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3 November 2015

Will Twitter make available to third-party developers the API to replace star PNGs with hearts?

I’m evidently in a minority about this but I do think the heart/like makes a million times more sense.

What did a fav mean? — A communication platform can’t have a major feature so vaguely defined that it actively encourages miscommunication.

And, yeah, Slack-like reaction smileys would be nice, but we’re talking about the company that couldn’t enable polls without shortening tweets, so.

Surface Book teardown

Still wondering what fragile-looking “muscle wire” does that good old electromagnets couldn’t.

4 November

iOS 8 used to crash to lock screen while updating every third app. iOS 9 just uninstalls apps at random. I’m not sure that’s progress.

6 November

Why on earth is the MacBook’s “Automatic graphics switching” a global-only setting? I only want it enabled while on battery power.

7 November

I’d buy an iPhone 6s if you could 3D-touch a mistyped word in any text field to access a list of possible corrections.

Ironically, the most frustrating aspect of my Pebble may be how, once a week, it spends the whole day pestering me to charge it.

10 November

11 November

WTF. The slideshow on top of Apple’s homepage takes over my OS-level keyboard shortcuts (Cmd-Alt-arrows) for switching tabs in Safari.

I hope a good Microsoft Courier clone app for iPad Pro comes out soon so I can stop thinking about making it (I haven’t got the time).

How is this possible? What did they think people were gonna do with their iPad Pro? Did Apple really buy its own “iPad Pro as a laptop replacement” hype?

My credit card was hoping the iPad Pro reviews would cast at least the slightest aspersions on the Pencil. Oh well.


Sketching with the Pencil. Early verdict: 😍 [instagram.com]


Pencil-writin’. Kept accidentally triggering shading by slanting too much. Pretty easy to get used… [instagram.com]

12 November


Biggest iPad Pro marketing mistake was focusing on the keyboard - you can see that reflected in the reviews. Consumers’ll have same reaction

13 November

1. Damn, it’s big

2. Keyboard’s much more keyboardy than I expected

3. Yup, Pencil’s fantastic

4. Yup, Pencil’s out of stock

Finally checked out 3D Touch in person and I still don’t understand why you all like it. Even the haptic feedback sucks — feels like an error message.

I just might order a Pencil online and wait until it arrives to get an iPad Pro in store. (How ironic if they ran out of iPads by then.)

Also, two Pencils for ten iPad Pro demo units. Is the supply chain completely fubar or is Apple actually sabotaging the launch just to avoid the “they blew it” troll?

Snapchat waited just long enough to make you feel like they’re doing you a favor finally letting you purchase your favorite filters.

I’m downloading all the magazines in anticipation of getting a 12-inch iPad on which to read them.

Just checked and I must have bought my first Wacom tablet more than 15 years ago. No wonder I’m excited for the Pencil.

14 November


Why most New York City subway trains don’t have arrival clocks–an amazing look at large-scale systemic projects:


15 November

I’ve had to restore purchases today in two different apps on two different iOS devices. Guess it’s not just the MAS screwing up.

16 November

Tapped a link in my RSS reader and it took me five minutes to realize the reason everything was weird was it had opened in Medium’s app.

17 November


iPad Pro with Apple Pencil exposes force to JavaScript in Safari in the same way as 3D Touch on iPhone 6s(+) [pic.twitter.com]

18 November

19 November

19h à l’Apple Store Opéra, impossible de croiser le regard d’un vendeur, ils jouent la montre.

23 November


I have a lot to say about the Apple Pencil, so I wrote a review of it for @Pen_Addict.

Check it out!


Je viens encore d’avoir une idée d’app plus grosse que moi :(


1. Slack kills email

2. Slack dies

3. No email, no Slack, life is relaxing and quiet and awesome

I don’t find WordPress’s new JS-based UI particularly reactive, and the signup process is terminally broken in Safari 👍

25 November


Your Macbook’s power adapter has a microprocessor as capable as CPU in the original Mac [righto.com] [pic.twitter.com]

26 November

There must be a mistake, that thing dwarfing my desk is twice as big as the iPad Pros I saw on those huge Apple Store tables.

Didn’t quite realize in the Apple Store how embarrassing iOS’s unmodified UI and default apps look on the iPad Pro. What a rush job.

I have to say I kinda want to buy an iPad Pro keyboard now because it feels terribly silly owning such a device and not using it to work.

That screen is fucking insane. Good luck finding a wallpaper worthy of it.

27 November

Using the iPad Pro vertically in bed (reading comics) feels like looking up at a billboard on Times Square — which is both awesome and ridiculous.

28 November

Day 3: I honestly can’t believe the iPad Pro is the right size for anyone. It’s just absurd.

30 November

Day 5: I’m seriously considering returning the iPad Pro because it’s too big to be useful, and just found out I have until January 20 to decide because I bought it during the Christmas shopping period \o/

The iPad Pro’s nonsensical value proposition

I don’t even know how the iPad Pro’s reviews weren’t more negative. Buying an iPad to use as a laptop replacement only makes sense because you’re getting two devices for the price of one: a tablet for casual usage, and a subpar laptop for the only additional cost of an external keyboard. It’s a compromise.

But the iPad Pro is so big it completely sucks for casual usage — so you’re just left with a subpar laptop, running an OS designed around touch, attached to a keyboard that doesn’t include a trackpad. That’s not a reasonable choice, and it will take a serious overhaul of iOS before it becomes one.

I also think the iPad Pro is too large and inconvenient to carry around in meetings and take handwritten notes. That leaves professional artists as an incredibly niche target demographic. (Which makes it even more ridiculous that there’s a Pencil shortage at launch.) But, even then, unless you’re successful enough to afford a $1,200 paper pad, the Surface Pro is probably a better investment, since you get a proper laptop (running a desktop OS with a trackpad) at the cost of a slightly inferior stylus. That is an acceptable compromise.

Damn, I hate that I’m talking myself into returning the iPad Pro to get a Surface.


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