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1 September 2018

Huh, TIL you can adjust exposure compensation in iOS’ camera by swiping up and down after setting the focus point.

3 September


I know it’s not done, that it’s a really hard problem, and that it’s “handy” to have Home etc in Mojave, but it’s all just so wrong.

Remember how we all laughed and laughed at Microsoft because Windows 8 had “tablet” apps & “native”/old apps?

How is this better/different?

4 September

The desktop version of Signal, which had worked perfectly until then, has started to become completely unreliable in the last few months (and painfully slow when it does work). I guess it’s time to try trusting iMessage’s iCloud sync? I was reluctant but it can’t be much worse.

5 September


Linus Torvalds: I don’t believe in “user experience” or “graphical interfaces”. The best way for anyone to perform complex operations is through a command line or an editor, preferably something with arcane multi-key combos.

Software industry: This is the man whose tools we want

6 September

I was gonna buy legit art prints online but the site invited me to sign up with Facebook then asked me for my e-mail address and a password anyway so I’ll just use Google Images and a cheap printer thank you fuck off.

I’ve disabled most categories of iCloud sync on my second Mac (including “Mail”) but it still refuses to delete a mail account without removing it from all my Macs.

8 September

10 September


This study is STILL so relevant. I link to it all the time, and I think it should be required in all bias training. Men and women have different communication norms and women’s typical pattern is perceived as “less confident”



Men communicate in a “one-up” manner, in which a man makes a statement to another, that positions himself “above” the other person, through playful teasing, boasting, firm assertions etc. He expects the other person to restore the balance also through teasing, boasting, etc


Women do the opposite. They position themselves “one-down” by complimenting the other person, self-deprecating, expressing uncertainty, etc. they expect the other person to restore the balance by returning a compliment, self-deprecation, etc.

12 September

Oh hey it’s my first keynote without the streaming timeline 😤

Will have to see it in person but the Watch’s new super-rounded edges make it look sooo much better.

Dear European customer: please enjoy your ECG-capable Watch with ECG capability disabled.

2017: Dear developers, please don’t hide the notch in your apps.

2018: Default lock-screen wallpaper, used in all product shots, hides the notch.



Me, every birthday in my Jony Ive voice: “Simply put, never before have I been as old as I am this year. Unprecedented. This is the oldest I have ever been.”


The nightmare for operators is that your phone pops up each Monday morning telling you who has the cheapest data this week, and automatically switches the virtual SIM, and you use your actual PSTN phone number so little (thanks to messaging apps) that you don’t care if it changes

“Oh yeah no one needs 3D Touch anyway. And you don’t really need two cameras to do Portrait mode. What have you idiots been buying from us all this time?”

This lineup is positively absurd. The only proper reason not to buy the Xr is that it doesn’t look as good with the bigger bezel. I suppose economies of scale are involved but it’s insane that it has the same CPU as Xs.


Last year’s iPhone prices: $700, $800 and $1,000.

This year’s iPhone prices: $750, $1,000 and $1,100.



Very nice, the new iPhone lineup supports background NFC tag communication which can wake up your iOS app! [developer.apple.com]

13 September


Apple can finally add new screen resolutions to iOS devices without expecting developers to recompile their apps every time. Size classes & resizability finally paying off


Apple’s decision to change the larger iPhone naming convention to Max could mean we’ll see an iPhone Mini soon.

Max / Mini makes more sense than Plus / Minus

14 September


i’m running for office on a single issue: Ban All Amazon Third Party Sellers. vote for me


Apple (to consumers): “Most apps are free!”

Also Apple (to developers): “Get your apps ready for the new hardware!”

Me: Umm… I think I’m going to opt out. Thanks anyway. 🤦‍♂️


Maybe the reason they discouraged and rarely hid the notch after iPhone X was announced was in the knowledge they were going to release an LCD with a notch. [twitter.com]


Là, je pense que c’est un pari entre développeurs complètement bourrés, je ne vois pas d’autre explication

16 September


I did a thing to convince myself the XS MAX 512 GB wasn’t so expensive

17 September


Jokes are such a weird thing to exist… it’s like the brain going “Ohoho, you fooled my branch predictor? I’ll give you some nice neurotransmitters for that”

Shortcuts is out and my playlist-launching shortcuts still make the Today widget crash (because they take too much time and/or memory) 😒

Well, at least the app itself’s main screen makes it much easier to launch shortcuts than Workflow did.


…I didn’t even consider Siri Shortcuts for apps already open onscreen 😲 [twitter.com]

19 September

This has been happening a lot the last couple of months (Series 0, no betas involved), and considering their track record you can hardly blame me for assuming Apple published a software update that broke this or all widgets on older devices and doesn’t give a shit.


Mind you, this makes the Xr an even better value proposition — with a wide-angle sensor like this, who needs a shitty second camera.

I bet the Xs is gonna go back to cropping the wide-angle shot instead of using the telephoto when the setting is a little dark, in cases where the X would have used the telephoto camera.


Fast Company: Apple’s new watch face “is an insult to the user’s cognitive load”.

Traditional luxury watchmakers: Hold my beer.

20 September


I’m definitely not the first to point this out, but there’s a solid argument to be made that the lack of available metrics is the reason podcasts are so good. [twitter.com]

21 September

The rumors and speculation on the subject seem to have died down, but wouldn’t the Xs/Xr mess of a lineup make a lot more sense if the Xs was — or had been intended to be — compatible with the next Pencil?


Maybe the most bananas thing I’ve learned about iPhone XS is that if you shoot 4K 30fps video, it actually shoots 60fps with every other frame stepped up/down, and then stitches the frame pairs together on the fly to create extended dynamic range.

22 September


People are really struggling with the fact that the XS series iPhone’s mount the SIM card the opposite way to previous models. This is like the 3rd one I’ve seen, including one who is trying to demand credit from Telstra for the inconvenience of a faulty launch model

23 September


Many people think diversity and inclusion is an additive process (add more “diverse” people) when really it’s a subtractive process (remove the hostile people).

25 September

Ironically, Marzipan is pretty much exactly the same strategy as Microsoft’s UMP, which everyone cited as an example for Apple to follow. The difference is that Win32 apps do deserve to die.


I never wanted ‘iOS apps on Mac’ I wanted ‘UIKit on mac’.

Like how UIKit powers: iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS.

But they have different UI designs and input mechanisms.

26 September


Watching Lars Ulrich on stage talking about how @Metallica uses @salesforce software for customer engagement and thinking that adult life hasn’t turned out exactly the way I thought it would. #Dreamforce2018


“When a user gives Facebook a phone number for two-factor authentication or in order to receive alerts about new log-ins to a user’s account, that phone number became targetable by an advertiser within a couple of weeks.” [gizmodo.com]

27 September


LOL the multi-colour text Apple Watch complications API is Objective-C only. [developer.apple.com]

“The origins of XXX as FIXME”

I was really surprised to find out recently that XXX was widespread because I could have sworn — still could almost swear — I’d started using it, decades ago, without any external influence.

29 September


If there’s one feature I wish Twitter had it isn’t editing tweets, it’s being able to reply to a friend’s retweet to that friend and not the original Tweeter.


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