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1 March 2017

3 March


Just learned that my phone LOVES when I open a hundreth browser tab :D [pic.twitter.com]

Guess I’m gonna have to stop complaining about the App Store app if downloading videos in Chrome also brings my computer to its knees.

4 March

I love how the progress bar on top of Instagram Stories is just

big enough so you can notice a dotted line, say fuck this and swipe left.

6 March

Using Spotify on my Mac to remote-control Spotify on my iPhone because the former doesn’t support AirPlay.

7 March

Holy shit, I meant my tweet to be hyperbolic but—


Publishing 2 executables with the same SHA-1 AND MD5 sum.


Hat-trick || GTFO [pic.twitter.com]


No, The CIA Didn’t Hack WhatsApp, But Why Bother When They Can Just Hack Your Phone Itself [theguardian.com] https://t.co/ODOybqgTpi


There’s a new animation and prototyping on the block: Kite. Met with Joe a few weekends ago to see a demo.. https://t.co/iqBXQdoYEO https://t.co/gcEOYKSoz3


Ubiquitous e2e encryption is pushing intelligence agencies from undetectable mass surveillance to expensive, high-risk, targeted attacks.


Animations can be played back in iOS and Mac apps, using KiteKit. Contains all Core Animation and Core Image properties.

8 March

9 March


We did an experiment: For two weeks we switched names. I signed all client emails as Nicole. She signed as me.

Folks. It fucking sucked.

14 March


I’m particularly fond of Acorn’s use of SQLite as a file format.



Checking out black & white photo filters on iOS again, coming out empty-handed again. Why would you make an app that refuses to load existing photos?

Meanwhile BlackCam has a good Gotham filter but it’s at the end of a long horizontal list that can’t be reordered 😒

Damn, Gotham was nice.

For some reason I might be starting a new app and are you kidding me that there still isn’t an official UIGestureRecognizer for 3D Touch?

Because users don’t love anything so much as being unable to remove the most useless system options

15 March

After trying Apple’s emailed link three times over 24h it finally occurred to me the error must just be that I wasn’t logged in

Damn, it’s the first time in years I get a “Balance Carried Forward” on the iTunes Connect financial reports page.

16 March


Have you never wondered why it was called a software patch? [pic.twitter.com]


The nightmare version of the future always arrives so much faster than you expect [twitter.com]

17 March


You can put whatever Share button in your news app, people are going to post a screenshot of their lock screen with a notification on it

18 March

Mail on iPad systematically crashes thirty seconds after launch because I forgot to remove some obsolete accounts from its settings.

19 March

20 March

Is there an extension that only hides the “reply” buttons on Reddit? The comment threads are sometimes useful, but posting is never good.

Before giving up, Blackberry should have made an iPhone case with a secondary BBOS+keyboard phone embedded in the back.

How does it make sense that Instagram has never used its Facebook money to develop or acquire a UI to create your own filters?

(Did I mention here that Darkroom 2 is great? Darkroom 2 is great. But I wish it were integrated in Instagram.)

What weird framework does EA use for the Origin app that they managed to mishandle Retina screens the same way as HiDPI Windows?

I use Image Capture to get the photo roll out of my iPad; apparently .AAE files store the edits

I have no idea whether that means the jpegs I got out of it were the original or edited versions.

21 March


Some utility company with a login form served over HTTP filed a Firefox bug complaining about a warning. Hilarious: https://t.co/dDvzmLAd8A https://t.co/IHX57x2ySD

If tomorrow’s update is indeed about the iPad, I’m wondering if a 7.9” Pro might be the only model Apple would considering launching without making a press presentation.

I can’t see Apple announcing a new CPU or design via press release, so I guess the only other option is an iPad Air 3 with the Pro’s CPU? Which is dubious… but possible.

So, basically, hashtag wishful thinking. (Though I’d then have to choose between iPad Mini Pro and Oculus Rift for my next paycheck 😰)


Devious. [maps.google] now redirects to google/maps, so granting location permission is for [google.com] domain. https://t.co/2huLa9guBP

Okay, the 128GB Mini is now at the price 32GB was last year. So, to sell 32GB now, it’d have to be $300, which I guess would be too cheap.

In other words, they’ve lowered all the iPad prices as far as they could go. Wonder how much (or little) profit margin is left.

(How little profit margin for an Apple product obviously. I’m sure it’s quite healthy enough.)

The smaller 9.7” iPad is $70 cheaper than the only 7.9” Mini (which has an A8), but then when’s the last time Apple’s product ranges made sense?


#ElectronicsBan puts lithium batteries in the hold, where it is impossible to fight runaway fires. Significant safety risk for no benefit. https://t.co/mFCI5E1Cpz

22 March


Introducing Settings’ Stories!

Don’t know where to change the wifi? Share a selfie with all your friends! https://t.co/EISQ4PzEn1

23 March

From deep OS integration to just being able to cheat the App Review process and push updates a little beyond guidelines. Or just slow death.

Wanted to avoid knee-jerk negativity, but got a lingering sense that needing to buy Workflow 18 months into the iPad Pro’s existence isn’t a good sign.


Apple’s track record for app acquisitions isn’t bad. Siri, TestFlight, (Beats) surely the most high-profile in recent memory


A few weeks ago, Workflow asked all supported apps to sign a simple 1-page contract confirming permission to call our URL schemes. 2/x

25 March

Trying to open the character palette with one hand. Without muscle memory, zero clue what the keyboard shortcut could be.


Amazing examples of “Deep Photo Style Transfer” (from left to right are input, style and output) [github.com] https://t.co/PrDFtxVkHR

27 March

For an OS update that takes ages to upgrade the filesystem, nice that it doesn’t drown you with redundant questions on first boot, for once.

My Mac mini isn’t compatible with Night Shift. Surely it’s capable of tinting a screen orange.

(It’s from 2011. Didn’t realize it was six years old but it still should be able to tint a screen orange.)

28 March


Planning is guessing. Plans are just guesses you wrote down → [m.signalvnoise.com] [pic.twitter.com]


Apple’s Code of Conduct for WWDC is great. It’s firm, clear, and concise. The more readable something is, the more people will read it. https://t.co/6pCIHQvBPZ

Pressed Cmd-D on a file in Finder and it made the spring sound without actually duplicating the file. Worked fine the second time #WTF

With users complaining about the 32-bit app error message, I just reached the point where 50% of my iTunes Connect is “developer removed” 😑

30 March


Oh, TED, you had me at being surrounded by live spiders. [pic.twitter.com]

TIL that USB-C has an alternate mode where two consenting devices can let go of the USB standard and do whatever they want over four lanes.

31 March


I discovered a gem of a website for web designers.

Font Pair



Us: new accounts are being used to harass people

Twitter: oh that’s easy, let’s just replace the egg avatar

https://t.co/1YW73j05Zy https://t.co/w3HtuLtGkb


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