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1 October 2017

Ooh, Snapseed’s new interface is really good. I think I’m switching apps again.

Shame that I can’t find proper split-toning controls — I should be able to manage with RGB curves, but that’s hardly as intuitive.

2 October


This is the most amazing, informed, informative thread. And important right now too. [twitter.com]


The key result: Because speech can be used to suppress other speech, the speech maximum is not the zero-regulation point.

3 October


You have to go back to 2013 to find an iPhone that’s as slow as a Google Pixel on the JS benchmark. The 5S scores 53 on the JetStream 😱

Found out today there’s an almost-A4 wireless graphics tablet from Huion selling for 100€ on Amazon and it’s actually getting good reviews and my brain has been stuck on “new toy want want want” for an hour now.

All drag-and-drop on iPad means to me is stuff randomly popping out when I slowly scroll through my feed or an article. Wish there was a global setting to turn it off.

4 October

Instagram now has magnetic alignment guides popping up when you place stickers 💜

At $49 I’m almost tempted by the mini Google Home but I refuse to call my voice assistant ‘Google.’

Now that Amazon’s putting cameras in all its Echos, the idea of having Google mics all over your apartment feels so much more mundane.

Damn, the Google Assistant stylus is a genius concept. I don’t think even the legendary Microsoft Courier thought of that.

Come to think of it, why doesn’t every camera handle low-light situations by taking a lot of short exposures and aligning them together, instead of a single, blurry long exposure?


Google’s giving free unlimited Google Photos storage to Pixel 2 users…time to step up, Apple.

Well, I feel much lighter knowing the Pixel 2 isn’t for sale in France anyway.

Isn’t this the first keynote where Google repeatedly makes a point of having the AI run, and the data remain, on-device? Thanks, Apple!


Real time translation with the Google Pixel Buds headphones. OK, that is super cool and I have nothing snarky to say about.

I don’t think anything prevents a third-party app from providing the same kind of real-time translation, but it would look really good for the iPhone to offer that functionality out of the box, too. (If Apple can find the right company to buy.)


Why many developers still prefer Objective-C to Swift: [hackingwithswift.com] #swiftlang

5 October

Now that iOS 11 has made the keyboard unbearably laggy in Facebook Messenger, what’s the best cross-platform (PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad) chat app?

6 October

I wouldn’t want to overreact just because I have lost access to constructed written thought after two tantalizing weeks, but hear me out:

What if Twitter was actually the Bad Place?

7 October

Every so often my timeline includes a tweet from someone who has blocked me. I’m telling you, Twitter must be genuinely malevolent.

9 October


Chinese thieves demand cash via QR code for return of stolen wing mirrors [buff.ly]

10 October

WTF? Isn’t that supposed to only happen when an app is removed due to a copyright violation?


📝 One of these is Apple asking you for your password and the other one is a phishing popup that steals your password [krausefx.com]


The problem is actually easy to fix: instead of asking for the password directly, iOS should tell the user to open the settings app

Xcode auto-indent has suddenly lost its mind


Today marks the third time one of my iPhones has vibrated itself out of alignment with its wireless charging pad over night.

11 October


Evan Spiegel on why @Snapchat doesn’t “move fast and break things” [wired.com]

I really think Apple lit a privacy fire under everyone’s feet and the Google of two years ago would have answered “eh no big deal.”

12 October

Funny how package delivery is so obviously, universally, acceptedly terrible that it’s the only service which never asks users for a rating.


Remember when Apple killed backward compatibility of apps with a new OS and then made it impossible to revert to the old OS? Good Times!


Smart idea for making sliders on mobile a lot more usable from @virgil_pana. Love the fluid bounce! [dribbble.com]

13 October


Some alt-right dickbag tweeted my phone number last winter, and when I reported it Twitter denied it was a violation of terms of service [twitter.com]


This was @twitter’s response when I reported a guy who tweeted 34 consecutive violent death threats #WomenBoycottTwitter

Not sure I’ll be able to make it an entire day, but — #WomenBoycottTwitter

14 October

L’interface de configuration des brushes de Photoshop est devenue complètement imbitable pendant que je ne m’en servais plus, non ?


