7 October


Lol, new notification if you screenshot. “Stop screwing our metrics”

6 October

Ooh that’s a fantastic idea. Shame that Apple can’t do this because iPadOS doesn’t support multiple users. (And also Siri sucks.)


The Pixel Tablet will attach to a speaker base to double as a smart display

The Pixel Tablet will attach to a speaker base to double as a smart display | Engadget

Though the Pixel Tablet isn’t officially launching, Google was eager to share more details at its hardware event today,.

Ever since I got the new MacBook Pro I’ve been wondering why it only received my text messages intermittently. Didn’t occur to me to look for a setting on the phone, oops.

(But then, why did I receive them sometimes? iCloud be iCloud, I guess.)


excellent, no notes


@ring my account was hacked and I can’t recover my account the hacker is making vulgar comments towards me and my neighbors through my door bell

5 October


Excited to announce Imagen Video, our new text-conditioned video diffusion model that generates 1280x768 24fps HD videos! #ImagenVideo

Work w/ @wchan212 @ChitwanSaharia @jaywhang @RuiqiGao @agritsenko @dpkingma @poolio @monorouzi @fleetdj @TimSalimans

After all these years it’s still a pain to highlight a quote over a page turn in the Kindle app. Makes you wonder what the UX of their first pen-centric tablet will look like.


I’ve installed a projector on the ceiling above my gaming table.

Painting dynamic lighting using @Procreate onto the game or layout.

I use this for grid overlays, stats, fog of war, area of effect simulations, and for some dramatic lighting. #boardgames #conceptart #3Dprinting

Reddit to the rescue

r/AppleWatch - This is what Alpine Loop on a 44mm Black Stainless S6 looks like if you’re curious

210 votes and 74 comments so far on Reddit

Supposedly Watch Ultra bands are compatible with the regular Watch, but I can’t find a single photo on Google. What’s the point of having reviewers.

And now Intel launches a 16GB GPU at $350 MSRP… I wonder how long it’ll take before generative models are compatible. (At this price, there’s actual incentive to get it working fast.)

TIL that the RTX 3060 has 50% more RAM than my 3070 Ti. I didn’t care when I was just playing games in 4K, but now that I’m doing image generation I want a refund 😡

I’ve been unable to log in to Notion on my iPad for a while now, because the keyboard doesn’t show up when Google asks for my password. At first I figured that was a random transient bug, but it’s sticking.

Removing sensors from the cars even though the software isn’t ready to cope without them, with the promise that someday they’ll manage to re-enable somehow the functionality they’ve advertised. Even for Tesla that’s pretty bold 😵


Honestly with how much Tesla are removing from their vehicles and how poor their vision systems work, I can’t really recommend their vehicles to anyone in good conscience anymore other than their supercharging network that’s miles ahead

Tesla Vision Update: Replacing Ultrasonic Sensors with Tesla Vision

Safety is at the core of our design and engineering decisions. In 2021, we began our transition to Tesla Vision by removing radar from Model 3 and Model Y, followed by Model S and Model X in 2022. Today, in most regions around the globe, these vehicles now rely on Tesla Vision, our camera-based Autopilot system.

4 October

I am once again making a plea to move all of this to Tumblr. It’s there, it works, there’s nothing wrong with it and you don’t need to create threads or textshots.


Pure speculation, but just based on Musk’s long track record, one possibility is that he isn’t actually admitting defeat here — that there’s some catch in his proposal beyond just agreeing to pay the original price and go through with the acquisition.


You’d think this is the end of Musk’s Twitter saga. But there’s always another wrinkle.

There’s been a whistleblower scandal that legitimately reduced the value of Twitter and this idiot and his yes-men weren’t even able to negotiate the price down, it’s amazing 🤦🏻‍♂️

On the one hand: lol, and on the other: fuck.


Elon Musk tells Twitter he wants to go ahead with original deal, according to Bloomberg

Elon Musk tells Twitter he wants to go ahead with original deal, according to Bloomberg | Engadget

Elon Musk wants to own Twitter after all.

