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1 November 2016


A setting we are all really hoping for in iOS11. @dmoren [pic.twitter.com]


PaintCode 3! 😁 Android, Swift 3, JS/Canvas support! Live debugging! [paintcodeapp.com]

2 November

Scroll back a bit to re-read a line; a 200-pixel header slides down into view and hides the whole paragraph.

Or just a 30-pixel header slides down and hides a single sentence. Still obnoxious.

Wait. Today there’s a “Play Next” option in iTunes’ contextual menu. Did it appear because I dragged stuff into ‘Up Next’ yesterday?


Good @pschiller interview on the new MacBook Pros (and their reception) /via @reneritchie [independent.co.uk]

Wonder if they’re going to actively enforce the very Facebook idea that your avatar should look like you in real life.


Twitter just informed me that attempting to disenfranchise voters is not a violation of their Terms of Service. @jack @Support https://t.co/YXVdt8sHwA

3 November

Gotta wonder what Apple’s AR projects look like.


This should not ever have existed, and it definitely shouldn’t still exist. [pic.twitter.com]

4 November


“Apple smartphone market share drops to 12.1%”

“Apple takes more than 103% of smartphone market profits”

Truly fascinating contrast

If I have a bout of insomnia around the time my iPad’s night shift is scheduled to end, there’s no way to escape the fade to blue light.


I’d like to rephrase this:

It’s hugely dangerous when designers of humans systems are naive about human systems.


I’d briefly seen tweets mentioning Apple cutting the adapters’ price; can’t believe it’s actually just a limited-time discount.

5 November


Oh! Also on the Surface Studio the wheel has a suction cup. Which gets dirty. Which means your wheel won’t stick to the screen. Not magnetic

Why is the iPhone 7 Plus still doing scaled-down @3x? Speculation for 6 Plus was yield issues but it can’t still be that, two years later?!

Horrifying to imagine their intention may have always been just to align to 1080p resolution. It’s not like they buy screens off-the-shelf, so who cares if the screen size is standard?

6 November

Brand new Photoshop shipping with a “New Document” dialog that takes five seconds to load.

7 November


A bigger, more complete list of external displays suitable for Macs, and their pixel densites. [i.imgur.com]

8 November


I’m five minutes into this @davechensky video, which means I’m 33% of the way towards going insane: [youtube.com]

macOS Mail shows a message as “To: <my address> & 1 more” and the only way I can find to see who else is to reply-all.

Any sequence of smiley-face emojis should be displayed as a looping frame-by-frame animation.


Reddit is telling everyone to remember the US’s ‘peaceful transition of power’ [read.bi] https://t.co/JHTuSBtBdT

I started writing PHP more than 15 years ago and kept so many bad habits from those early days that I should just switch to a new language.


Pro tip: To avoid information anxiety today, treat twitter as a write-only medium, even more so than usual.

9 November

A few months left for someone to finally launch a truly anonymous, temper-resistant, decentralized competitor to Twitter.


Hey, no joke, and I’m paraphrasing smarter people. If you plan on opposing Trump:

Get Tor.

Get Signal.

Get a VPM

2FA on your emails.


Why are iTunes Connect’s financial reports delivered as a zip of .txt.gz files?


A bunch of my friends all just started talking on WhatsApp for the first time. Gonna be a big four years for encrypted communication

10 November


Snapchat’s Spectacles are available today from strange yellow vending machines [theverge.com] [pic.twitter.com]

11 November


In Venice right now buying some @Spectacles. This vending machine and the noises it makes is straight out of a Black Mirror episode. https://t.co/eUlsDbmFwy


Just bought an ancient Bitcoin miner for an experiment in using it as a subsidised electric heater. Warmth will be mine, Winter!

“Siri, start workout” pops up the intrinsically stupid and awfully designed “do you want to name your workout?” dialogue from a week ago.

Ah, the good old “my client’s app, which requires a time-sensitive update, doesn’t build anymore in the new Xcode.”

12 November

Did we always have to fight with Xcode this much? I feel exhausted.

15 November

Couldn’t phones reduce battery wear by slow-charging at night and fast-charging only when plugged in mid-day?


That it’s only the last 20 years says a lot—this is Ive’s portfolio, not Apple’s. My impression is that his career is drawing to a close https://t.co/KlJvzK3Rdw


The Google Cloud Vision API will let anyone do machine learning things like OCR find faces etc [martechtoday.com] https://t.co/ztduElJmQa

16 November


I am on holiday and I get shit like that only two weeks in advance. Fuck you @n26 Will never use that piece of shit of a bank again. https://t.co/960mbB8R0A

Does Gandi really need to send an individual confirmation e-mail for each of the 20 domains I just batch-renewed?


Google AMP makes fake news look real. (Because they serve it from [google.com]) @cramforce [pic.twitter.com]

18 November


The new MacBook tries to autocorrect password fields by displaying what you typed on the Touch Bar. Amazing. https://t.co/zjx4mPbP8q

19 November


This is AI phrenology, and it’s very, very dangerous. [twitter.com]


Gender neutral pronouns get translated to gender stereotypes by Google translate #FATML [pic.twitter.com]

Spotlight ignores the IBAN.pdf I’m looking for, only lists old sent emails instead. Opening the emails fails even though preview worked.


If I was driving behind this Tesla, I’d have rear ended it at least twice. You can’t just stop. Not there yet. https://t.co/BrwriHrmQO


Looks like, beyond the couple photos we’ve seen already, there isn’t actually anything else über-interesting in the book ☹️ https://t.co/5oOK53B0w5

20 November

Replied to an iOS notification, then opened Tweetbot to check whether I had sent it or dismissed by tapping just a few pixels too high.


Why I don’t like Google and prefer local storage, exhibit # 3,156,218. (Yes, they were stupid…but lost all access!?) https://t.co/91Atxc6WgS https://t.co/HzGnDDPduL

21 November


Whoa. No more AirPorts. Apple’s not a big enough company to continue making its own products, it seems 😜 https://t.co/GxnXHC5Ieo

22 November

Damn, Oculus Medium sounds fantastic

As it happens, the Rift is properly available on Amazon France and the Vive isn’t.

I particulary like how terminals of the time were too dumb to handle pixels so they just invented a new type of displays that wouldn’t need refreshing


Apple rejected touchscreen Macs finding them “absurd;” yet, they market this monstrosity as a “laptop replacement.” https://t.co/boSMIO3rHs https://t.co/tNcd3UQsXu

23 November

Today I’m building a PC for the first time in over ten years and I want to kill everyone involved.

26 November

Watching a YouTube video on one computer, opened the same page on the other and it started playing roughly at the same point 😯👍

28 November


New neural-network algorithm learns directly from human instructions instead of examples | KurzweilAI [buff.ly] https://t.co/0uX49be7q2

29 November

Replaced faulty USB cable that borked external drive. Then had to reformat the drive on PC before Disk Utility could do anything with it.

30 November


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