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1 June 2016

2 June

3 June

“The joy of Slack”

And somehow I haven’t managed to convince anyone I know to adopt it.

5 June

Hadn’t used Xcode in months. Trying to reinstall my app, couldn’t get out of provisioning issues. Closed Xcode, opened a vodka bottle.

7 June

8 June

RT @steipete: Really fair “subscription” model. You keep the version your updates ended. Major version bumps are just marketing. [blog.sketchapp.com]

RT @DKThomp: The app boom is over: the average US smartphone user downloads 0 apps per month. [recode.net]

Specifically, I want to hear “App Review is faster now because we’ve stopped being dicks about what we approve.” And yes, also free trials.

RT @BenedictEvans: WWDC must be really full if they’re messaging this now instead of on Monday

RT @fraserspeirs: I sincerely hope someone at Apple has thought about how all these subscription apps will deploy in schools. [theverge.com]

RT @KaneCheshire: It’s just about to become a whole lot harder to be an independent dev on the App Store

Oh, gross — Apple is pushing subscriptions so hard that it becomes the simplest way to offer a free trial

RT @helloiamrob: “macOS”. Seen on Apple’s app subscription FAQ.

[itunespartner.apple.com] [pic.twitter.com]

9 June

11 June

RT @jaredsinclair: 1/ Apps used to have similar interactions w/ aesthetic variety. Now they have the same flat aesthetic but wildly different interactions.

12 June

I don’t understand how my iPhone 6 still manages to take selfies

13 June

Microsoft wins by acquiring the only social network they can never be blamed for making worse.

RT @drbarnard: Let’s just forget the past year and call this watchOS 1.0.

Can Bozoma Saint John do all the keynotes from now on? 😍

RT @bzamayo: iOS 7: Super thin fonts.

iOS 10: Super thick fonts.

iOS 13: A reasonable font weight.

RT @reyner: Nothing has gotten louder applause at #WWDC2016 than tap-to-replace emoji.

Crazy that the Watch’s ‘Digital Touch’ lives on in iOS 10.

What’s the point of Messages so aggressively playing catch-up with Facebook Messenger if they’re not gonna go cross-platform?

RT @klaustopher: New Filesystem: APFS #WWDC2016 [pic.twitter.com]

RT @drbarnard: App Review Guidelines were completely re-written. Will take some time to digest. [appstorereviewguidelineshistory.com]

14 June

I want to believe that the rejection of gamepad-only apps cost the new Apple TV dearly in its first year.

RT @jesse_squires: The A5 SoC and 3.5” iOS devices are dead. 🎉 No support in iOS 10. [arstechnica.com]

RT @fffabs: SF Mono font without installing Xcode 8 [dl.dropboxusercontent.com]

RT @Freerunnering: iOS now ignores ‘user-scalable=no’ because of everything abusing it


RT @tapbot_paul: Yeah relevance is really winning. [pic.twitter.com]

RT @siracusa: APFS: default on all devices in 2017 (no month specified). In-place, non-destructive conversion of HFS+ volumes.

15 June

Like every three months I’m annoyed at how much Twitter has shaped my self-expression and decide to fall back on Tumblr for mid-length posts.

Looking at screenshots of the new notifications, widgets, and the Music app — I guess this year’s endemic issue is low information density?

Ooh, je me demande dans quelle mesure on peut considérer que ça s’applique aux apps de drague

The new watchOS UI is designed around the fact that people use few apps. But the main reason people use few apps is how much they suck in the current OS, on the current device. So that’s not very future-proof.

16 June

RT @rosyna: Holy hell… multiple apps already use the iOS Music library fingerprinting technique to violate privacy?! [twitter.com]

17 June

RT @feltron: Style transfer is neat, but this technique is amazing. Less filter and more creative tool: [prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com] [pic.twitter.com]

Beaucoup trop de vidéos 360° foireuses à l’installation GearVR mais les deux-trois attractions en vraie 3D valent le coup.

Les démos stéréoscopiques font immédiatement travailler mon oeil paresseux ; c’est très drôle mais il va me falloir des lentilles.

Fact #1 from a GearVR demo today: the tracking on an S7 is a million times better than Cardboard on an iPhone 6. Properly impressive.

Fact #2: playing 360° videos is an incredibly lame use of VR goggles. Actual 3D or bust.

Actually should refrain from judgment, because 3D VR forces my lazy eye to work, so it wows me by just being much more 3D than real life.

RT @rosyna: Microsoft has a blog post on why hidden SSIDs harm security. They cause connecting clients to always broadcast it. [blogs.technet.microsoft.com]

18 June

After months of saying I’d never do public VR demos because of cooties, I spent yesterday afternoon strapping a multitude of GearVRs to my face ¯\(ツ)

19 June

Je cherche des écouteurs in-ear à 100 € qui fassent un aussi bon son que mon casque B&W à 400 €. Ca paraît raisonnable, non ?

20 June

RT @mrgan: Kudos to Apple for pushing to exclude the “rifle” emoji. Next step: make the “pistol” a pink watergun. MS gets it! [pic.twitter.com]

21 June

Face-aware Liquify. There goes my productivity today (if I manage to get the updater to open).

22 June

23 June

RT @Pinboard: Machine learning is like money laundering for bias

24 June

How many macOS apps will be available day-one to trigger Siri when you say “Computer!”?

RT @steiny: An appeal to everyone I know who works at Twitter, Facebook, Google etc, and for the people who influence them [pic.twitter.com]

25 June

Interesting that the HTC Vive doesn’t force my lazy eye to work like GearVR did. I guess it’s that much more lifelike.

However, Tilt Brush is the absolute best thing ever. It’s like painting with magic spells out of a wizard’s wand. A. Ma. Zing.

I had big plans for what I was gonna draw but was too happy just tracing ribbons of light in the air to focus on anything else.

C’est la première fois en… bien deux ans que je ne suis pas déçu par un nouveau gadget que j’étais impatient de prendre en main. (Merci pour rien, Apple.)

RT @UXNoah: Food for thought. 👍🏾 #UX #Design RT [pic.twitter.com]

26 June

Music players that treat Shuffle as a global toggle rather than a per-playlist setting 😡

Do they really expect each and every music-related app to license cover art or create fake albums from scratch?

If only Apple had any relationship at all with the music industry, they could work out a global deal for all App Store apps.

27 June

Cars can drive themselves but Twitter clients can’t detect and hide spoilers. Priorities, people.

RT @zadr: App Store ad taking up most of your screen: apparently by design ¯\(ツ)[pic.twitter.com]

28 June

RT @acreature: Twitter is a portal to overwhelming despair, injustice, anxiety, & fear that I bafflingly engage with several times a day.

30 June

Got a new company credit card. I only use it for Creative Cloud. Adobe’s payment method form doesn’t work 🙄

Step 1: “Log in with Twitter”

Step 2: “Enter your e-mail address and choose a password to create your account”



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