3 October

Google Drive holding public files hostage, nice

2 October

And yet display quality is definitely a big factor in my coming back to the iPad Pro even though I got the iPad mini 6 I’d waited years for Apple to launch.

Since getting the 14 Pro I’m using my phone more than I used to. Not deliberately, I just… don’t mind as much using it instead of the iPad Pro, and I don’t know why.

Only theory so far is my brain now rejects 60Hz displays as inferior, but that would be.… absurd, wouldn’t it?

Oh I forgot to include the relevant link

AudioGen: Textually Guided Audio Generation


Or I guess we could send out a new Voyager probe with all the AI models etched in gold and call it quits 🤷🏻‍♂️

It feels like cruel irony re: everything that makes humans special that we managed to reach “all artistic creation has become superfluous from this point on” before we completely self-destructed.

(Sorry for the mood, I just read an article about Russian torture in Ukraine.)

I know this is old news but I’ve never had an OLED phone before: it just does not make sense that playing an HDR video means the display suddenly goes to twice the brightness setting the user has chosen.

1 October

I don’t want to lock my DMs altogether but I would very much like the option to just prevent people I don’t know from adding me to bullshit group convos @TwitterSupport


Wrote about the Musk texts. What I found illuminating about the messages is just how unimpressive, unimaginative, and sycophantic the powerful men in Musk’s contacts appear to be. Just overconfident dudes winging it theatlantic.com


iPhone 14 Pro Max Dynamic Island Special Wallpapers

30 September

Hmm, Anker’s page specifies “dynamic drivers” in two places, so maybe the comparison to “magnetic drivers” is just an error. But in that case, how would they manage the battery life in such a form factor?

I’d been looking at the Bose Sleepbuds because street noise is getting on my nerves, but they’re not cheap and I don’t know how good the in-memory sound loops are. I mean, for the price they’re probably good — but that gives me a decent reason not to spend 250 €.

Intrigued by Anker’s new sleep earbuds, which retain bluetooth (unlike Bose’s) but resort to something other than magnetic drivers to achieve a ten-hour battery — that has to mean piezoelectric, right? Are piezo drivers now good enough for $180 earbuds? us.soundcore.com

29 September


Happy to announce DreamFusion, our new method for Text-to-3D!

We optimize a NeRF from scratch using a pretrained text-to-image diffusion model. No 3D data needed!

Joint work w/ the incredible team of @BenMildenhall @ajayj_ @jon_barron


DreamFusion: Text-to-3D using 2D Diffusion

DreamFusion: Text-to-3D using 2D Diffusion, 2022.


Before 3D printing there was the photo sculpture, a process invented in the XIX century for the reproducing subjects in 3-dimensions by taking a series of photos in the round. This is a 1939 footage

[📹 British Paté: ]

Photo Sculpture (1939)

No title - MARCUS ADAMS - PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTO-SCULPTURE.Location of events unknown.Various shots of Marcus Adams at work in his studio posing his female mode…


Its important to make sure you secure your wind turbines

Reminds me of the time Tim Cook said he took showers with his original Apple Watch even though it wasn’t rated as waterproof. Except for the fact that in the Watch’s case it was true — I took showers with mine for several years.

Been getting inadvertent Apple TV keyboard prompts on all my devices for ten minutes 🤔 I was beginning to worry then realized they said Watch and my watch was stuck on an accidental text input field, activating whenever I moved my wrist.

Um… what’s the use case for this, exactly?

“DALL-E for video” is not overselling it, look at all the examples. Of course generated video was coming but I thought it was a matter of years, not just a few months


State-of-the-art video generation from text


Oh wow. Meta has built a DALL-E for video.

“The videos are clearly artificial, with blurred subjects and distorted animation, but still represent a significant development in the field of AI content generation.”

Meta’s new text-to-video AI generator is like DALL-E for video

Type in a prompt and it spits out a video.

As always, the Xbox Game Pass experience on PC makes a great case for buying an Xbox


This is not a drill. I was able to run #stablediffusion locally on an iPhone XS. Not via server. On. My. Phone. The prompt: “pineapple on a white table.”Watch it transform. (I broke the model into about 20 CoreML models to avoid running out of memory