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3 November 2017


“We have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day”


Embedding people’s tweets in a news story without asking their permission first is wrong and unethical even if the tweets are public and I wish sites would stop doing it


It’s like a voxpop if a voxpop was just filming people’s private conversations on the street and putting them on the news along with the person’s phone number.


By popular demand, I’ve added the hidden iPhone X notch message to PCalc for real - but only when you have 42 in the display!

I might reinstall the iOS beta profile just for the week or so of usability I get after the install clears some caches or whatever.


Can we finally end the lazy and irresponsible practice of dropping random tweets into articles without context or verification? [twitter.com]

4 November


Upscale an image 4X. Neural network “hallucinates” missing details.

This is WITCHCRAFT. Seriously. 



Here’s what the infrared dot projector on the iPhone X’s Face ID looks like when viewed using a night vision cam [theverge.com]

5 November

6 November

In retrospect it’s rather obvious since each pixel must be modulated individually instead of making a single backlight blink independently.

If the display controller can already address pixels at 240Hz for PWM, shouldn’t it have been trivial to implement ProMotion 120Hz?


Apollo app replaces Apple’s awful volume indicator in the most elegant way possible.

7 November

The X is… fine 🤷🏻‍♂️ Too fat, too much bezel, screen doesn’t look that extraordinary to me. But, yes, the notch is okay in person.

If I were still interested in 4.7” iPhones I’d be tempted—mostly for Face ID—but not at this price. And thankfully I’m too used to 5.5” now.

It’s really X as in UX. Face ID + much welcome reboot of interactions that piled up awkwardly over ten years = temptation rising 😬

Godsdammit a new gestural UX is the dumbest possible reason to get a 1200-euro phone upgrade


God damn. Buy a cheap keyboard from China; it might turn out to have a keylogger installed [tomshardware.com]

8 November

What’s the over-under now on third-party apps ever being allowed to post 280s?


The next release of Tweetbot 4 for iOS and Tweetbot 2 for Mac will support the newly expanded Tweet length limit.


Tweetbot for Mac 2.5.4 is now available on the Mac App Store with support for up to 280 characters. (Tweeting 140 characters or less is still fully supported.)


9 November


Not everyone calls it the #notch you know. Some call it the #unibrow. #iphonex [ift.tt]


Facebook could have said: “Here’s a tool for you to create hashes of anything you’re afraid someone might post in revenge. Send us the hashes and if we see matching posts we’ll evaluate their content then and take them down if needed.”


TWITTER: verification is not an “indicator of importance.”

ALSO TWITTER: we verify accounts that are in the “public interest.”

10 November

It hadn’t occurred to me but I’m suddenly wondering if 280-character tweets are implemented server-side as threads of two tweets.


Nice discussion of the improved Street View image blending work the team’s done. Jaggies-be-gone. [research.googleblog.com]

Tweetbot’s Reply button should be a different glyph whether the person follows you back (you’re conversing with someone you ‘know’) or not (you’re commenting on a stranger’s post).

12 November


any time i feel pangs of regret about UI design decisions i’ve made i’m going to remember that at least i didn’t fuck up “Carmack struggles with this” bad

13 November

14 November

How did adding images to a project become so excruciatingly slow in Xcode 9?

I guess I should be grateful 9.1 doesn’t forget which targets I checked anymore.

TIL que l’app de la Banque Postale gère Touch ID, il faut “juste” aller l’activer au fin fond des options.

15 November


Apple, you’re killin me with the mismatched apostrophe curliness of the default, non-editable names of your peripherals.


That’s interesting: Animoji not only works with your face, but also with video files!

So no 3D sensing required?

You can now lose verified status for : all the things that should already get your account shut down (but almost never do)

16 November


Al Capone theory: People who engage in sexual harassment are also likely to steal, plagiarize, embezzle, etc. These are the actions of someone who feels entitled to other people’s ideas, bodies, money [newyorker.com]


Porno, blagues et dragues lourdes… pas facile d’être une femme à l’école 42 [usinenouvelle.com] par @marion_garr et @marineprotais


Alors Gmail, je sais que si c’est gratuit c’est moi le produit mais tu vas te calmer tout de suite sur le ton employé.