Dear @biz: This is the platform you created. Nazis are coming here because they know you allow them. What are you going to do about it?

15 October


USB-C is such a mess, and Apple bears a central role in just why it’s so fucked up. For shame. [marco.org]

16 October

“It’s still an open question whether people will accept self-driving cars.” Huh? Oh, yeah, sometimes I forget I live in a tech bubble.

17 October

Growl allowed you to assign different settings to an app’s different notifications like, what, ten years ago?

This tweet brought to you by the Instagram messages I miss because I’ve had to disable sounds for the ‘Like’ notifications.

18 October


I’d always disliked DxOMark after owning poor phone cameras with high scores, but MKBHD’s explainer clears it up. [youtube.com]


Cool feature in iOS 11: add Magnifier to Control Center. Even with healthy vision, handy for reading tiny/inaccessible text (via @foozmeat)

Copying folders, there are two duplicates.

For the first macOS offers to stop, replace or merge.

Only the second I’m allowed to skip.

19 October

20 October


accidentally mouses over Safari’s ‘Open Page With’ menu, hangs for 30 seconds while LaunchServices spins up all my external storage


Fun new feature in Photoshop CC 2018—it can read the depth mask from Portrait Mode photos from iOS 11 & let you use it for your own effects

Or geeks are surfing The Pirate Bay at work and don’t give a shit, I guess.

21 October


“It’s the first time that AI has generated art that really looks good.” [hyperallergic.com]


BOOM —> A Suspected Network of 13,000 Twitter Bots Pumped Out Pro-Brexit Messages In The Run-Up To The EU Vote [buzzfeed.com]

22 October

23 October

I just instinctively tried to pay by putting my thumb on the pictogram and wow it really feels like that’s what it was designed for

I never really believed the rumors that Apple had removed Touch ID-through-the-screen at the last minute, but I’m reconsidering.

24 October

25 October

26 October

You thought Big Dog was scary

They designed it explicitly so controlling it is like becoming a giant mech in VR 😵

Both the smoothness of motion and the intentionally human-like proportions of the arms and shoulders do a lot for the creep factor.

So is there an active Twitter app for Mac that displays unified mentions? Or is TweetDeck my only choice? Maybe I could get used to it.

Belated realization that using Twitter in a web app, instead of always visible in a corner of my desktop, could only be a positive.

I mean obviously what was awesome about Courier was the software UX, not the hardware, and the final Windows-based thing will be shit.

But that’s just the way of the world.

Quand j’achèterai mon moniteur 4K rappelez-moi de ne pas le prendre chez @AmazonFR où c’est la croix et la bannière pour avoir une facture.

27 October


“You likely have to get management approval for a $500 expense… but you can call a 1 hour meeting with 20 people and no one notices.”

Transferred my Windows from a hard drive to an SSD. Has Microsoft made a total mess of boot volumes or what?

28 October

Facebook Messenger web app keeps throwing me this error. All I want is a goddamn text field to type a reply.


Guess what other calculator is also utterly broken 💩 /cc @stroughtonsmith

30 October

31 October


Er, Apple only gave reviewers 24 hours to review the iPhone X [theverge.com]


replace all machine learning with crow learning. teach crows to drive cars and categorise my photos. [panarmenian.net]

I generally use the DOM Inspector to make article excerpts but the NYT’s HTML is such a mess I had to combine paragraphs in Photoshop.


my favorite part of the algorithmic omniveillance future is the evolution of black bloc into shoggoth dazzle camouflage bloc, faces painted with extra eyes and noses and mouths to jam recognition engines


Nice testing of Face ID with different haircuts and obstructions (won’t work on Hallowe’en!) [youtu.be]


What’s up with the weirdly-shaped notch defect/distortion on @AppleInsider’s review unit? 😳 [youtube.com]


When downloading an app on iPhone X, instead of home button Touch ID it’s a double click of power button and then Face ID does the rest.


Assuming roughly 300,000 iPhones fit a 747-8F, this group of planes near Alaska alone is currently hauling $2,100,000,000 worth of iPhones.


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