remained faithful to its original concept in all the right ways, and hasn’t tried to become Twitbook.

13 September

Un peu perturbé par le fait que Lee Pace dans Halt and Catch Fire est à la fois clairement inspiré de Steve Jobs et un psychopathe crédible.

14 September


Seil is great. Set Caps Lock to F13, Alfred. Set Right Option Key to F14, Notification Center toggle.




These 3D sketches drawn by artists in VR are all incredible: [facebook.com] via @chetfaliszek [pic.twitter.com]

15 September

Painstakingly set up my Xcode project’s tabs. Done for the day, Cmd-W to close the project. Why isn’t the window clo… OH, FUCK.

Every. Single. Time.


OMG must be horrible to type on this “keyboard” but NEEEEEED :) [vine.co]


1960: We need to invest heavily in math edu or the Russians will win

2015: We need to heavily regulate math tech or the terrorists will win

16 September

For the first time in weeks I’ve opened Snapchat because I was curio—OH MY GOD I HATE THIS INTERFACE SO MUCH.

Twitter’s about to be sued for shortening URLs in DMs. And they’ll probably lose or settle because, as idiotic as it is, it makes perfect sense from a legal standpoint.

If I could find a small desktop app I like for posting to Tumblr, I’d be running all my posts through it. So tired of editing down to 140.

Safari View Controller will confuse users and, if you’re a dev, I still recommend just sending links to Safari. It’s asinine that going back from a web view to the original app will sometimes require you to tap the Done button in the upper-left corner, and sometimes hunt for the tiny “Back” link in the title bar, when both views look almost 100% identical.


Reminder that with Xcode 7, now public, you can build any Xcode project and install it on your iOS 9 device with just an AppleID, free.


Reminder: When you install iOS 9, a lot will update, migrate, and index. Battery and performance will take a temporary hit. Give it a day.

The lowercase keyboard’s letters are like two pixels higher than uppercase and I know why they did it but I feel it was the wrong choice.


Snapchat is now @BuzzFeed’s third-largest traffic source: [businessinsider.com]

17 September

I figured updating my app for iOS 9 would be easy and I could wait until public release to recompile and resubmit hahaha stupid fool.

You can’t open a push notification in Slide Over, can you? That would have been the ideal use case.

18 September

I can’t find the Apple TV dev kit’s NDA, so I don’t know if I’m allowed to comment on the remote (since it’s not software).

19 September

Wonder if a Bittorrent client + video player would be allowed on Apple TV. I’m sure someone other than me will soon test those waters.

Such an oddly missed opportunity that Snapchat doesn’t let you pay $1 to keep a daily selfie filter you really like.

20 September

The fundamental problem with Force Touch and 3D Touch is that it relies on the assumption that uninformed people who accidentally happen upon the feature (by pressing too hard on a link or icon, because they’re in a bad mood or have imprecise motor control or whatever reason) will wonder what happened, ask around, figure it out and either be delighted or turn it off.

But that’s not how regular users work — especially when you’re at the point where each iPhone iteration sells hundreds of millions. Many of them will see their device behave erratically, both blame it and blame themselves, then carry on with their day, muttering “goddammit those fancy smartphones are stupid.” Maybe they’ll find out about 3D Touch months later, when it happens again in view of someone better informed — but by then the damage will have been done, they’ll have lost trust for their device.

It used to be that a Mac user’s first line of technical support was That Geek Friend / Family Member Who Had Made Them Buy A Mac In The First Place. But the iPhone is far too ubiquitous for that model still to work; many users don’t have a designated geek anymore.

It also used to be that Apple mostly avoided that kind of mistake.

21 September

Isn’t it inefficient that you have to manually update the position of each GameplayKit agent from Sprite/SceneKit for each cycle?

On-Demand Resources are great for keeping 16GB iPhones in stores, but will be awful for anyone ever needing to play offline.


Good news! Looks like, in iOS 9, third-party keyboards can access their app’s info without “Enable Full Access.” You can turn that off now.

22 September

I was glad to be done with the headaches of iOS 9-ing my apps — and now the builds are stuck “Processing” in iTunes Connect.

So. Tired.

Closed Xcode, launched Xcode-beta, it reopened my projects and started… doing to stuff to them. Nothing will ever compile again.

I assumed iOS 9’s keyboard-trackpad would move the cursor letter by letter, not turn into a full-on mouse pointer. This is so not iOS-like.

23 September

Bon, je n’arrive pas à configurer l’UI de l’app, mais au moins j’ai les icônes

24 September


VW was chosen randomly for the study that discovered the emission fraud ie. every other car company is doing it too [twitter.com]

I should have watched the WWDC session about Stack Views sooner #ohshit

26 September

GCHQ has the coolest codenames, though.

“Marked as duplicate of #18376933”

Mine was #18330633 and completely ignored.

My feelings are hurt, Radar.

28 September

Twenty minutes figuring out why my app didn’t detect the Apple TV’s remote. I’d started the app from Xcode so the remote wasn’t connected.

29 September


In nicer news, an open source clone of Slack has finally emerged [zulip.org]

I’m adjusting quite well to the original Pebble as a dumb wrist buzzer. I don’t have such an active life that I need a remote for my phone.

It’s still a damn shame though that you can’t filter notifications per app, so I’m keeping an eye out for affordable Android Wear models.


This is such a patently absurd idea that it’s either a red herring or Twitter is more lost than anyone suspected. [pic.twitter.com]

The Pixel C’s keyboard’s magnet action looks sweet

Heavier but a lot more elegant than the iPad Pro’s fabric origami.

30 September

Ever since I’d heard of Chrome’s pinned tabs I’d assumed that they reappeared in new windows. The word “pinned” implies permanence.

So long, Apple Music. All I asked of you was a way to bookmark tracks without fucking up my entire music library with iCloud.

Which do we want first, though — longer tweets or editable tweets? And does it even make any sense to have the former without the latter?


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