Hi! My name is Cédric Bozzi, I make websites and iOS apps, and this is my blog about technology (mostly a Twitter archive, really).

1 January

Did Twitter’s API suddenly stop prioritizing self-replies when displaying a tweet? Threads from popular users are now unreadable in Tweetbot.


There seems no end of bad news in the world & then you learn about the tiny Tufted Pygmy Squirrel that eats moss growing on trees in Borneo. https://t.co/T6ZEWTdQYV

2 January

Just realized that ‘longer tweets’ never made the list of common requests for Twitter.

We’ve all accepted as fact the death of intelligent discourse.

I’m kind of sad that everyone has given up on the concept of chat apps displaying words as the person types them.


It’s 2017 and code signing still sucks.


Old protip: when a site isn’t loading or page has been removed, prepend “cache:” to the URL to go straight to the Google cached version

3 January

Can’t get the Phone app to lose the red ‘1’ on its icon. Can’t be bothered to reboot; the battery troubles will shut it down soon enough.


Just in case he ever runs for office [twitter.com]

And we’re already at 1440x1440 for $300-ish on January 3 so this is promising. There’s no way SteamVR won’t support them, right? Right?


Happy 40th birthday, Apple Inc. [pic.twitter.com]

4 January

You do not need to take over and darken the whole screen to tell me this — especially not with a slow fadeIn + slideDown

5 January

6 January

7 January


SW version of iPod+Phone for UI team. You can see why we ditched it?

Apple’s click wheel iPhone [theverge.com] @Verge @jjvincent


TV channel reports on girl who used Alexa to buy a dollhouse. TV report then causes viewers’ Alexas to do the same https://t.co/sB4PWSXkXT https://t.co/r2fSRvpDEk


I love these graphs. The Mac Pro from 2010 is still faster than anything else Apple ships. Quite a bit cheaper too.


8 January


Sphinx project, 1987. Futuristic floppy drives with memory modules. [pic.twitter.com]

That word, I do not think it means what you think it means

Bad enough that Spotify doesn’t recognize any way to appreciate a track other than saving it, don’t rub salt in the wound with a fake ‘like’ button.


Two Factor Authentication: Something you’ve forgotten + something you’ve lost.

9 January


Ten years ago, with unrivalled showmanship, Steve Jobs changed the world. [youtube.com]

I guess the the fact that no one else emerged as The Next Steve Jobs makes me feel better about failing to be The Next Steve Jobs myself.

Every time his keynote videos pop up again I feel nostalgic for all the directions in which he’ll never get to push technology.


A decade into the mobile-computing era, webOS remains my favorite visual design. Clear, rich, friendly. [pic.twitter.com]

10 January

Can’t believe a bunch of people in my timeline are blaming Consumer Reports rather than the bug. Disabling the web cache in a performance test is a pretty obvious step.

And it’s not CR’s job to realize that turning the cache off somehow causes completely random power consumption issues.

11 January


Wrong!!! There was never a competition. We, together, were searching for the best solution. Steve asked us to test all the possibilities… https://t.co/DNkT2WZnqV


Exactly! No doubt in anyone’s mind which was the right path. Those on the iPod based UI knew is was doomed. SJ pushed us, “Make it work!” https://t.co/LHq6jQaAew

13 January

14 January

A Twitter client that keeps outgoing tweets in an editable buffer for ten minutes — one minute for replies.

16 January

Couldn’t find even a mention of the AirPods at the Apple Store but, fret not, at least there’s a table with two goddamn “Designed…” books.

Meanwhile the MBP is very clearly weaning us off physical keyboards. What’s the point of keeping a mechanism if the travel is that short?

17 January

I liked YouTube’s regular digest e-mails but they’re gonna have to go if I can’t opt out of the “so and so is streaming live!” notifications

I feel like the change I wanna make in my app was rejected a year ago, but I’m not sure and there doesn’t seem to be a way to check 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ah, found the e-mail and yes, they did reject my app because the keyboard extension dared to mention the IAP needed to make it functional.

(Got an e-mail from a user asking why there are padlock icons on the keyboard, because App Review would rather have that than an explanatory message.)

I can’t remember who it was that asked me a week ago why I’d stopped working on apps.

18 January

Did I miss something or is nil-messaging — my personal bugbear regarding Swift — the one topic they didn’t talk about?

19 January

The worst thing about iTunes Connect’s Media Manager is remembering you have to be thankful it exists at all.


New Photoshop/Sketch file from Apple encompassing all the current iOS UI controls (Sherlocking a bunch of outlets): https://t.co/KSKEknxRMT


iOS dark mode coming soon? Lots of dark UI in these official UI element kits from . [pic.twitter.com]

20 January

My iPhone 6 now turns itself off if I start updating apps AT 99% BATTERY. I so should have stayed with iOS 9.

Does iOS compile LLVM bitcode on-device? It had never occurred to me but that would explain why updating apps brings devices to their knees.

23 January


Starfleet UX designers learned that if they didn’t make some bridge consoles explode, captains would ignore damage until the shields failed.

24 January


Mac Accidental Pro Tip: if you double click the side of a window (with the resize cursor showing) it resizes that side to the screen edge!?!


AirPods in relation to some other everyday objects [pic.twitter.com]

If Apple’s marketing was doing its job properly I would not be surprised that the AirPod case is the same size as a Watch.


Whoa APFS is coming faster than expected. [pic.twitter.com]


So, apps will spoof this exact UI and if <4 stars support email, if >=4 stars show the UI again (this time real Apple UI). 😈 https://t.co/14OTBCJ9tP

Actually beneficial alternatives would be inviting to rate in Springboard’s 3D Touch menu and in a list of most used apps in App Store.

That would require Apple seeing ratings as valuable information, rather than app review prompts just being an unnecessary annoyance.

But why would they see ratings as valuable when they decided to solve App Store ranking by introducing paid ads?

27 January

I just updated macOS on my Mini so of course it rebooted to a black screen with a cursor and nothing else.

29 January

30 January

31 January

DFU-restored my iPhone 6 to reset the battery info. Instead of shutting down as soon as I go out it’s back to remaining stuck at 100%.


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