Ma caisse de retraite envoie sur un formulaire de paiement tiers qui me demande uniquement mon IBAN. Comment c’est possible ? Quelle sécurité il y a ? 😨

How bad must the Google Pixel Buds’ UX be that every review I’ve seen complains emphatically about it.

17 November


Adding a custom ¯\(ツ)/¯ button to your keyboard is the only worthwhile lifehack [bit.ly]


This is the detail of what just-in-time is in manufacturing today.

One hours worth of stock.

Wow. [twitter.com]

18 November


That goes further than a misunderstanding brought on by an unfamiliarity with social interactions. That’s bigotry. And autism doesn’t cause bigotry, yet here he is, blaming it all on the world’s favorite cognitive boogeyman.


Developers constantly build systems that assume bad actors will never act in concert and, by doing so, grant incredible powers to bad actors that act in concert [twitter.com]

19 November


Goodhart’s law, When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure. <insert infosec analogy here>



This has got to be the most wholesome tiddy mouse pad I have ever seen in my goddamn life lol @apocalyssart

I couldn’t figure out how to get the Music app to play an album without shuffle so I gave up and used Ecoute instead 🤦🏻‍♂️

21 November


A great analogy for understanding effects of social media on society: we are like the first city dwellers, subject to epidemics we don’t understand:



Apparently, sometimes Google’s translation app mistakes facial features for translatable text.

Bloomberg must be destroyed for the common good

“Testers dropped the speaker from various heights and even threw it in a room with young kids.” What.

22 November

Just a simple change and my old, half-abandoned app that no one uses anymore will be much prettier.

Oh, turns out I also have to rewrite all of my terrible, outdated UI code because separating the cards into two images broke every single animation.


“Journalists” need to end the asinine practice of inserting random tweets into articles as examples of “public opinion”. Was lazy before; now, it’s propaganda [twitter.com]

23 November

Clicked an openꓸspotifyꓸcom link on my laptop, Spotify playing on the desktop instantly changed tracks. (I’d have liked a confirmation step but) That UX runs circles around Apple and doesn’t even use any kind of direct local-network connection.

24 November

I’m looking at the manuals for a few cheap 4K monitors and omfg they have as many bullshit modes and options and shitty filters now as TVs. Will you leave my fucking signal in peace already?

26 November


Slack => Rebranded IRC

Soylent => Rebranded Ensure

Uber Shuttle => Rebranded Bus

Co-Living => Rebranded Roommates

“Making” => Rebranded Your Parents Hobbies

Alexa => Rebranded Surveillance

ICO => Rebranded Ponzi Scheme

Virtual Reality => actually this is new hey


React Native & Layout are doing similar things in a limited way. Hot reloading of UI changes and limited introspection of the running app.

Apple seems like it is heading in the exact opposite direction.

More static, more compile time, less dynamic or runtime discoverable.

27 November

You could just say “Sorry, this tweet is private” instead of making it sound like I’m trying to sneak something illegal past you

Fucking disgraceful that this is the situation Apple puts me in [if I don’t want to pay literally $100 more for the officially licensed Belkin equivalent]


Micro Mouse speed runs. All footage (surprisingly) in real time.

Full lengthy video: [youtube.com]


All Google statements about mistaken data collection should be accompanied by this image

28 November

29 November

Windows 10 to transform native apps into web tabs 😲

Interesting idea, although putting related documents into tabs means completely giving up on the advantage of windowing systems — displaying several things side by side.


“Install this update as soon as possible.”


BREAKING: American Airlines says computer glitch allowed all pilots to take vacation over Christmas week. Now union says thousands of flights are in jeopardy of cancellation. Americans says they’re offering 1.5x pay for pilots to fill in and expect to resolve the issue.

30 November

I’ve stuck my AirPort Express to the wall, with the wires running down, and the Apple logo is upside down. Egregious design fail.


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